Founding Documents

America's Founding Documents serve as the basis for the Republic that guides this nation.  Not all are from our Founding Fathers, some even come from other nations.  (The Magna Carta for instance.)  But each one has helped to shape the United States into the great country it has become.

The Magna Carta

The Mayflower Compact

Declaration of Independence

The Federalist Papers

The US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Amendments
   Receive a free copy of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution here.

Clarification Of Points In The US Constitution 

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Washington's Farewell Address

Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptist Association

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation 

Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo And The Gadsden Purchase

The Emancipation Proclamation

The Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln' Thanksgiving Proclamation

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