Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Every Day Heroes

Hat Tip to A Soldier's Mother

While Christopher Dorner is on the loose and the liberal elites in Hollywood not only cheering him on but applauding his murder spree, I feel that our men and women who risk their lives to save ours need a boost.

Listen carefully to the words.  This song will tear at your heartstrings.  It did mine.

Click here if the video doesn't load.

In a world where broken promises are common place, when it counts most, there are people willing to help strangers because they gave their word. The essence of 'Everyday Heroes' is about these individuals keeping their promise -- to respond, regardless of who the person in need is or the unknown risks that may await the First Responders.

Dave Carroll's hope is that 'Everyday Heroes' and the message contained within the song/video will be shared and enjoyed with anyone who might appreciate it. The website 911Song.com is dedicated to enhancing and supporting the lives of all First Responders and their families. It is a place where Dave Carroll hopes that a strong community of interest forms and comes back often to keep connected and engaged in supporting First Responders and their related organizations.

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