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Has Iran Gone Nuclear?

Reports coming out from the Middle East suggest that last weekends 5.0 earthquake in Southern Iran was in reality a nuclear weapons test. If these reports are true, then the worst fears of the West and Israel have come to reality. Could a major attack on Israel or a Western city be only weeks away?
( A weekend 5.0 Richter earthquake in Iran was actually a nuclear bomb test, says an Iranian nuclear scientist claiming to be working on the project.

The report is an Israel Insider exclusive.

This past Saturday night, southern Iran experienced what was reported as a significant earthquake - a seismic event measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was just north of the strategic Straits of Hormuz, which separates Iran from Abu Dhabi and Oman and which is the gateway to the Persian Gulf.

The report quotes an Iranian nuclear scientist who claims to be working in uranium enrichment for the project, and who said that the "quake" was acutally an undergound nuclear bomb test.

Israel Insider adds that the test/quake was actually the second in a series. Nine days ago, a 4.8 Richter scale event occurred, with its epicenter only five kilometers away from the weekend tremor.

The Israel Insider source reports that two nuclear rockets are currently ready - and are intended for use against Israel in the coming months.

If the report is correct, it would belie previous speculation that Iran would not begin nuclear testing until it had more nuclear-bomb production capability.

The geographical location of the test has several advantages. It is exposed to significant seismic activity, which could serve to mask nuclear tests; it is believed to be close to Iran's nuclear development facility; delivery and transport of material and personnel can be effected easily through the Hormuz Strait; and Iranian enemies would hesitate to bomb the area because that would threaten the flow of a substantial percentage of the world's oil.

Reuters reports Thursday morning that Iran has begun building a line of naval bases along its southern coast and up to the Straits of Hormuz.

Full Story
If true, this will have changed the whole dynamic of the region. Iran could dictate to the Persian Gulf nations their terms of surrender to them.

An attack by Iran of a nuclear nature on any nation will bring upon disaster not only for that nation, but for Iran. It would mean a like attack in response. Millions would die.

Weathermen Violence: Someone Remembers

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I received a comment from the daughter of police officer who lost his friend and fellow officer in a Black Liberation Army murder, known as the Brinks robbery of 1981, in Nyack, New York. Bill Ayers' fellow Weather Underground bomber, Kathy Boudin, as well as other Weathermen, was involved in the Nyack shootings. I've asked for permission to add the comment here, so let's begin with this from Christine:
The first time I ever saw my Father cry was the day his friend Officer Brown was shot in the line of duty by the Weather Underground, in my hometown of Nyack NY.

Later, Dad was asked to serve as a sharpshooter on the courthouse roof at the arraignment of the survivors (several of them died too at the shootout over a Brinks truck they were trying to steal).

Dad refused that job, he didn't trust himself to be just to the Greenwich Village protesters who'd traveled up from the city to hurl racial slurs at our dead in support of the criminals.

Officer Brown's fiancee worked at Nyack hospital with my Mom. The whole hospital was convulsed as they had to care for the wounded killers as well as their neighbors.

How ironic that a movement supposedly in favor of lifting up African Americans did their work by shooting an African American man well known for mentoring young men in our town.

Has Ayers repented from his works, or merely implemented them in a respectable place? I was in 6th grade when I saw where his ideas lead.
Christine has further clarified to me that it was not the Weather Underground but the Black Liberation Army that caused the deaths, but as I told her, there is a definite connection between the two.

William Ayers continues to say that the Weathermen ALWAYS notified their bomb targets that a bomb would be exploding within minutes. Hofstra University Professor Alan Singer, a spokesman for a recent petition in support of Bill Ayers' "character," a petition with some-3200 signatures, recently said in an interview that Ayers' actions placed no one's life was in jeopardy. We know that is not true.

Here is how Christine's story is related to Bill Ayers?

After the Weather Underground's extensive and successful bombings of U.S. Federal buildings, the group's bomb makers huddled in a New York townhouse basement, building a bomb to blow up a military dance at Fort Dix, NJ. The bomb blew early...killing three Weathermen - one of which was Bill Ayers' love interest, and sending one occupant who was taking a shower at the time of the explosion, into the streets, naked and bleeding. Her name is Kathy Boudin and she is a Weather Undergrounder. The townhouse owner, and also a Weatherman, Cathy Wilkerson, also survived.

The Townhouse
No lives at jeopardy?

Meanwhile, the fire consumed the townhouse as gas lines exploded and windows shattered into the street. But firefighters were able to get hoses on the inferno quickly and soon, it was brought under control. In the early evening, a man's body was found in the basement and a short time later, a woman's torso was discovered on the first floor. Police also found several handbags with personal identifications that were stolen from college students over the previous few months. Late that same night, cops located at least 60 sticks of dynamite, a live military antitank shell, blasting caps and several large metal pipes packed solid with explosives. Neighbors, including actor Dustin Hoffman, who lived next door, began leaving in droves. Read here.
Boudin and the Weather Underground were now forever tied with the first domestic terrorism building bombing in New York City. Eleven years after the self-detonation of the bomb makers in the townhouse, Boudin came out of hiding and for whatever reasons, and joined the Black Liberation Army.

In Nyack, New York the plan was to hold up a Brinks security truck. Boudin was slated to drive the getaway vehicle, and David Gilbert (at times identified as Boudin's husband) was there also. The heavily armed and trigger-happy Black Liberation Army quickly shot one security guard dead and critically wounded a second, took the money, and jumped in the back of Boudin's getaway truck.
Kathy Boudin

They sped away with the BLA in the back of the truck. In the resulting chaos, Gilbert was at the wheel and Boudin in the passenger seat. Two police officers stopped the getaway truck. Members of the Black Liberation Army broke from the back of the truck and mowed down the officers in cold blood. The dead were Sergeant Edward O'Grady, and Officer Waverly Brown.

Officer Brown was Christine's father's friend and fellow officer. He was an Air Force veteran of the Korean War. He was the first Black American member of Nyack's police department, and had served his community as a policeman for 15 years at the time of his murder. His friends called him "Chipper."
Later, Dad was asked to serve as a sharpshooter on the courthouse roof at the arraignment of the survivors (several of them died too at the shootout over a Brinks truck they were trying to steal).

Dad refused that job, he didn't trust himself to be "just" to the Greenwich Village protesters who'd traveled up from the city to hurl racial slurs at our dead in support of the criminals.

Officer Brown's fiancee worked at Nyack hospital with my Mom. The whole hospital was convulsed as they had to care for the wounded killers as well as their neighbors.

How ironic that a movement supposedly in favor of lifting up African Americans [BLA] did their work by shooting an African American man well known for mentoring young men in our town.

