Saturday, February 9, 2013

How Common Core Standards Are Destroying Our Children's Education

Last month California switch from their previous standards of education to Common Core Standards.  While hailed as a major step forward its true goal is to indoctrinate students to the "Progressive" agenda.  In fact it harms Black and Latino students by failing to prepare them for college.
California will no longer require eighth-graders to take algebra - a move that is line with the Common Core standards being adopted by most states, but that may leave students unprepared for college.

Last month, California formally shifted to the Common Core mathematics standards, which recommend that students delay taking algebra if they aren't ready for it. Previously, algebra class was a requirement for all eighth-graders in the state.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is sponsored by the National Governor's Association, is an effort to unify diverse state education curricula. Forty-five other states and the District of Columbia have signed on so far.

But some education experts worry that the change will further damage struggling students' college chances, since early proficiency in Algebra I is an excellent predictor of college graduation, according to the Mercury News.

Black and Latino students in California are significantly more likely to fail eighth-grade algebra, and 80 percent of those who fail it once will fail it again when they take it in high school.

A study published by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area claims that some minority students who score well enough to place into advanced math classes are often mistakenly held back.

Does anyone find this ironic that the 2 groups of students with the highest rate of dropping out of school will be hurt the most by this.  Just another tool in the Progressive arsenal to keep Blacks and now Latinos on the Plantation.

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