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Reform the IRS Now: Help With Writing Your Letters to Congress

These are some of the ideas I came across as I composed my letter to my elected officials in Congress. Feel free to use whatever you like but get your letters out daily!!! Here are the links to finding the contact forms for your U.S. Representatives and Senators online.

The IRS must be completely reformed in the wake of the agency targeting tea party and other conservative groups.
The IRS has violated it’s own regulations and the American Constitution by targeting and unlawfully delaying and obstructing conservative organizations’ applications for a determination of tax-exempt status, and the IRS has continued to bully and intimidate Conservatives.

Additionally, the inspector general found that on many occasions the IRS made inappropriate and intrusive demands for information from conservative groups that applied for exemption under Section 501(c)(4) of the tax code.

On May 29th, 2014 The American Center for Law and Justice filed a  lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., on behalf of 25 Tea Party and conservative organizations against the U.S. Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, and Internal Revenue Service - including top IRS officials. (Read more here)

In the lawsuit, the ACLJ cited six counts arguing the federal government violated the Constitution, federal law, and even its own rules and regulations.

The IRS and the Obama Administration must be held accountable for these unlawful actions and reparations must be made on behalf of all Americans. It is not enough that certain parties be found guilty or that injunctive relief and punitive damages eventually be awarded.

The IRS must never again be in a position to target and/or intimidate any American group or individual because of race, religion, or political beliefs. The IRS must be completely reformed by Congress Now.

America no longer has any confidence in the IRS. This overgrown, complex, and corrupt agency has not earned the right to take on additional responsibilities that will effect the daily lives of all Americans. We cannot allow the IRS, as it exists today, to police Obamacare!

Now is the time to completely break this monster apart. Now is the time for comprehensive tax reform!

As FAREED ZAKARIA, wrote in Investor's Business Daily:
The U.S. tax code is at the heart of a system of institutionalized, legal corruption. The code is so vast because companies, industries and lobbying groups receive special preferences in return for campaign contributions, a cash-for-favors scheme that Washington would denounce as crony capitalism in any Third World country.

June 6 is Coming

Gary Fouse

For those of you who don't know who Dr. Bill Warner is, check out  

I have been receiving e-mails from several contacts about June 6, which is normally commemorating as the date of the D-Day landings at Normandy that led to the defeat of Nazism and liberation of Europe from German occupation. There is a movement to use that day as one in which bloggers and other social media will post messages on what they think of Islam. This comes in the wake of the horrific murder of a  British soldier by two Muslims in London and our own Boston Marathon attack.

I have decided after some thought to participate in this effort on this site. I confess that both the above incidents have affected me and I feel the need to become more militant, if that is the correct word.

I have already started on the draft because I have a lot to say, and I want to say it as effectively as I can. In the meantime, this is my way of spreading the word.

Below is a message from Bill Warner, a counter jihad activist in Tennessee.
From Bill Warner:
Speak Your Mind About Islam Day: Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just this past week we were shocked to witness, in broad daylight, on London streets, the ambush and barbaric murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier, husband, and father of a young child. Lee was ambushed by two men, one of whom spoke directly to the camera afterwards. This man made it clear that his motivations were based upon Islam and the numerous verses in the Quran that call for violence against non-Muslims.

Afterward, individual citizens from the UK and around the world flooded social media with their sentiments about Islam, the false narrative that it is a "Religion of Peace" and the blatant falsehood put forth by Prime Minister Cameron that the teachings of Islam had nothing to do with this brutal assassination. Several citizens have since been arrested by the government of Great Britain for comments they made under the influence of grief and anger. These actions by the government are an attempt to suppress free speech and must not be tolerated. We ask that you stand with these persecuted individuals as a unified people.

In response to the British government's attempts to suppress free speech, we wish to declare Thursday, June 6th, 2013 "Speak Your Mind About Islam Day". June 6th is a day of great significance for the free peoples of the world.

In the 1940's, American, Australian, Brit, Canadian, Frenchman, Indian, Russian, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh and countless others were bound together by the common goal of eradicating forever the vile ideology of Nazism. On June 6th, 1944, segments of these diverse allied forces bound together and stormed Fortress Europe marking the beginning of the end of the ideology of Nazism as a force among men.

Let June 6, 2013 once again be that day for us.

On Thursday, June 6th, 2013 we ask that you flood social media with your thoughts on and knowledge of Islam as a clear and unmistakable message to our governments around the world that we will NOT be silenced by blasphemy laws, statutes on "community cohesion", or threats and acts of intimidation carried out by our governments in an attempt to silence us on the issue of Islam and its undeniable ties to religiously motivated acts of terror around the world. Our overwhelming numbers and unified voice must make it clear that we will become increasingly UNGOVERNABLE, without becoming violent, on the issue of Islamic terror. An assault on one will be treated as an assault upon us all; we will stand together as one voice. Political careers will pay a price at the polls for the condescending act of telling us that Islam is what we all know it is not.

Rules of Conduct:
1. Keep it civilized - nothing positive comes from mob-like behavior.
2. Focus on the ideology of Islam, not individuals.
3. No profanity or ad hominem attacks - they cause people to tune out the message because of the messenger.
4. The goal is to unite us, garner group support for the cause, and put our governments on notice that we will not be silenced.

Please share this now with every blogger and social media group you know about.

Firearms, Size And Movie

I received this via email from Norman

Take this for what it is worth.  A wonderful rant by a Texan.


Hello once more from the Regional Headquarters Of Conspiratorial Right Wing Jingoistic Conclusion Jumping Constitution Supporting Conceal Carry Believers Of West Texas.