Has Ayers repented from his works, or merely implemented them in a respectable place? I was in 6th grade when I saw where his ideas lead.
Kathy Boudin said she was just a "white decoy" in the whole affair. She had a 14 month old son at the time of the Black Liberation Army murders. Boudin spent 22 years of a 20 years-to-life sentence. She was paroled in Fall of 2003 to loud protests. Her son, Chesa Boudin, was raised by Weather Undergrounders, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

From Outlaws of America, by Dan Berger,
In a communique, Weather urged people to support the BLA as one of many righteous expressions of Black anger at racism.
Sgt. Edward O'Grady II was the other Nyack policeman shot to death that day. He was a former U.S. Marine, he served two tours in Vietnam, he worked as a volunteer fire fighter, and he was the youngest member of the police force to achieve the rank of Sergeant. His son went on to graduate the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Black Liberation Army armed robbers were:
Mutulu Shakur, Duwasi Balagoon, Sekou Odinga, Cecilio Fergusan, Solomon Bouines

Former Weather Undergrounders and May 19th Communist Organization involved:
David Gilbert, Samuel Brown, Judith Alice Clark, Kathy Boudin, Marilyn Buck

Related Research:
Guardian Observer
Ambush: The Brinks Robbery of 1981
Officer Down Memorial Page - Officer Waverly L. Brown
Officer Down Memorial Page - Sergeant Edwar J. O'Grady, Jr.
Megyn Kelly Levels Hofstra Professor

A Cure For AIDS Islamic Style

I wish that I had the video to go with this.

Hamas TV Scientist Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain: Bayer Invented Its Cure for AIDS on the Basis of a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad about the Wings of Flies

Following are excerpts from a program featuring Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain, a Palestinian expert on Koranic science, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on September 19, 2008:

Ahmad Al-Muzain: The Prophet Muhammad said: "If a fly falls into your drink, you should dip it in the drink, and then dispose of the fly, because one of its wings bears a disease, and the other wing bears the cure." This hadith was included in the Al-Bukhari collection. This hadith makes it absolutely clear that the Prophet Muhammad confirmed a clear scientific fact: If a fly falls into a vessel – before a person drinks from this vessel, he should dip the fly in his drink, before disposing of it. Then he should drink the beverage, because it won't do him any harm. Why? Because one of the fly's wings bears the disease, and the other one bears the cure.


In Germany, the Church paid a very large sum of money to two scientists to disprove this hadith. Since this hadith appears in the Al-Bukhari collection, we cannot claim that it is unreliable or anything, and so they thought that if they could prove that this hadith contradicts science, they would be dealing a devastating blow to Islam.


The scientists took samples from the wings of flies, and began to examine them, analyze them, and take samples from their surface, in order to expose what existed on each wing. The devastating result constituted a slap in the face. The truth was devastating, and it backfired on them. The two scientists reached an astounding conclusion. They said that on one of its wings, the fly carries a huge amount of different types of bacteria, which adhere to it when it lands on rotting pieces of food that it eats. As for the other wing, Allah has given the fly the great ability to carry antidotes to these microbes.


When Bayer, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, learned about this study, it derived great benefit from it. It established biological breeding farms, where they would raise flies and extract antibiotics from their wings – the strongest antibiotics in the whole world. This antibiotic was made into a course of five pills, which is given to the patients, and it is used – believe it or not, my brothers – to treat AIDS patients. It strengthens their immune system, and destroys all types of microbes with which they are afflicted. This is all thanks to the power of this antibiotic. Obviously, this antibiotic is very expensive, and one course costs more than $500, but it is very strong and effective. How did they discover it? From this hadith.


Did the Prophet Muhammad have labs to carry out research? Did Abu Bakr know anything about entomology, parasitology, or bacteriology? Of course not. Absolutely not. So how did they make all these scientific accomplishments? The only logical conclusion is that this science was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Creator.
From Monkey in the Middle:

When asked about this Bayer laughed at it. When one tries to find any scientific research done on the wings of flies in connection to disease either in Germany or any where else, one comes up empty. Yet Abu Bakr seems to have found one that the multitude of experts in the fields of entomolgy, parasitology and bacteriology can't find, duplicate or laugh over it. But if Abu Bakr says it is so, then it must be. For it is in the Koran (that book of lies) and therefore must be the only truth in the world.

It is funny how on the West Bank and Gaza AIDS in on the rise. Instead of teaching their people the truth about the disease, they have taught them that you can only get AIDS from shaking hands with a Jew.

If it wasn't so sad, I would be laughing at this. But now thousands of AIDS suffers will forgo standard medical treatment in favor of a quack cure. And I wonder how many people in the Muslim world will now believe this? We will see AIDS numbers climb in Muslim nations then.

Junk Science is just that: JUNK! There is no merit in it. If the person extolling the idea or product refuses to give you the name of the paper in which the study is published, the name or names of the scientists involved in it or tells you that you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, RUN LIKE THE WIND AWAY FROM THEM! Your life is more important than any miracle cure that isn't one.

And please, don't start dipping flies into your drinks. They do carry diseases and do not carry the cures.

Spooky Auroras

SPOOKY SKIES: The heavens are getting into the spirit of Halloween. A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field, stirring up ghostly auroras around the Arctic Circle. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for them tonight. Meanwhile, Venus and the crescent Moon are converging for a sunset sky show on Halloween itself. The bright pair will be widely visible even from light-polluted cities.

COLORADO FIREBALL: On Oct. 28th, a meteoroid hit Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated with the luminosity of a full Moon. By happenstance, the event occurred directly above an all-sky video camera in Colorado. Today's issue of features a movie of the fireball, the sound of radio echoes from the fireball's trail, and eyewitness reports from several US states.

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First Exit Poll of Actual American Votes Shows Huge McCain Win

Coutesy of Naomi Ragen
From National Review Online
From journalist Tom Gross
Thursday, October 30, 2008, 08.53 AM

Within the last hour, the first exit poll of 817 Americans in Israel, who attended U.S. election voting events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on Tuesdayevening to vote by absentee ballot, has been released. A startling 76 percent of those polled said that they had voted for John McCain. This contrasts sharply with pre-election polls of American Jews in the U.S., which indicate a strong preference for Obama. The exit poll findings of American voters in Israel are all the more surprising because less than one in four were registered Republicans, and 46% of registered Democrats living in Israel said they had crossed party lines to vote McCain. By contrast, the Republican crossover to Obama wasminimal - just 2%. The votes are significant as almost half of the 42,000 registered U.S.voters living in Israel come from key swing states including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.In the 2000 and 2004 elections, Israel had the third-largest group of American voters abroad, after Canada and Britain.

The exit poll was commissioned by, an independent,non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting voter registration and participation amongst American citizens living in Israel.


More than half of the respondents listed foreign policy (including Israel and Iran policy) as the most important factor influencing their vote.Separately, in a poll for the country's largest newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, most Israelis in general (not just Americans living in Israel) said they would prefer McCain because they are concerned about the anti-Israeli positions of many of the people Barack Obama has appointed to advise him onforeign policy, and because - in the words of French President Nicolas Sarkozy as quoted in Tuesday's Ha'aretz newspaper - Obama's stance on Iranis "utterly immature" and comprised of "formulations empty of all content." In most countries, according to opinion polls, if the local populations had a vote in next week's American elections, they would choose Obama over McCain. Among the exceptions (where McCain would win) are Israel, Iraq, Georgia and the Philippines (all countries that have had to cope with terrorism).

Civilization According to the Moonbat Left.

We have a great standard of living here in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Japan. We enjoy luxuries and comforts that couldn't even be dreamt of over a 100 years ago. Our lifespan has increased by 3 fold over the last 100 years. Given that a woman living in 1908 had a life expectancy of only 40 years and today on average she will live to 70, we can say that the Western World and its civilization is beneficial to our lives.

