Friday, February 15, 2013

Will Rahm Emanuel Run Against Hillary? He Says Not But...

Rahm Emanuel is reportedly thinking of running for president in 2016 if Hillary bows out. But she's not going to bow out (absent a health issue) and Emanuel knows it. He served 3 terms as a U.S. Congressman from Illinois, was Bill Clinton's director of finance in the 1992 campaign, and a large cog in the Chicago machine. Today he's the Mayor of  Chicaog, one of American's most corrupt cities. He needs Hillary, Democrats owe her, and  he cannot win on his own. What if today's leak is all about the early stages of prepping to pair with her for a Vice Presidential bid which will polish the rough edges of his 'godfather' image and put him in place for the next Oval Office opportunity. Hey, why not. Emanuel is  known for making the impossible happen, in unconventional ways, and today America has had 6 years of watching the unthinkable.

Rahm Emanuel - Hillary Clinton

The consensus on the Democrat side is they can now crown Hillary. Rahm can make it happen. He might be able to fix Benghazi. Who knows? David Petraeus may no longer be ripe for blackmail, but his name and philandering reputation is still out there to be further besmirched. Petraeus, the head of the CIA at the time, has said little other than he thought it was a terrorist attack from the get-go, never bought the story that an anti-Islam YouTube video was responsible. That's all we know from Petraeus. We don't know who told the CIA annex to "stand-down" when the Benghazi Mission was under attack. We don't know why four Americans died, including at least one who ignored the "standdown" order and tried to rescue fellow Americans. In the heat of the battle, Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods returned with the body of IT Specialist Sean Smith. Then he died too. Who better for Democrats to blame in 2016, in defense of the world's most popular woman, than the womanizing David Petraeus?

Democrats thought Hillary was a shoo-in and she and Bill the unbeatable combination, but the Arkansas duo with their creepy Rose Law Firm and Genifer Flowers baggage were no match for the Chicago machine.

Rahm knows how to handle scandals. He knows how to shut people up. Rahm's brother, Ezekiel, has been Obama's right-hand man in the creation of death panels in ObamaCare. They succeeded where Hillary failed. Their cunning may be appreciated by both Clinton's, for awhile. Back in 2008 when Hillary thought her crowning to be just a few months away, she suggested garnishing the wages of those who refused to buy a government plan for health care. She's a Progressive jewel of a rare sort whose Progressive desires peaked before her time.
Remember back in the 1990s when critics of Hillary Clinton's health care plan claimed it would place an undue burden on small business?
How about Ms. Clinton's famous response to such criticism?
"I can't go out and save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America." Source: The New Editor
Democrats today know real power - as never before in the history of this country. They know how to steal the vote, and while it's in their DNA, organize the communities and first rule, make the lies stick...tell it until it becomes the truth. Liberals will never let this lesson go to waste, and just maybe, they might love to see Hillary escorted to the Oval Office on the arm of Vice President Rahm Emanuel, her own personal strongman, her own personal godfather, because hubby Bill becomes more of a bumbling fool everyday, and when she has her chance, he has some serious payback coming. Rahm can handle Bill, just as Obama has handled Bill, and a second President Clinton might like that.

The Clinton's didn't blink at taking White House china, flatware, furniture, etc. with them when they departed - $190,000 worth, for which they allegedly reimbursed taxpayers for $86,000.
Mrs. Clinton’s office referred all questions about the gift return to the former president’s transition office. Transition office workers said the Clintons would make no statement. They referred all questions to the Park Service, which wasn’t exactly sure which gifts were being returned or where they had been kept.
Trust me, such stonewalling will be the standard bearer for Michelle Obama but with more finesse, and Rahm, The Fixer, handling the press.
That was back in the day - child's play. The new day dawns everyday on the Obama's latest latest or coming exotic trip, the White House jammed with Hollywood hip-hop royalty, or Jay-Z and Beyonce's party for BO and MO with a tower of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, one the world's most expensive champagnes known as the Ace of Spades.

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