Within the past week we have seen the reports of the Muslim Terrorist attacks on one British and one French soldier in their respective countries.Keep in mind that both France and England have been two of the European countries who have welcomed the believers in Islam with open arms. As I understand it, the French soldier was still alive but of course the British soldier was beheaded by two Muslim Terrorist Extremists.

Then on the following day, 5/24/13 I was listening to a morning news report when they played the tape of a 9-1-1 call to the Oregon State Police. In this audio a lady had called her local 9-1-1 responder which was the local Sheriff's Department and found that the Sheriff's Department was closed and no Deputy available at that hour and the call was forwarded to the State Police Operator. The lady told this operator that her ex-boyfriend was breaking in her home and she was alone and was afraid that he was going to harm her. According to the news report this boyfriend had beaten up this caller in the past.

The operator told this lady that she had no one to send and suggested that the lady ask this ex-boyfriend to just leave. WOW! What great advice.

Now, it seems as the reason for the Sheriff's Dept. being closed during certain hours was being blamed on the "Sequester" and lack of funds for this Oregon Sheriff's Department. I personally am surprised that they did not blame George Bush, whom we all know is responsible for Hurricane Katrina and many other mishaps.

BUT, the point of all three of these stories is this. England and France have laws which prohibit firearms ownership by most citizens, much less the citizens being authorized to carry these firearms. And I am surprised that this dispatcher never even asked the lady in Oregon if she had a firearm in her home. I would have to believe that the answer would have been NO.

Now I am not saying that the attacks on those two soldiers could not have happened here in the U.S. BUT, I am saying that attacks such as these would probably incite bystanders to act a bit more aggressively than just filming the murder with their cell phones. I would imagine that an armed attacker in almost any location in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, and a number of other states would be met with armed resistance and the likelihood of them beheading anyone would be highly unlikely. BUT their being shot would be HIGHLY PROBABLE.

I just wonder if any of these three people who were victims of attacks would have had a Liberal/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist view of firearms possession by honest people? I will wager that they wouldn't.

BUT, the Obama Administration and the rest of the Socialist jerks in our country have the typical view that since they don't own or carry or desire to own a firearm that NOBODY should be able to do something other than what they approve.

AND, if they get their way, firearms ownership and self protection aren't the only things which will be taken from us.


A couple of days ago I was passing through one of our rooms and looked at the TV screen and thought that perhaps the Turner Classic Movie Channel or the A&E Channel were showing a repeat of the old Annette Funicello - Frankie Avalon movie, "Beach Blanket Bingo". Then I took a closer look and found that I was watching a news channel showing the new love affair between Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

I don't know how many people still believe that Chris Christie is a Conservative Republican, but I'll bet I could fit them all into a telephone booth.

I wonder just how many people in New Jersey really believe that Barack Hussein Obama really gives a damn about their particular problems?

It is amazing how many people watch this phony operator of the world's largest shell game make a television appearance in Oklahoma and actually believe that this vermin gives a damn about the people in Oklahoma which was maybe the reddest of the red states. I read in one report that not one single county in Oklahoma was carried by the Obama/Biden ticket in the 2012 election.

BUT apparently the voters in New Jersey, who seem to be confused as to what a Conservative Republican really looks like, are totally enamored by the appearance of the world's most articulate and intelligent human who shows up on the Jersey Shore for no other reason than a political one.

And of course in my estimation the love scenes between Barack Hussein Obama and Chris Christie are much more torrid than those between Frankie and Annette.


And no, I am not discussing the weight loss of the aforementioned Chris Christie. I am referring to the SIZE of our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

We have all watched various politicians and members of the Mainstream Media tell us for several weeks that we can't expect Barack Hussein Obama OR Eric Holder OR the various musical chair directors of the IRS to know what every single person in their departments is doing.

REALLY? Funny, but I DO EXPECT these heads of government and governmental agencies to keep abreast of major investigations and of major policy violations by the people working for them.

Do not in one sentence try to tell me that Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton and a myriad of other Obama appointees are the most efficient and knowledgeable people on the planet and in the next breath try to convince me that they are just folks like us who cannot be expected to be aware of everything going on under their supposed leadership.

The truth of the matter is that our federal government and the expanded bureaucracy promoted by the Obama Administration has, in fact gotten way out of hand and needs to be DOWNSIZED.

If you have been watching any of the reports of Benghazi; the IRS; and the Justice Department scandals then you will come to the same conclusion as me. First of all, I do not believe that Barack Hussein Obama has appointed ANYONE who would have the balls to make a major decision without first getting his approval.

Our government has grown way too many arms and legs and while I don't believe for a second that these scandals were put in motion without the knowledge and approval of Barack Hussein Obama there might not be any way to prove that he is culpable in any of them. That, of course depends upon his underlings having the guts to take the blame themselves. We shall see.

One thing that this administration is downsizing is our military. And, in my opinion, that is the one area where we can least afford to be short with the world situation being what it is today.

On May 27th, when all the banks and government offices were off for the Memorial Day Holiday, I was drinking coffee with a friend at a local coffee shop. A young man walked up to place an order and my friend told me to look what it said on this man's shirt. It had the name of a U.S. Military base and when the young man turned, my friend asked him if he had been stationed at that base and the young man answered, "Yes Sir". This was a young Hispanic man who looked to be in perhaps his early thirties. He was very clean cut looking and very articulate.