But not according to the liberal, moonbat way of thinking.

According to them, our civilization is devestating to the world. It has destroyed the enviroment, destroyed local peoples and ruined every nation it is in. They believe that each nation should be allowed to have the culture (if that's what you would call it) to oppress and abuse their people. That no nation should be told what to do or not to do with their people, except of course the United States and Israel. That it is ok to keep 1/2 of the population in slavery (the condition of women in Muslim nations), to kill homosexuals for the crime of being a homosexual, to burn little girls for wearing lipstick, and to kill your wife, daughter, mother or sister if she dishonors you.

Here is the Moonbat version of civilization:

View at YouTube

Now here are some horrible truths that the Moonbats do not want you to see.

Warning the following videos are graphic.

View at YouTube

View at YouTube

View at YouTube

View at YouTube

You be the judge. Which of us are right.

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Obama Advisor Praises Iran


A note from Radarsite: "Welcome to the future of our foreign relations under Barack Obama. Much like his campaign, it involves dreams and fantasy." This from Ed Lasky in his superb editorial response to The Boston Globe. Now more than ever, in these last few days before this fateful election, it is vitally important to thoroughly understand what is at stake here, and to remember that what is happening in America right now has happened before.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Germany's infamous Third Reich is that Adolf Hitler somehow seized power and that the worst excesses of Nazism were later unleashed on the unsuspecting German people after he had assumed the reins of government. (Note: Before letting out that exasperated sigh and saying, Oh no, not another Hitler parallel, please read on). Thus the German Volk have been disingenuously portrayed as innocent victims rather than the complicit participants they most certainly were. The truth of the matter is a little less attractive. The overt murderous racism, the horrors of the Holocaust, the ruthless military aggressions, the almost complete suppression of civil rights, the ultimate invasion of Russia -- all of these fateful and ultimately catastrophic realizations of the goals of the Third Reich were clearly spelled out for all to see long before January 1933 when Hitler finally assumed the Chancellorship of Germany.

Throughout the pages of Mein Kampf, and in all of the Nazi manifestos, and in their hundreds of widely-publicised speeches their intentions were made crystal clear. And, far from seizing power, Hitler and the Nazis were legally voted into office. Subsequently, through a whole series of votes and referendums, all of Hitler's wildest ambitions were easily ratified and given the force of law.
Why? A wildly popular and charismatic leader had promised change. And the German people desperately wanted change. And they most certainly got it.

Here once again we are being seduced by the siren song of yet another popular charismatic leader who is promising us change. And in his Twenty-First century version of Mein Kampf, and in all of his party's manifestos, and in all of his innumerable speeches, his wildly ambitious and ultimately disastrous agenda is laid out openly for all to see. This article is just one more example of what we can expect from an Obama government. This will be our impotent answer to the existential threats posed by the mad mullahs. This will be our future.

If Barack Obama wins this election this coming Tuesday, no matter how horrific the consequences of an Obama presidency might be, we cannot pretend that we didn't know what was coming, and that a majority of Americans didn't enthusiastically embrace it.

Please God give us the courage and the wisdom the steer the right course through these perilous waters. - rg

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h/t to Tony from Oz at Real Clear Politics
October 28, 2008
Ed Lasky

Well, is it that hard to believe in this day and age that a major American newspaper offers up an op-ed filled with praise for Iran? This would be Friday’s Boston Globe in an op-ed written by Lawrence Korb and Laura Conley, both of whom work for the liberal minded Center for American Progress.

By the way, the fact that Korb has been identified as a key foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama is completely unmentioned - a major journalistic lapse but not a surprising one by the New York Times-owned Boston Globe.

Korb and Conley look upon Iranian efforts to help topple the Taliban as proof of the potential for Iran to work with America in bringing about some sort of Pax Persia in the region. This is a fallacy. Iran opposed the Taliban because the Taliban - a Sunni extremist group - hated the Shiite Persians that were on its border and hated the Shiites within Afghanistan. The Taliban murdered Iranian regime officials. The downfall of the Taliban was in the interest of the regime and their help when America sought to oust the Taliban was based strictly on self-interest. In the diplomatic realm, nations don’t have permanent friends, they have permanent interests. The interests of the Iranian regime is regional hegemony and the acquisition of nuclear bombs.

Korb and Conley blame Bush for failure to reach out to the Iranians. This argument falls flat. In fact, various Bush officials have sought to reach out to the regime (as even the op-ed mentions in passing) but have been rebuffed - as have a long line of other Presidents who have tried to establish relations with the Iranians. This is a fact that the op-ed ignores.

The op-ed also seems to blame Bush for the progress of the Iranian nuclear program. This is absurd. The program did not start under Bush (and was actually temporarily put on hold in the wake of our invasion of Iraq) but had its origins going back to the 1980s. The program has progressed apace - under Democrat and Republican Presidents. We have sought, along with the United Nations and our European allies, to work with the Iranians to curb their nuclear program in return for various “carrots” offered to them. The result? Rebuff after rebuff, as the centrifuges spin away.

What is especially striking in this op-ed is the complete silence regarding the nature of the Iranian regime. One would hope that a foreign policy expert close to Barack Obama would at least recognize how important it is to consider the nature of a regime when advocating diplomatic outreach. Where is the recognition that the regime is - and has long been - designated as the number one terror-sponsoring nation in the world (as Bill Clinton so designated Iran)? Where is the recognition that Iran has been helping kill Americans in Iraq and has done so in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, or the awareness that Iranian proxies have killed innocent Argentineans, Lebanese, Israelis and for that matter Iranians (a regime that hangs children and gays and brutalizes women wins praise from Korb and Conley?).
That little matter of denying the Holocaust while openly boasting of plans to bring about another one? The theological and apocalyptic musings of its leaders (not just President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), the talk of halos and apocalypse spoken by Ahmadinejad from the podium of the United Nations to bring about the return of the missing Imam? Sheer piffle, not worth mentioning. We will see more of these efforts to burnish Iran in the days ahead. The Iran lobby is stepping up efforts in Washington. The Persian red carpet is being rolled out.

Welcome to the future of our foreign relations under Barack Obama. Much like his campaign, it involves dreams and fantasy.

Ed Lasky is the news editor for American Thinker.

MEMRI: Annihilation of Jews in Palestine is The Most Splendid Blessing

To view the video in association with this article here.

Muhsen Abu 'Ita: "Naturally, the Koran chapters conveyed to Muhammad in Mecca only rarely deal with the Jews – like in 'those who incur Allah's wrath,' which appears in the Al-Fatiha chapter.

"Hence, it is strange to find an entire chapter bearing the name of the Jews, or Bani Israil. It is even more peculiar that this chapter does not talk about the Jews of the Qaynuqa, Nazir, or Qurayza tribes.

"It talks about the Jews of our times, of this century, using the language of annihilation, the language of grave digging. Note that in this chapter, the Jews were sentenced to annihilation, before even a single Jew existed on the face of the earth. This Koranic chapter talked about the collapse of the so-called state of Israel, before this state was even established. From here stems the importance and oddity of this chapter.


"The blessing of Palestine is dependent upon the annihilation of the pit of global corruption in it. When the head of the serpent of corruption is cut off here in Palestine, and its octopus tentacles are severed throughout the world, the real blessing will come.