My friend told him that he had been stationed for awhile at that base during the Korean War. We learned that this young man had just been discharged from the U.S. Military after having served 12 years. We asked him about his reasons for leaving and he told us that he had to have some surgery on a tendon in his leg and that although his surgery had been successful he had been medically discharged, although he actually wanted to continue his career in the military. He said that his branch of service was caught in a move to DOWNSIZE and his position was abolished. Without asking him to commit to any political views we inquired as to his thoughts about the downsizing of the U.S. Military and he was obviously dead set against it. He said that there were many people who did not wish to make the military their career who were still in the service. He was pretty disenchanted with the present situation regarding the leadership in the top levels of the U.S. Military. This young man had served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems to me that there are a bunch of government which could do with a good dose of downsizing or complete elimination BUT NOT OUR MILITARY.


"This time of year, as college students return home for the summer, many parents may notice how many politically correct ideas they have acquired on campus. Some of those parents may wonder how they can undo some of the brainwashing that has become so common in what are supposed to be institutions of higher learning.".............................THOMAS SOWELL

"Problems found in low-income black ghettos in the United States are found in low-income white neighborhoods in Britain, where none of the usual excuses about racism, slavery, etc. apply. The only thing that is the same in both countries is the welfare state and its poisonous ideology".... THOMAS SOWELL

"What is a tax loophole? It is a provision in the law that allows an individual or an organization to pay less taxes than they would be required to pay otherwise. Since Congress puts these provisions in the law, it is a little much when members of Congress denounce people who use those provisions to reduce their taxes.".................THOMAS SOWELL

"The real danger to us all is when government not only exercises the powers that we have voted to give it, but exercises additional powers that we have never voted to give it. That is when public servants become public masters. That is when government itself has stepped over the line.".... THOMAS SOWELL

"An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!....Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power.... Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.... Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK HENRY


Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros, Joe Biden, Louis Farrakhan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chairperson), Leon Panetta, Supreme Court Justices - Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, AND John Roberts, Eric Holder, John McCain, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Claire McCaskill, Gary Johnson, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Kathleen Sibelius, Bill Richardson, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, Al Gore, COLIN POWELL , Michael Moore, John Boehner, John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, Former President Jimmy Carter. Al Gore, Kevin Brady (R-TX) by request, Chuck Hagel, Dick Durbin, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie , Michael Bloomberg, Sheila Jackson Lee, F. Chuck Todd, Chris Christi (R-NJ), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Diana DeGette (CO), Hank Johnson (GA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Mark Kirk (R-IL), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Patrick Leahy, Deval Patrick (Gov-MA), Ben Bernanke

Juan Williams (FOX News), Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC), Morgan Freeman, Michael Steele (MSNBC), ACLU, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, UNITED NATIONS, Bob Beckel (FOX News), Geraldo Rivera (FOX News), Bill O'Reilly (FOX News), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Dan Rather, NBC, Rachael Maddow (NBC,MSNBC), Al Sharpton (MSNBC), MSNBC, David Gregory(NBC), Alan Colmes (FOX News), Southern Poverty Law Center, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Tom Brokaw (NBC), Ellis Henican (FOX News), Freedom From Religion Foundation, Planned Parenthood, LA RAZA, MOVEON.ORG, Martha Raddatz, Candy Crowley, Columbia Professor Mark Lamont Hill PH.D(FOX News), Anderson Cooper (CNN), Sheppard Smith(FOX News), PETA, CAIR, TIME MAGAZINE, Sandra Fluke, BOB COSTAS (NBC), ESPN, EdAsner, The NFL, The BCS,, CNN, Piers Morgan(CNN), The IOC, Dennis Rodman, CBS, Jim Carey, Tom Brokaw, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Julian Bond


On May 23rd, Obama in one of his public appearances made a statement about respecting STATE SOVEREIGNTY in dealing with foreign countries. Wonder what his views are on the SOVEREIGNTY of the FIFTY STATES which compose our own country? It doesn't seem to me as if he is all that concerned with our individual states having any rights or input in governing the citizens of that state.


I imagine we have all heard the female supposed heckler interrupting Obama's speech and calling for the closure of the prison at Guantanamo. She went on ranting for a good while before she was removed from the room, at which time Obama said that we should all be listening to what that heckler had to say and that he supported what she said. First of all, I don't believe for a second that she was a dyed-in-the-wool, garden variety heckler. I am convinced that she was a PLANT in order to try and convince the American people that the prison in Guantanamo which holds ONLY TERRORISTS is a really important issue with the American people. Forgive me if I have the opinion that the vast majority of Americans don't give a damn about the prison OR its occupants.


I also listened to Obama make a comment about how the Muslim-American Community has sided with law enforcement in fighting Muslim Extremist Terrorists....... To that I politely say BULLS**T!


I don't know about the rest of you but if I have to listen to another in depth report of John McCain going to Syria to meet with the Syrian Rebel Leadership I will probably do like Michael Jackson in a Pepsi Commercial and burst into flames. The first few reports I heard made it sound like McCain had at great risk to himself gone deep into Syria to meet with the Syrian Rebel leadership to try and determine just what level of assistance the U.S. should give the rebel army.

A little later in the day one reporter said that the meeting location was LESS THAN A KILOMETER inside the Syrian border. Now I am not saying that going anywhere in Syria is not dangerous but I am of the same belief as retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and believe that we need to keep our asses out of that conflict lest we end up backing the same brand of folks we backed in Libya and Egypt. I guess what I am saying is that in Syria, I am not sure there is a right side. I feel sure that the Rebel leadership will be just as one sided and as hard on the Syrian people as is the turd who is now in power.