"The annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine is one of the most splendid blessings for Palestine. This will be followed by a greater blessing, Allah be praised, with the establishment of a Caliphate that will rule the land and will be pleasing to men and God."

From Monkey in the Middle:

For those who actually believe the propaganda that Hamas produces I submit to you not only the above for your education but this from the Hamas charter:
Part III - Strategies and Methods

Article Eleven: The Strategy of Hamas: Palestine is an Islamic Waqf

The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or abandon it or part of it. No Arab country nor the aggregate of all Arab countries, and no Arab King or President nor all of them in the aggregate, have that right, nor has that right any organization or the aggregate of all organizations, be they Palestinian or Arab, because Palestine is an Islamic Waqf throughout all generations and to the Day of Resurrection. Who can presume to speak for all Islamic Generations to the Day of Resurrection? This is the status [of the land] in Islamic Shari’a, and it is similar to all lands conquered by Islam by force, and made thereby Waqf lands upon their conquest, for all generations of Muslims until the Day of Resurrection. This [norm] has prevailed since the commanders of the Muslim armies completed the conquest of Syria and Iraq, and they asked the Caliph of Muslims, ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab, for his view of the conquered land, whether it should be partitioned between the troops or left in the possession of its population, or otherwise. Following discussions and consultations between the Caliph of Islam, ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab, and the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, be peace and prayer upon him, they decided that the land should remain in the hands of its owners to benefit from it and from its wealth; but the control of the land and the land itself ought to be endowed as a Waqf [in perpetuity] for all generations of Muslims until the Day of Resurrection. The ownership of the land by its owners is only one of usufruct, and this Waqf will endure as long as Heaven and earth last. Any demarche in violation of this law of Islam, with regard to Palestine, is baseless and reflects on its perpetrators.

Article Twelve: Hamas in Palestine, Its Views on Homeland and Nationalism

Hamas regards Nationalism (Wataniyya) as part and parcel of the religious faith. Nothing is loftier or deeper in Nationalism than waging Jihad against the enemy and confronting him when he sets foot on the land of the Muslims. And this becomes an individual duty binding on every Muslim man and woman; a woman must go out and fight the enemy even without her husband’s authorization, and a slave without his masters’ permission. This [principle] does not exist under any other regime, and it is a truth not to be questioned. While other nationalisms consist of material, human and territorial considerations, the nationality of Hamas also carries, in addition to all those, the all important divine factors which lend to it its spirit and life; so much so that it connects with the origin of the spirit and the source of life and raises in the skies of the Homeland the Banner of the Lord, thus inexorably connecting earth with Heaven. When Moses came and threw his baton, sorcery and sorcerers became futile.

Article Thirteen: Peaceful Solutions, [Peace] Initiatives and International Conferences

[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. For renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion; the nationalism of the Islamic Resistance Movement is part of its faith, the movement educates its members to adhere to its principles and to raise the banner of Allah over their homeland as they fight their Jihad: “Allah is the all-powerful, but most people are not aware.” From time to time a clamoring is voiced, to hold an International Conference in search for a solution to the problem. Some accept the idea, others reject it, for one reason or another, demanding the implementation of this or that condition, as a prerequisite for agreeing to convene the Conference or for participating in it. But the Islamic Resistance Movement, which is aware of the [prospective] parties to this conference, and of their past and present positions towards the problems of the Muslims, does not believe that those conferences are capable of responding to demands, or of restoring rights or doing justice to the oppressed. Those conferences are no more than a means to appoint the nonbelievers as arbitrators in the lands of Islam. Since when did the Unbelievers do justice to the Believers? “And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor will the Christians, till thou follow their creed. Say: Lo! the guidance of Allah [himself] is the Guidance. And if you should follow their desires after the knowledge which has come unto thee, then you would have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper.” Sura 2 (the Cow), verse 120 There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility. The Palestinian people are too noble to have their future, their right and their destiny submitted to a vain game. As the hadith has it: “The people of Syria are Allah’s whip on this land; He takes revenge by their intermediary from whoever he wished among his worshipers. The Hypocrites among them are forbidden from vanquishing the true believers, and they will die in anxiety and sorrow.” (Told by Tabarani, who is traceable in ascending order of traditionaries to Muhammad, and by Ahmed whose chain of transmission is incomplete. But it is bound to be a true hadith, for both story tellers are reliable. Allah knows best.)
By their own words there can be no 2 state solution. Hamas and also the Palestinian Authority wants it all. And they will kill every Jew in the land if they ever got their way. This is the problem that the Israelis face. Israel doesn't want to wipe out its Palestinian neighbors. Their neighbors want to kill not only every Jew in Israel but every Jew in the world. And given the chance, they would.

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New Poll

I have a new poll up here. I am hoping all will vote in it.

This weeks question:

Who are you voting for?

Alfred E. Newman
Still Undecided

Please vote!

Hamas is campaigning openly for Obama

You get a phone call asking you to vote for Barack Hussein Obama and you say no. The caller on the other end is giving you reason after reason to vote for him and will not take no for an answer. You hang up on this rude caller and think that is that. But what you don't know is that the caller for the Obama campaign is actually in Gaza and a member of Hamas.
A Palestinian Authority newspaper reported on Sunday that Arab residents of Gaza are randomly calling Americans at home in hopes of persuading them to vote for Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama in next month's US presidential election.

The article in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, first noted and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, quotes a young man from the Hamas-controlled Gaza region as saying, "We dial random numbers and try to call people [in the United States] without knowing their identity or their affiliation...." He reportedly uses "Internet sites that allow making free calls... in order to use them for the campaign supporting Obama."

Abu Jayyab's freelance phone campaign for Obama in the last weeks of the American presidential race has not been the first time the Illinois senator has gotten such help. An Al-Jazeera TV report during the Democratic primaries featured Abu Jayyab as well, when he was busy organizing calls to American voters to persuade them to vote for Obama over then-candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Other types of assistance have also been forthcoming from Gaza. In July of this year, Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog revealed documents purporting to show that the Obama campaign received nearly $30,000 from two brothers living in Rafiah, in Hamas-controlled Gaza, during 2007.

Earlier, during an April 2008 interview with WABC radio and WorldNetDaily, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's Gaza-based political advisor Ahmed Yousef said, "Actually, we like Mr. Obama. We hope he will [win] the election and I do believe he is like John Kennedy, great man with great principle."

Full Story
Last summer Barack Hussein Obama met with Palestinian leaders. What secret deals did he make with them? Did he promise to invade Israel and give the whole nation to the Palestinians? I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Barack Hussein Obama is an anti-Semite who has sat at the feet of Reverend Wright for 20 years. The same Reverend Wright who thought that Hitler was a great man and didn't go far enough.

Mark my word. This is a prophecy I now give you. If Barack Hussein Obama is elected to the Presidency of the United States, he will find an excuse to invade Israel within 3 years of his Presidency. No wonder why every terrorist group from CAIR to Hizbollah is openly supporting him with money and people.

A bit of humor for a Tuesday morning.

My regular readers might be wondering what has happened to me since I haven't been posting much to this blog. The answer is quite simple. My little laptop has sprung a serious malfunction and will not hook onto the internet. I am forced to use my daughter's computer at the times in which she is not on it. So until I can get my own puter back up and running, please bear with me.