Please contact your elected Representatives and Senators and let them know in no uncertain terms that any weakness on their parts in the gun control debate will result in you working against them in their next bid for re-election. Right now, I am pretty darn pleased with Texas Senator Ted Cruz since he is being branded as a bully by Harry Reid. Of course I would imagine that in Harry Reid's eyes, Pee Wee Herman would be a bit of a bully. Reid is pure sissy in my opinion.


Oh, before I forget, I would like a show of hands from everyone who believes that George Zimmerman will receive a fair hearing in his trial for shooting; "LITTLE TRAYVON MARTIN". I do hope his attorney does his job but I am forming the opinion that the District Judge hearing this case is a liberal squawk which is not good for the Zimmerman team.

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Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti Alive And Well In The USA

Stolen from Faultline USA

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


It had not crossed my mind until a few days ago, but the KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti) seems to have just switched nations -- from the Soviet Union to the United States. (Gasp!)

OK. Hold on a moment.

KGB, or Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, translated into English is: "Committee for State Security."

So what, you ask?

So ... DHS stands for "Department of Homeland Security." Ummm.

Honestly, the only difference I see is that one is a "department" and the other a "committee."

Many conservative commentators have been warning for years that the US is becoming a police state akin to the old Soviet Union.

What with the hearings going on in Washington currently on the abuse of power by the IRS and the Justice Department, is it any wonder that more and more Americans are questioning the the government's loyalty to the constitution -- AND to the citizens of the US?

It has become clear that if you are a friend of the constitution then you are an enemy of the Obama Administration. At least that now seems to be the position of our current government.

Consider this: "Agents from the Department of Homeland Security posing as national “police” were deployed across the country this week to monitor and intimidate Tea Party activists, who were peacefully protesting the Obama administration and its abuse of the IRS to target conservative groups. The apparently unlawful spying and bullying has drawn outrage from analysts, experts, and commentators from across the political spectrum worried that the federal government is going off the rails.

From California to Florida and everywhere in between, armed DHS functionaries — part of the so-called “Federal Protective Service” (FPS) — intimidated and spied on peaceful activists, according to protesters in attendance. News reports were filled with pictures and videos of large Homeland Security trucks that said “police” in giant letters, along with armed DHS personnel dressed in “police” outfits. At a rally in Los Angeles, a DHS helicopter was even spotted flying overhead as federal “police” ordered protesters to get off of government property." Source

The article at The New American continues: "Why aren't DHS officers protecting the homeland against foreign enemies armed with explosives and hate? Perhaps because the Obama Administration is more worried about domestic ‘enemies’ armed with the Constitution and love of country,” wrote Sally Zelikovsky about the scandal in the American Thinker. She also said the administration sending out DHS agents to spy on Tea Party protests was “further evidence of the Soviet-style ‘War on Dissent.’ ”

“One would think they would be just a bit more circumspect and maybe even exercise a modicum of restraint before dispersing KGB, I mean, DHS agents to free speech rallies protected under the Constitution,” Zelikovsky continued in her stinging criticism of the department’s latest activities. “The fact that they did this so blatantly despite the scrutiny they are under is symptomatic of a government on the verge of a constitutional breakdown — a government that doesn't hesitate to bully the little guy while giving the Constitution the proverbial political finger.” Source

Look. It is clear to anyone with an iota of sense that our government is out of control. Freedom and liberty are being curtailed. Personal freedom is in serious peril in America today.

The Department of Homeland Security should be abolished at once. In fact, there is serious question whether we ever needed them, in the first place.

"It is clear that the DHS is not in the business of protecting us, it is in the business of protecting criminals and keeping us controlled. The DHS no longer plays any role in protecting of the U.S. citizens. It is time to defund and abolish it, sell all of its assets and ammo and return all the proceeds to the U.S. treasury for partial repayment of our debt or maybe using some of this money to reopen the WH for kids and the national parks to law abiding Americans." Source

We couldn't agree more.

If DHS ever inspired confidence in Americans that time is long past. DHS now inspires fear and loathing among the citizens of America. It is now seen as a thuggish strong arm enforcement agency of the police state, an adversary of the citizens of the country. We want it gone!


It is only a matter of time until the Obama Administration Regime begins to arrest innocent men and women for political reasons.  In dictatorships this is done in the middle of the night, with torture, rape and secret trials.  I am sure there are re-education centers and gulags already for the poor victims.  The money for those facilities coming from the Stimulus.  And a very complicit media not only keeping quiet about the arrests but encouraging citizens to inform on their neighbors.

Congratulations America!  We have become the Union of Soviet States of America!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Is The Moment To Take Sides!

The latest rant from Pat Condell

Muslims Must Reject Jihad

Click here if the video refuses to load.

Wednesday's Hero: Capt. Barry F. Crawford Jr.

Capt. Barry F. Crawford , Jr.

Capt. Barry F. Crawford Jr.

U.S. Air Force

The President of the United States of America awarded the Air Force Cross to Captain Barry F. Crawford, Jr., for extraordinary heroism in military operations against an armed enemy of the United States as Special Tactics Officer near Laghman Province, Afghanistan, on 4 May 2010. On that date, while attached to Army Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha and their Afghan partner force, Captain Crawford conducted a helicopter assault into Hendor Village. Upon landing, Captain Crawford received reports that multiple groups of armed enemy were maneuvering into prepared fighting positions in the high ground around the village. As the assault force initiated clearance operations, they began to receive a high volume of accurate machine gun and sniper fire from an enemy force well over 100 fighters. As the assault force was attacked, Captain Crawford took decisive action to save the lives of three wounded Afghan soldiers and evacuate two Afghan soldiers killed in action. Recognizing that the wounded Afghan soldiers would die without evacuation to definitive care, Captain Crawford took decisive action and ran out into the open in an effort to guide the helicopter to the landing zone. Once the pilot had eyes on his position, Captain Crawford remained exposed, despite having one of his radio antennas shot off mere inches form his face, while he vectored in the aircraft. Acting without hesitation, Captain Crawford then bounded across open terrain, engaged enemy positions with his assault rifle and called in AH-64 strafe attacks to defeat the ambush allowing the aid-and-litter teams to move toward the casualties. While the casualties were being moved the team's exposed position once again came under attack from two enemy trucks that had moved into the area and were threatening the medical evacuation landing zone. As one of the aid-and-litter teams was pinned down by enemy fire, and the medical evacuation helicopter took direct hits from small arms fire, it departed with only four casualties leaving one wounded Afghan soldier on the ground. Captain Crawford developed, coordinated, and executed a plan to suppress the enemy, enabling the helicopter to return to the hot landing zone to retrieve the last casualty. While Captain Crawford's element exfiltrated the village, the assault force conducted a two kilometer movement over steep terrain with little to no cover. During this movement the ground force commander and Captain Crawford's element were ambushed and pinned down in the open from multiple enemy fighting positions, some as close as 150 meters away. Without regard for his own life, Captain Crawford moved alone across open terrain in the kill zone to locate and engage enemy positions with his assault riffle while directing AH-64 30-mm. strafe attacks. Continuing to move the team further over 1.5 kilometers of steep terrain with minimal cover, Captain Crawford again engaged the enemy with his assault rifle while integrating AH-64s and F-15E's in a coordinated air-to-ground attack plan that included strafing runs along with 500 and 2,0000-pound bomb and Hellfire missile strikes. Throughout the course of the ten hour firefight, Captain Crawford braved effective enemy fire and consciously placed himself at grave risk on four occasions while controlling over 33 aircraft and more than 40 airstrikes on a well-trained and well-prepared enemy force. His selfless actions and expert airpower employment neutralized a numerically superior enemy force and enabled friendly elements to exfiltrate the area without massive casualties. Through his extraordinary heroism, superb airmanship, and aggressiveness in the face of the enemy, Captain Crawford has reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

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Malmö's (And Sweden's) Final Solution

Sweden commends itself on its Multiculturalism.  The truth is that there is one group of people in Sweden that will not assimilate into Swedish society and culture.  No it isn't the Jews.  They have embraced Swedish culture, society while maintaining their religious ways.  It is Muslim minority that refuses to embrace Swedish culture.  They are demanding that the native Swedes (and everyone else) follow their faith, their culture barbaric ways.  In fact they have been rioting through out Sweden to force the Swedish Government to do as they say.

They also object to Jews not only living in "their" cities, but in Sweden.  And have embarked on a campaign to eliminate the Jew from "their" land.  And it looks as if they have succeeded in one case:  Malmö.
In the Swedish tourist guides, the city of Malmö is presented as "a paradise for ecologists", full of bicycles, bike paths and green areas. In addition, this third-largest and most prosperous Swedish city is a symbol of the "modern and cosmopolitan" soul of the Scandinavian country of equal opportunities, literacy, integration and welfare state.

In Swedish it is called "Folkhemmet", the home of all the people. Malmö is the symbol of this multicultural utopia on which for decades Sweden has built its model of integration (a country that called herself a "moral superpower").

The illusion was that a prosperous society, indifferent to religion, ideologically welcoming and tolerant, would heal any trauma of integration.

In the industrial area that at one time housed the shipyards of Kockums, now stands the symbol of the city, the famous skyscraper modeled on a human torso, a creation of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The dozens of ethnic groups in Malmö are united in one organic body. Yet according to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, while the old industrial city becomes "a international melting pot full of optimism," the Jewish families are leaving it.

Malmö is the city that serves as the symbol of the Swedish Jewish community. The main synagogue of the "Judiska Församlingen i Malmö", founded in 1903, is one of the few temples preserved from that era in Europe. Most similar synagogues in the continent were in fact destroyed under Nazism.

The city of Malmö will soon be Judenrein. Free of Jews. As the Dagens Nyheter notes, a growing number of Jewish families are leaving due to Islamist anti-Semitic attacks.

Malmö, capital of the prosperous province of Scania, had a 2,000-strong Jewish community in the 1970s. However, only 500 remain there today, explains the newspaper. “The majority have moved to Stockholm or abroad.”

Sweden, which was famously neutral during World War II and served as a refuge for Scandinavian Jews, is a prototype of Europe's new anti-Semitism. Jewish cemeteries were desecrated and the Jewish centers were bombed, worshippers were abused on their way home from the synagogue, and "Jude S--- destroys Hollviken" and "You shall be gassed" were mockingly chanted in the streets.

Indeed, it is part of a tragic, but unavoidable, process: the New Europe will be a Jews-free continent. It begins with Malmö and it ends with Rome.

It is not just the Swedish Muslims who physically persecute and intimidate the Jews (in Malmö (the most common name for newborn boys is now Mohammed).

Ilmar Reepalu, the Left-wing mayor of Malmö who had been in power for 15 years till last January, choose to not protect the Jews but to express sympathy with the terrorists. The Swedish governments have also forsaken the Jewish people. In Malmö you see Jews running after leaving the synagogue. Yet the Swedish court system did not convict anyone of hate crimes in Malmö in 2010 and 2011, despite registering 480 complaints.