Until then, I submit to you this bit of fluff for your enjoyment. After all we all need a laugh now and then. And if Obama wins, more like now and now.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogs for Borders 102708

Our weekly vlog/podcast on illegal immigration and border security. In this weeks edition…

The shadow campaign? Did you know there is another whole election campaign going on right under your nose? In another language?

Is America Balkanizing? We take a look.

100% Preventable! Americans continue to pay the bloody price for open borders. In this edition elderly Americans are preyed on by an illegal alien while a previously deported drug dealer shoots two NYC cops! When will the madness end?

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This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you’d like to join find out how right here.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shock and Awe: The Good People

If you look back over the last several articles posted here at Radarsite they all have one thing in common: they are all expressing the author's shock and awe. Shock that we can actually be this close to real disaster; and awe at the enormity of the forces pushes us toward this end. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, that we can do or say seems capable of altering this fateful plunge.

We, all of us writers and bloggers, have tried absolutely everything. We have enumerated scandal after scandal, all to no avail. We have tried but we can't do it. We cannot break out of this iron shell of denial, deceit and disinformation. It has become all too apparent now that we, the writers, are not going to be able to stop this rush to national ruin. Our only hope now lies with the people. All those regular people out there who may have never read a political blog or studied the Koran. All those people whose only access to the news and opinion has come from their regular in-the-tank-leftist media. These are the only people who can save us now. These good everyday people are our very last hope.

But thankfully, there is some precedent for this hope in our shared history. There have indeed been times when the people have spoken and the polls and the pundits were monumentally discredited and humiliated. It can happen. And it can happen again if these American voters sense something amiss, something in a candidate that just doesn't add up, some vague feelings of distrust or unarticulated suspicion that give them just enough pause to hold back that precious vote.

There is an unknown and unquantifiable element in the American psyche perhaps best characterized as good old-fashioned Yankee common sense. The pundits of course despise this notion. Because if it is true, it negates all of their profound pronouncements and their erudite predictions. It brings into question everything they have built their reputations on.

As much as I loathe the thought of it, I predict that nothing that any writer could possibly come out with in this next week will make a damn bit of difference to those poll numbers. Nothing. No matter how terrible or bizarre.

But on that one day, that one particular Tuesday, the American people will speak and what they might actually say could still shock the world. - rg

For more see For the Good People

Friday, October 24, 2008

Moonbats To Return To Gaza

It was only this last August that a group of Moonbats known as Free Gaza sailed from Cyprus to Gaza bringing gifts of hearing aids and balloons. The Israelis allowed them to land in Gaza and that was that. When they left, they took a dozen of Palestinians and left Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister-in-law. They vowed to return.

The Moonbats will set sail this Tuesday. This time bearing gifts of medical supplies (more hearing aids I suppose).
International protesters say they are making a repeat voyage to Gaza to bring aid to Palestinians in defiance of Israel's blockade.

Free Gaza organizer Greta Berlin said 29 protesters will sail from Cyprus on October 28 for the estimated 24-hour trip to the Strip.

Berlin said Wednesday the group has converted a fishing boat to safely ferry the protesters and a symbolic shipment of medical aid to Gaza.
Berlin said the protestors would be sailing in a fishing boat equipped with a "symbolic package" containing medical equipment and other aid for Palestinians living under siege, similarly to the previous voyages.

The organizer added that the voyage had been scheduled for September, but was postponed because the protestors did not want to arrive during the Ramadan.

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Actually, they couldn't get the boat working. It had nothing to do with Ramadan, but with a leaky boat. And the fact that the international press isn't covering these stunts. And this time they should be forced to stay in Gaza. Then they can experience the full effects of the so-called siege. A siege in which 60 tons of medical supplies and food are sent into Gaza from Israel each day. A siege in which not a single person has died from hunger. Some siege. Somebody should tell them what a siege is.

Let them come again, but refuse to let them leave. That would be a very interesting experience. Would they scream and cry like Lauren Booth did. Claiming that their children needed them.

Moonbats are so much fun. They actually believe the idiot ideas that they have.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Ultimate Swing State

When the pundits talk about swing states they forget about the fact that there are many voters who live outside the United States. Some are in the military and vote via absentee ballots. Others are Americans who choose to live overseas either because of their employment or for personal reasons.

One such group of Americans live in Israel, and with their numbers they can change the election in a number of swing states.
Approximately half of some 42,000 registered US voters living in Israel are voting in swing states such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and could have an effect on the turnouts of those elections, according to Shimon Greenspan, director of the nonpartisan Vote From Israel organization, which helps Americans living in Israel to register and cast their absentee ballots.

"If the election is close, as it was in the past two [presidential] elections, then the deciding votes could be coming from Israel," he said.

According to the organization, Israel has the third-largest group of American voters abroad, behind Canada and Britain.

While the largest number of registered US voters in Israel come from New York or New Jersey, two states heavily in the Democratic camp according to polls, the next two states are the key battlegrounds of Ohio and Florida. Several thousand votes will likely be going to those swing states from Israel.

Furthermore, the significance of the votes from Israel could be magnified because they will come well before the November 4 election. Their choices, to be reported next week in an Israel-based exit poll commissioned by Vote From Israel, could influence American Jews in the United States, believes Greenspan.

This could slightly help Republican hopeful John McCain if an August poll by KEEVOON Research, Strategy and Communications remains accurate. That poll, which surveyed Israelis generally and not American voters in the country, gave the Arizona senator some 38 percent support, compared to 31% for Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

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In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania these overseas votes just might swing these states to John McCain.

It would be an interesting event if on November 4th Barack Hussein Obama discovers that he lost the Presidency due to Americans living in Israel. And it would be poetic justice upon him.

More Than 3,000 Academics Sign Pro-Ayers Petition

Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, socialist educator, and good friend and co-worker of Barack Hussein Obama has gotten over 3000 of his colleagues to sign a petition in support of him.
More than 3,200 supporters -- most of them educators -- have signed a petition protesting what they say is the "demonization of Professor William Ayers," asserting that his violent actions as the co-founder of the Weather Underground were just "history."
And I suppose to these people 9/11 was just a series of airplane crashes. Moonbat alert here. There is a difference between being against the Vietnam War and actually planning a bombing that causes death. Their nice friend and colleague Bill and his wife would be in prison now if it wasn't for technicalities in the law.
Among the people who signed the petition are No. 5, Columbia University professor of Arab studies Rashid Khalidi, and No. 814, former University of Colorado at Boulder professor Ward Churchill.

Churchill made headlines when he called the victims of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center "little Eichmanns" and compared them to Nazis in an essay. He was fired from his job in Boulder for plagiarism.

Khalidi, a Palestinian activist, was a director of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's press agency in 1982, according to The New York Times, when the PLO was still designated by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization.

Obama spent time with Khalidi when the two were professors in Chicago, and paid him a special tribute during a farewell dinner for the firebrand professor in 2003, reminiscing about meals prepared by Khalidi's wife, according to the LA Times.

Full Story
Ward Churchill who is so ashamed of his nation that he condemns it on the day that we were attacked. And Rashid Khalidi is a member of a known terrorist organization. He was thrilled at the events of 9/11. Just like his fellow Palestinians were in the video below.