In Malmö, the Jews who arrived through ferries and fishing boats, after being rescued from the Nazi concentration camps, or who fled to Sweden from communist Poland in the 1960s, are leaving their former sanctuary. In Poland, these were the "f---ing Jews". In Malmö they became the "f---ing Poles". Now they are the "f---ing Jews" once again. Europe's cycle of anti-Semitism is closing in again.

As it is closing in in Brussels, from where many Jews are leaving for Tel Aviv due to anti-Semitism. Immigration to Israel was slightly down worldwide in 2012, but figures from Western Europe were up. CNN recently ran a special "The exodus of Jews from France".

Malmö and Brussels are not Chelmno. There are not gas chambers in the Swedish or Belgian city. But the ultimate goal is the same as that of Reinhardt Heydrich's "Final Solution": a Jew-free continent.

Last year journalist Espen Eidum detailed in a book how Stockholm aided the Nazis during WW2 as their neighbours fought and lost a decisive battle against the German invaders. Particularly, Sweden aided Heydrich's troops through the use of the railways to transfer Jews to death camps.

Are we witnessing the same seeds of that betrayal?

The Israeli government should help Europe's Jews to resettle in Israel as it did with the Mizrachi Jews after 1948. If you look at Sweden as a multicultural kaleidoscope, turning the three mirrors in the tube, what future will the Jews of Europe have? None.

My continent has no room for living Jews.

Congratulations Malmö!  You will be Judenrein soon and then your nation, Sweden will become free of Jews.  You have embraced a people who believe that they (And everybody else.) should live in the 7th Century not the 21st.  A people who will kill the non-believer, force women to cover themselves in heavy black blankets for "modesty" sake, and who wish to rule you under their barbaric Shar'ia Law.

You have thrown out of your Jewish neighbors.  A people who value education, liberty and freedom.  And you are seeing on your street the true nature of the Muslims you have imported and encouraged on your streets each night.

I wish you, the native-born Swede, all the best in your Dhimmitude.  You deserve it!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Day To Remember Repost

Today is Memorial Day, the day that Americans are suppose to remember those who died in service to the United States. But it has become something different. We may see on television the President laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, or a Governor laying a wreath at a War Memorial. Members of Service Organizations such as The American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars will go to memorial services and remember. For the rest of America, it is a day that we shop, we run to the beach, we try to take off Friday before for a 4 day weekend at some exotic local. But we do not stop and remember what the day really means.

It was not always this way. I remember a time when everyone honored America's fallen heroes, not just a few.

I can remember a Memorial Day when I was 4 years old. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was awoken early and told to come to breakfast.

My father was sitting at the kitchen table in his best suit. Not the best suit he would wear to synagogue or to take my mother out, but the one he only wore for special occasions. His tie was smartly done and the handkerchief in his pocket was perfectly placed. His shoes were shined to a high shine that one could see their reflection in.

He rose and kissed my mother, left the house quietly, not saying a word.

"Where's Papa going?" I asked my mother.

"To shul, to say Kaddush, the Prayer for the Dead." She answered.

"Who died?"

"Many." My Grandmother said quietly.

After breakfast, my mother told me to wash up and put on my best dress. We were going into the city.

Going into the city was a special treat. I lived in Brooklyn and going into Manhattan was a big deal. There were buildings so tall that you couldn't see the sky, and the MUSEUM was there. You know, the one with the dinosaurs. I wonder if we were going there today. I hurriedly dressed.

It took me a while to dress, but when I returned my mother and grandmother both were wearing their best dresses and hats. I took my grandmother's hand as we left the house
"Are we going to the Museum?" I asked.

"No. We are going downtown to see the men march." My grandmother told me.

"A parade? With floats and balloons?" I was excited. I only saw the Thanksgiving Parade on television. It was exciting to watch.

"A parade yes, but there will be no balloon or floats. It is Memorial Day." My mother said quietly.

The trip by subway was fun. I always liked traveling by subway. I always sat on my mothers lap as we rode into the city.

When we climbed out of the subway we say people lining the street. The stores weren't open, each had a sign with an American Flag on was printed: Closed for Memorial Day. I couldn't read, but my mother read it to me.

A few restaurants were open though. I guess people still had to eat somewhere. We made our way to the edge of the street and waited for the parade. A vendor was selling American Flags, my grandmother bought each of us one.

"Where's Papa? Isn't he going to watch the parade?" I didn't want my father to miss the parade.

"He'll be here soon." My mother told me.

The parade started. Row after row of men and women marching down the street. Sometimes there would be a band who would play patriotic music, or a drummer.

I still hadn't seen my father, then there he was. He was marching with a group of men. He was in the third row and I never saw him look handsomer. I cried out: "That's my Daddy!" and waved my flag very hard. Someone patted me on my head.

Afterwards we met my father at the end of the parade route and as a family went out to dinner. My father explained to me that the men he marched with fought with him in THE WAR. And that today they were marching to remember those men they fought with that didn't return home. I didn't understand what he said, but I remembered the words he said.

Today men and women don't march down Main Street in remembrance. Instead they run to the beach, to the mountains, to the shops.

But I remember a time when shops would close for the day, and Americans would march to remember those who gave their lives for the nation we love.

This Memorial Day I will not be at the beach, mountains nor at the shops. I will light the barbecue and spend the day with my family. And I will say a prayer for those who gave their all for this nation and the freedoms we enjoy.

G-d Bless Them For Their Sacrifice!
G-d Bless America!