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You can find a copy of the petition here. And see the moonbats who have signed it.

Bill Ayers. Just another bad judgement call from Barack Hussein Obama.

Elect Obama, Or Else: Revisited

A note from Radarsite: On reposting previously published articles: If the issues addressed in a previously published Radarsite article are still pertinent and the questions raised still remain unanswered, then we will repost the article, both as a reminder of unfinished business, and of course for those who may not have read the original. For those of you who have read this piece the first time around, just skip over it. Thanks. - rg

Can you smell it? There's a faint whiff of anarchy in the air. Nothing to get alarmed about. Not yet, anyway. Just a barely discernible unarticulated threat, a mere suggestion of a threat. But nonetheless it is there.

The voices are just whispers now, soft and faraway, but they are angry and determined: It is our time now, they are saying. You have had your time and you have used it to oppress us, to keep us down. But it is our time now. And you had better not interfere. For generations we have waited for this moment and we will not be deprived. It is our time now, and if you know what's good for you, you'd better step aside.

Of course, no one has actually come right out and said it quite this way, but there have been hints, there is something in the air. If Obama is not elected in November --

On his Fox News radio show, Tom Sullivan predicted that African-Americans would be rioting in the streets similar to what happened after the O.J. trial in the 1990s.
Let me put it to you a different way. What if Barack Obama is not -- does not win the Democratic nomination, or he does win it, and loses in the presidential race against John McCain? Is black America going to throw their hands up and say, 'Man, you know, I thought we were getting somewhere in this country, but this is just a bunch of racial bigots in this country and they still hate blacks and, I mean, if Barack Obama can't get elected, then we're never gonna have anybody that's a black that's gonna be elected president.' And will there be riots in the streets? I think the answer to that is yes and yes.

And these comments, all the way from India:

If Obama is not elected, it would destroy America because this time the blacks think that America has the best possible candidate that it has got the opportunity to elect as its president.

If Obama is not elected, the blacks would feel being cheated and would rightfully think that a great candidate has not been chosen just because of his skin colour and would be antagonised permanently.

For those well-intentioned observers amongst us, this 2008 presidential race has nothing whatsoever to do with race. They are still trying their level best to convince us all of this. The unprecedented fact of Obama's blackness, and it's symbolic meaning to African-Americans and, as we are beginning to see, to people of color around the world is to simply be ignored. In fact, they confidently reassure us, an Obama presidency would prove to the world that race doesn't matter in America, that we have moved beyond all that, that we have deeply regretted our shameful past and are willing to make amends. It is after all Time for Change. Change we can believe in.

But the question still remains: will our November elections, whatever their outcome, be but another example of Democracy in action, or could they be the OJ Simpson trial writ large?

Is this to be a presidential election, or a test of racial power? Are the issues really as simple as black and white -- or colored and white? Has it really come down to this? Us versus Them?

It is probably safe to say that to most Americans this presidential election is still about Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, the economy, national security, and the war in Iraq.
There are others, however, both here and abroad for whom this election represents something altogether different. If Barack Hussein Obama wins the Presidency of the United States of America this November then all is right with the world and Democracy is alive and well.
But if he loses the presidency, if he is deprived of the presidency, it would prove that white supremacy is still in control of the engines of power in America -- and furthermore, they say, if a black candidate with the following and support of a Barack Obama can't become president, then no black man will ever be allowed to become president. And this cannot be tolerated.

Perhaps more than any other American Presidential election in history, this 2008 contest is being watched by the whole world. To a surprising number of people around this world Barack Hussein Obama is not just a black American presidential candidate; he is the symbol for an oppressed race, a symbol for all of the oppressed colored peoples of this world, a champion in their fight against that never-ending blight of white post-colonialist oppression, a symbol of their righteous anger and the promise of racial retribution. For these unhappy souls, it truly is to be Us versus Them.

Will it be Watts 1965 redux if Obama loses his bid for the Presidency of the United States?

Does this election have anything at all to do with race?

We shall see.

Original article posted on 6/8/08

For an interesting update see our article on the black vote in the Army Times Poll

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear Gayle Williams: A Wonderful Update

A note from Radarsite: When I first contemplated writing my Dear Gayle Williams piece two thoughts went through my mind. One was that if Gayle herself were actually here she would most likely completely disagree with my interpretation of this tragedy and my characterization of Islam. Her decision to do what she did where she chose to do it would it seems to me bear this thought out. I doubt if she would have agreed with my assessment that Islam itself is the enemy.
The second reservation I had in going ahead with this article was the possibility -- no, the probability -- that someone would write in to accuse me of using this innocent woman's death as a cynical attempt to either promote Radarsite or to promote our intolerant, hate-filled, right-wing, anti-Islam agenda. These thoughts crossed my mind. But then what would be the alternative? To not write this article at all? To write this article as a somber lament for a fine woman, but somehow avoid the discussion of her killers agenda ? To qualify or tone down my treatment Islam?

When I first received the email this morning with this important comment to my article which was cross posted at Stop The ACLU I was thrilled and immediately decided to use these enlightening and poignant personal remembrances as a whole new article, a welcome update to my original letter.

Then I got to those last few paragraphs. "A selfless soul who didn’t deserve to be used as a cheap PR move that does nothing for anyone today." So, just as I had predicted, it had happened. And the accusation didn't come from some anonymous leftist commenter who had never known her, but rather from someone who knew her all her life and loved her.

However, as I read on, as I read the title of the book Mr. de Lange was writing, “Faithmentalism”, another reality began to take shape and was confirmed by this final paragraph: "What angers me most is that Islam does not preach killing, only fundamentalists interpret this for their own selfishness!
Beliefs & Doctrine of Christianity & Islamview of the other religion
• Islam is respected as a fellow monotheistic religion, but Muhammad is not seen as a true prophet
• Christians are respected as 'People of the Book,' but they have mistaken beliefs and only partial revelation
We miss you and we will never forget your smile!
Love Ed and family!"

This of course presented me with a moral dilemma. Up until those last few sentences this was a wonderful and touching personal tribute to Gayle "Tree" Williams. But those few final words turned everything upside down. It had suddenly become an indictment, not only of me for writing my letter in the first place, but an indictment of the conclusions I had reached. My first impulse was to forget about posting these comments as a new article altogether -- why post an update that undermines the whole purpose of the original article and questions my personal integrity? Why not just leave well enough alone? No one would even read these comments unless they went on STACLU.
Or, I thought, I could post the whole comment and just leave off those last few sentences. After all, I considered, wasn't the writer was using the tragedy of Gayle Williams death to put forward his own agenda just as he was criticizing me for doing?

Those of you who have been following Radarsite for any period of time know how much I value honesty, especially self-honesty. I firmly believe that that inability to be honest with one's self is what is behind almost all of the major problems of this world.

There could only be one answer. These personal remembrances are so touching, so valuable, and so essential to beginning to understand who Gayle Williams was that there was no way I could justify not posting them or arbitrarily censoring them because the author disagrees with my conclusions.

So here they are in there entirety. Thank you Edwin de Lange for taking the time to write in to STACLU and share these wonderful personal memories of Gayle "Tree" Williams. - rg


Comment: Gayle “tree” Williams

A photograph flashes in my mind when I think of Gayle and 7 cousins sitting around a picnic table on the banks of the Kariba Lake ranging in height and age all discussing how many fish we each planned to catch and the art of threading a mud worm onto a hook, as parents busied themselves with making sure sunscreen and hats where all on, no-one thought that one day we would all be on different corners of the world.