Memorial Day

Thank you to the families of the fallen from a grateful nation!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Enough Is Enough

When I heard of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd Battalion I was infuriated.  In broad daylight, on a street in Woolwich, a pair of Muslim murderers hacked this man to death.  The crowd did nothing but film it.  The police took 20 minutes to arrive at the scene.  A a few brave women stood over Rigby's body in defiance towards the murderers.

And yet David Cameron blamed the victim, and exonerated Islam from this act.  Just like the perfect Dhimmi he is.

But the people of Great Britain are fed up.  They are outraged at not only this act, but at the whole idea of Multiculturalism.  They want answers and not platitudes.
The most recent round of terror in London has spawned a renewed round of explanations along the lines of David Cameron’s “there is no justification for this murder in Islam,” accompanied by musings over “isolated act of psychopaths."

Though these views have lost some currency after the attacks of 9/11, Madrid, Moscow, Burgas, Toulouse and Boston, it is time to ask ourselves why our political and intellectual elites still pay homage to such platitudes. Political and diplomatic expediency aside, the origin of such statements lies in the fact that Western academics, diplomats and journalists tend to cavort with highly-educated Muslims whose worldview has been influenced by thorough exposure to the Judeo-Christian heritage of the West.

Yet this is not a piece about the shallow knowledge of our elites about the Muslim world, nor one about the distinction between elite Islam and the pugnacious one popularized by Salafi or Muslim Brotherhood preachers. This is an article about the fine line Westerners need to draw between demonstrating goodwill on the one hand and forfeiting freedoms they have struggled centuries to secure.

Muslims have the right to practice Islam the way they wish in Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Westerners have the right and the duty to expect that those who move to their countries respect basic ethical tenets, one of them being that to kill in the name of God is always immoral; and regardless of whether Christians and Jews adhered to this principle centuries or millennia ago.

To this day Islamic bookstores in cities such as London and Paris sell children’s books where the first Muslims are celebrated as sword-brandishing knights vanquishing enemies in glorious battles. Does it take a PhD in psychology to guess that boys fed on such narratives will wish to do likewise when they grow up? When such literature is the staple religious diet of millions of young Muslims is it genuinely surprising that jihadists are recruited without difficulty even from well-integrated families?

No one would tolerate Christian children books that portrayed the Crusaders as exemplary Christians, yet to this day the highest honors in Islamic literature are reserved to Muslim “crusaders.” Most Muslims are sincerely appalled by the attacks in Toulouse and London, but it is no longer enough to draw subtle distinctions between legitimate and illegitimate jihad. As long as it is admirable for most Muslims that Islam conquered the world through the sword in the seventh and eight centuries, there will be more than enough Muslims in our days who welcome the murder of infidels in Madrid and London. And as long as Western Illuminati tolerate the apologetic attitude Muslim leaders adopt towards the murder of Jews in Palestine, it will be impossible to draw an unambiguous line elsewhere between acceptable and unacceptable rhetoric and behavior.

In fact, we must demand from all Muslim lay and religious representatives to publicly abjure all violence in the name of God, without ifs and buts, and regardless of whether religious sentiments are slighted in the process of doing so. Those for whom this demand is too taxing can emigrate to Saudi Arabia or Gaza and stay there.

It is worth remembering that the price of not demanding such a stance from Muslim clerics and lay leaders will be paid most dearly by Muslims themselves. Although this fact is often overlooked, we ought to remember that those who have suffered most from jihadist incitement and violence have been Muslims. Not only does the silent majority of Muslims bear the brunt of the jihadist bloodshed, but its reputation is soiled by those who wish to import seventh century practices into the 21st century. And Western leaders who in this clash choose caution over courage are no less to blame for harming the prospects of long-term peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims.

It is not just the politicians of the world but the media complicit in this deception too.  In Great Britain (and other European nations) it is practically illegal to call a Muslim criminal a Muslim.  They are called "Asian".  In Sweden for now 5 nights Muslims have been rioting to force the government to accede to their demands.  A tactic that Muslims learn in the 1920's and 30's when they rioted in Palestine (Israel) to force the British to help murder Jews in Europe.  They can be assured that the Swedish government will not only accede to their demands, but exceed them.

All over Europe groups like the EDL, Légion étrangèr, and other anti-Muslim groups have arisen in Europe.  Is it any wonder that neo-Nazi groups are rising faster than thought they could?  The native Brit, Frenchman, Swede, Greek, etc... see himself as being pushed aside by their governments, their press, their courts in favor of the immigrant newcomer.  They see their customs, laws, and morals being tossed out by the newcomer in favor of their barbaric customs.  And they see themselves as being disarmed by Socialist elites who are rich enough to have armed bodyguards while they and their children are defenseless.  They see their daughters raped by the unwashed Islamic barbarians and judges who dismiss the criminals as they explain that rape is permitted in their religion.

It is only a matter of time before the native peoples of Europe rise up and take back that which the Socialist elites have stolen from them.  Remove the barbarian in their midst and return their native countries to their culture and morals.

Perhaps it is time for the people of Britain to paint their faces blue and once again show the World why the Romans feared them.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sammy Has Been Sighted!

Hat Tip to Israel Matzav

I originally introduced the World to the existence of Mossad agent code named Sammy the Shark.  Sammy is a Zionist Shark trained to destroy the enemies of Israel.  He first was spotted off of Gaza in 2009 and Hamas claimed to have destroyed him.  But he is back and is hungry.
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – A Gaza fisherman was attacked on Thursday evening by a shark off the coast, leaving him with moderate injuries.