As we all grew up Gayle’s Mom always spoilt me as the son she never had. It was Gayle that started horse riding at a young age in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and got me hooked on what was to become my passion and later become my service back to society by training policemen to ride. I always remember that first ride. Gayle got a pony called Bronwynn (a grey Shetland) that loved ducking under fences and leaving her jockey behind. Gayle used to hate getting this pony but she hung in and mastered the ability of ducking. How many afternoons did we get yelled at as my mad passion for horses and show jumping had all the children skipping around the garden jumping the flowers as if we where horses! At this time memories like Gayle Tamsyn (her middle name) Williams begin to flash back when she now did not like her middle name anymore and wanted to be called Gayle “tree” Williams. No matter how much her mom told her Tamsyn was a wonderful name “tree” seemed to stick!

Years later after immigrating to the UK, Gayle, Karen (her sister) and her mom came back to live with us in South Africa. I clearly remember this tall skinny athletic girl running me backwards and forwards across a tennis court with the ability to hit any ball from any man. For pocket money she came to work for my as a bar lady in the hotel night club and always had that smile that was Gayle. She was very into aerobics and went onto study in the field of sports and bio kinetics and was always competitive, latter getting into mountain biking. Years later she returned to the UK and went off to the East again (Pakistan and Afghanistan) to do charity work. There was trouble and she managed to get out safely after a long hike through the mountains and across borders with women and children in tow! I am glad her fitness paid off.

I remember after I had returned from 4 years in Africa as an expat, having escaped some close calls in different dark corners of the continent, how we had a heated debate about the existence of God and if he had turned his back on some areas. I said, “God had got fat and lazy and couldn’t see over his tummy the continents of Africa and Asia that feel into shadow under him and so ignored those areas!” – always looking for an argument, Gayle was not swayed and never took the bait, she never deemed to judge you or convert you, so claims of proselytisation are nonsense! She simply held her ground and was humble in her beliefs.

A little over 2 and bit years ago I was flying around the world on business and bumped into Gayle & her Mom in London and heard she had decided her true calling was to go back to Afghanistan and help the disabled via a charity organisation. When you speak too many of the family they will all tell you we thought she was much bigger then any of us. Often people look to the easy route with offers of – do something locally – do something in your own back yard – build a career and give a donation if you want to do some good - why go all that way when it’s not safe?

Gayle was due to return home for Christmas and I was eager to debate the book I had written about “Faithmentalism” and the holes in the catholic and Islam thinking around marketing and their use of media when it benefits them. It would have been a debate of note!Gayle sense of adventure and calling to help out a group of people whom she held no malice and no judgement of their religious choices or lifestyle but simply to offer her time, her love and her skill was the greater force in her life. A selfless soul who didn’t deserve to be used as a cheap PR move that does nothing for anyone today. I truly hope that Gayle will find peace wherever that may be and that she will not be forgotten when the press dies down. What angers me most is that Islam does not preach killing, only fundamentalists interpret this for their own selfishness!

Beliefs & Doctrine of Christianity & Islamview of the other religion
• Islam is respected as a fellow monotheistic religion, but Muhammad is not seen as a true prophet
• Christians are respected as "People of the Book," but they have mistaken beliefs and only partial revelation

We miss you and we will never forget your smile!
Love Ed and family!

Obama's Plan For The Economic Ruin Of America

Barack Hussein Obama proposed to the American people that we "redistribute the wealth" by taxing all people who make over $250,000 a year and up. To many that sounds good. We should do that, so everyone is equal and has the same. That dear truthseeker is called Socialism. Everyone making the same and receiving the same salary. There is no incentive for a person to work hard, for a business to grow. This was tried by the Soviet Union, its satellites and China. They all came to the realization that without incentives, an economy cannot grow and people become discontent.

After 4 years of an Obama economy will we be better off? If he actually is able to impose his ideas on the American economy, we will be in big economic trouble.

After 4 years of Obama's economic policy there will be at least 25% unemployment. With at least 10% of small businesses gone, those workers will be on the Obama welfare programs or forced into jobs in his National Civilian Police Force. For 80% of all businesses are small businesses. Most of those businesses make over $250,000 a year in profit. That money doesn't just go into the boss' pocket. It goes for new equipment and jobs. Take away the profit, and business cannot grow.

After 4 years of Obama's economic policy the stock market will have dived to the lowest levels since 1929. With massive unemployment and the loss of many businesses, larger companies are having a harder time selling their goods. With the tax rate at higher levels, the price of American goods have gone sky high. Companies cannot make a profit and their dividends to their stock holders have stopped.

After 4 years of Obama's economic policy, banks will still be in trouble. By not allowing banks to sink or swim, Obama's policy of bailing out the banks will cost more and more money as more and more banks step up to the Federal Gravy Train. As they gain more and more Federal funds, they dry up credit and loans to business and people. They are sitting pretty, and with just the hint that they might go under, the Congress will throw funds at him.

After 4 years of Obama's economic policy, we will be $10 trillion in debt. With less and less tax money coming in and the costs of Obama's welfare programs rising higher and higher, we will have to go deeper and deeper into debt. We will borrow trillions of dollars just to pay for it all.

After 4 years of Obama's economic policy, we will be in a Depression. And when our economy collapses, the world's will collapse after us. The whole world will be in dire straits. China will discover that they cannot sell their goods in the US, since nobody has the money to buy them. Europe won't have the funds to buy any foreign goods. And with such an economic disaster, war could break out very easily.

After 4 years under Obama will we be better off than we are now?

No. Obama will have taken the United States from the position of the World's Leader and will turn us into a Third World Nation.

Barack Hussein Obama is naive at best. He is wrong choice for President. His policies are so far to the left that you can call him a Socialist, not just a liberal. He will destroy all that we have worked for and hope for.

There's Nothing Like El Al

On September 28, El Al (Israel's National Airline) celebrated its 60th birthday. In honor of this I give you some memorable moments from the Airline's history.
The company's maiden flight took place on September 28, 1948… to pick up the first president of the State of Israel Chaim Weizmann from Geneva and bring him to Israel. Few know that the original El Al insignia blazoned on the company's first uniforms wasn't a Star of David; it was a flying camel - a mascot of early Jewish aviators.
Some of El Al's perks are industry firsts. The most outstanding one to date was inaugurated in 2002 on behalf of a wealthy New York couple who visit Israel at least four times a year, each time bringing their two cats with them. The airline decided to allow small dogs, cats and birds who indeed had tickets - $89 one-way from New York, Chicago or Miami and $98 from Los Angeles - to collect frequent flyer miles and gain a free trip along with their owners.
Nice to know especially for those people who use guide dogs. Or for the Paris Hilton types who have to have those stupid little dogs with them at all times.
Once upon a time, cynics said "El Al" stood for "Every Landing Always Late." But in the early 1990s, El Al found itself plagued by a chronic case of corporate jet lag due to passengers' last-minute duty-free shopping sprees before boarding. At one point, fed up with having to hunt down bargain-hunters, an El Al plane took off on time - leaving seven tardy passengers in the lurch. When questioned by the press, a company official explained: "It's out of the question that every morning, on almost all flights, we act as if we were a taxi outside the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station - yelling 'Paris, Paris, Who is going to Paris?' before taxiing away."
I can say that before this incident I was on the only plane that actually took off on time, but came in early. We think the pilot fainted.
Speaking of Paris - in 1990, on one El Al plane bound for the French capital, an asthmatic passenger found he had forgotten his medicines in a Tel Aviv hotel room. While there were emergency medical supplies on board, according to news reports, after consultation with El Al's doctors, the pilot was instructed to fly at 31,000 rather than 43,000 feet - despite the additional fuel consumed at lower altitudes - in order to maintain optimal conditions for the passenger.

One case of "special handling" involved some very special hand-baggage: In a race against time, an American Red Cross representative collected 572 blood samples from Jews of Lithuanian lineage at blood banks in Carmiel near Haifa and the Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv. Packing the contents in an insulated picnic box, the American sped to catch a 2 a.m. El Al flight back to the US - in the hopes of finding a match for a 20-year-old woman badly in need of a bone marrow transplant.

One of the most unforgettable humanitarian gestures to which El Al was a part took place on Flight 316 from Tel Aviv to London: Among the passengers was Moran Kadosh, 4, on her way to London for a liver transplant. The child was accompanied by a doctor and her parents - who had a mere $4,500 in their pockets to finance surgery. When the child's plight became known to fellow passengers and El Al flight employees, they organized a spontaneous collection at 35,000 feet. The captain announced over the public address system that Moran's life was in danger. By the time the jumbo landed at Heathrow, 400 passengers and crew had gathered the $60,000 needed to pay for the transplant.
With American carriers the people would just have to suffer. Compassion is uncommon and the service is just as bad.
In terms of conventional cargo, in 1987 El Al was flying high, grabbing ninth place among trans-Atlantic cargo carriers.
And they would transport almost anything.
In September 1970, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine skyjacked four airplanes. Few know there was a fifth target - an El Al flight, where the midair attempt was foiled by the pilot, who plunged the aircraft into a 14,000-foot nosedive, throwing the two armed terrorists for a loop, allowing passengers and crew to overpower the pair, including a traveler purported to have clobbered the male assailant over the head with a whiskey bottle before the air marshal took over.
It is too bad that pilot wasn't on any of the 4 flights on 9/11. This should be taught to every pilot in the world. And a waste of good whiskey.
While efforts to go the extra mile may raise questions whether any air carrier can hold a candle to El Al, the ultimate case of going out of the way for passengers was Operation Solomon: the historic June 1990 airlift of 15,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 24 hours, using IDF and El Al planes. El Al made aviation history… and The Guinness Book of World Records, for transporting 6,500 passengers in 10 aircraft.

Full Story
After 60 years, and countless miles they still fly high. With pilots trained by the IAF, and a flight crew ready for all emergencies, they are a formidable yet comforting crew.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dear Gayle Williams --

Kabul, Afghanistan
Gayle Williams, 34, who had dual British and South African nationality, was shot dead on Monday by gunmen on a motorbike in Kabul.

Dear Gayle Williams --
I know you cannot read this letter now, but I am writing to you as though you can, as though you are still here somehow, and because for some reason you are still here with me. I have written two articles about you now. Articles about how you were killed and why. Especially the why. The why is what this is all about, isn't it? The why is why you died, why they killed you. The why is what's important, yet so impossible to comprehend.

I have tried in these two articles to express some of the anger, the outrage and the disbelief that so many of us feel, but it's impossible. There aren't the right words. I couldn't write this if I thought too hard about your grieving parents right now. I'd feel foolish and intrusive, because I've never even met you. But for some reason I realize now that those two articles just weren't enough. I don't know what would ever be enough, but that wasn't it. You deserve more. Your death deserves more. And I'll try very hard to say what's in my heart at this moment.

"She was a person who always loved the Afghans and was dedicated to serving those who are disabled...Needless to say, we are all in shock."

" of the inspiring people of the world who truly put others before herself."

"She was killed violently while caring for the most forgotten people in the world; the poor and the disabled," the statement said. "She herself would not regret taking the risk of working in Afghanistan. She was where she wanted to be -- holding out a helping hand to those in need."
This is what they're saying about you now, Gayle Williams. Now that you're gone. How ironic that you who lived your life so unobtrusively, so quietly and humbly are now famous in your death. Thousands, perhaps millions, of people all over the world now know your name and have looked at your face in that picture.

We are in a great war of shadows. Our enemies are illusive and indistinct. Only occasionally -- such as at times like this -- do we see them clearly. They have deftly hidden themselves beneath innumerable veils of half-truths, clever rationalizations and devious obfuscations. Our enemies have sought and gained sanctuary in the sacred temples of religion. Thus, to many, they remain inviolate and unassailable. Our enemy is great but amorphous, a master of disguise. Their greatest disguise is complete invisibility. This is the nature of our war of shadows.

Only half of us can actually see them. They have successfully convinced the others that they don't exist, that they are merely fictional villains, hypothetical constructs of our overwrought imaginations. This is who we are fighting -- or almost fighting. We're not sure yet. We're besieged with doubts and mired in confusion. Is our enemy Islam? Or just some small fanatical core of pitiless brutes who have perverted the great message?

We've been taught to be tolerant of others, to be especially tolerant of other people's religious beliefs. To attack someone because of their religious beliefs goes against everything that we hold sacred. And our ruthless adversaries have used this innate civility to their infinite advantage, haven't they? Coming from the very highest authorities in our own government we have been admonished to not hold the entire religion of Islam accountable for the brutal actions of a few. We have been advised by our experts that Islam is a religion of peace, a great religion which has been hijacked by a few crazy fanatics.

But then there is you, Gayle Williams. And you are immense now. You are a scathing indictment that cannot be answered. You are the truth. Inarguable, unassailable truth. The men who took your life were not fanatics, they were the personification of the purest and most uncorrupted form of Islam. They were most closely following the Prophet's commandments. They are Islam with all the veils removed. Your killers were not perverting the message, they were delivering it.

One of the reasons why we have been so shamefully ineffective in this great war of shadows is our inability to comprehend the enormity of this truth. That one of the world's major religions could be the source of the world's most menacing evils. It is too much to grasp. We seek solace in our delusions. We use metaphors and euphemisms to almost but not quite describe our enemies. We comfort ourselves with the unsustainable hypothesis that most Muslims are good. That Islam itself is not the problem.

But then there is you, Gayle Williams. And you are immense now. How can our homegrown Islamist apologists and multiculturalists answer your scathing indictment. Did you, by ministering to the poor and disabled in Afghanistan bring it on yourself, as we purportedly brought the events of 9/11 on ourselves? How will they argue for your culpability in this crime as they did ours? The very thought of this is sickening to me.

If the purest of all forms of Islam could call for your death, you who have done nothing but give of yourself in your kind quiet way, then who among us is safe? Who among us can argue for tolerance and understanding of the bestial religion that murdered you? Who among us can still not see beneath those veils, even after you have pulled them away.

These are the best words I can come up with, Gayle Williams. This is the best I can do. I wish I could do more. I wish we all could do more. - rg