Locals told Ma’an that the fisherman, named as Hamed Salah, 30, was pulling in fish when the three-meter shark attacked him.

Hamed was taken to the emergency room at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Medics said he lost two fingers on his left hand.

Gaza fishermen in March snared a similarly large shark, prompting locals to crowd the shore taking pictures. The shark was brought onto land and sent to the Khan Younis fish market to be sold for 20 shekels ($5.41) a kilo.

The head of the Palestinian fishing union Mahfouth al-Kabariti told Ma'an that fishermen usually catch sharks around two meters in length, but rarely larger.

It is nice to see that at least this one Mossad Animal Agent (MAA) has not only survived, but is thriving in the waters off of Gaza.  I wonder if he is training other Zionist Sharks to "patrol" enemy waters?  I do hope so.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

For The People Of Tornado Devistated Oklahoma

While many people and groups start to collect money for the victims of Moore, Oklahoma, members of the Jewish community in the United States (and Worldwide) have already sent out the first of many packages of food aid for the area.
The National Council of Young Israel teamed with Agri Star Meat & Poultry LLC and the Masbia organization to facilitate the delivery of 20,000 pounds of food to tornado victims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the aftermath of the tornado that tore apart families, leveled neighborhoods and devastated entire communities, there is a dire need for relief and supplies, including fresh food.

Upon recognizing the need for food for the victims, Agri Star Meat & Poultry quickly made arrangements to prepare 20,000 pounds of food for delivery to the Chabad Community Center for Jewish Life and Learning in Oklahoma City, OK. The Chabad Community Center will arrange to distribute the food to the communities in Oklahoma in need of assistance.

Masbia, which provides food relief services in New York City, assumed the responsibility of raising the funds necessary to pay for the food to be trucked from the Agri Star facility in Postville, Iowa to Oklahoma.

Upon learning of the need for funds, the National Council of Young Israel, which worked together with Masbia in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, immediately offered to cover the shipping costs so the food could get to Oklahoma as soon as possible.

New York State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, whose district was one of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Sandy, traveled to Oklahoma to offer his assistance to the victims of the tornado. Assemblyman Goldfeder, who worked closely with the National Council of Young Israel after Hurricane Sandy, will work together with the Chabad Community Center and personally supervise the transfer of the food to those in need.

"The tornado that swept through the Oklahoma City area created a situation whereby people suddenly found themselves without even the basic necessities of daily living," said Chaim Leibtag, Chief Operating Officer of the National Council of Young Israel. "After many of us struggled to cope in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we know first-hand how critical it is to ensure that people get the relief they need as quickly as possible. The National Council of Young Israel is pleased to have had the opportunity to play a role in helping the countless people whose lives were turned upside down by the deadly tornado."

"When given the opportunity to help those in desperate need of assistance, the National Council of Young Israel immediately answered the call," said Farley Weiss, President of the National Council of Young Israel. "As the people of Oklahoma begin picking up the pieces and contemplate rebuilding their homes and communities, we understand how vital it is that they get the support and relief that they need."

"Food is most essential to victims of disaster," said Alexander Rappaport, the founder of Masbia. "Food cannot bring back any loses, but it helps them keep it together. We found during our on the ground Sandy relief work, the victims need food, the first-responders need food, the volunteers need food. You never can forget the smile on their faces when you arrive with food."

"Our hearts pour out to families in Oklahoma," said Yaakov Labowitz, VP of Sales, Agri Star Meat & Poultry, LLC. "We recognize that in times of crisis, neighbor helping neighbor, often provides the most comfort, and a solid foundation for rebuilding. We have therefore partnered with the local Chabad Community Center to insure that a warm meal is available to those in need...that families have one less concern, as they set about recovery."

One of the first things the survivors will need is food and water. Shelter and other amenities are secondary.  While the Red Cross and Salvation Army were first on the scene minutes after the all clear, it is also clear that members of many religious organizations are also coming to the victims aid.

Here are a few groups that are aiding the victims of Moore, Oklahoma:

Salvation Army
National Council of Young Israel

And send a thank you to Agri Star Meat & Poultry.  For their generosity in this endeavour.

Abbott And Costello Predicted This Piece Of Baseball History.

Stolen from Israel Matzav

This will refresh your memory:

Click here if the video doesn't load.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

London: There Are No Words

Gary Fouse

I am still trying to put into words the rage I feel about what happened in London today. I can only imagine what Britons are feeling. They have already suffered the horrific attack on July  7, 2005. They have suffered the humiliation of watching Muslim thugs literally take over their streets, proclaim sharia zones, promise the day when all of Briton will be under sharia law, insult returning troops in Luton as they marched down the street, chase retreating cops down the street, and on and on.

Now this unspeakable atrocity. And once again, as a British soldier is butchered just yards from his base by two animals, we hear the inevitable cry of Allahu Akhbar.

Here in America, we are still trying to come to grips with the Boston attack and the death of four Americans at the hands of two Chechen Muslims. Of course, in 2001, we suffered the worst terror attack in history. Ironically, today, we also see that the FBI had to shoot and kill a Chechen suspect and friend of Tamarlan Tsarnaev who they were questioning about a triple homicide in the Boston area last September 11. Good.

I note that the Islamic Council or whatever it is in Britain has condemned the attack and insisted-yet again- that this has nothing to do with Islam. Violence is forbidden in Islam, you see. Of course it is. Islam is a peaceful religion. Never mind all those passages in the Koran or in the hadith. It all depends on the translations, you see.

The facts, which we read about everyday in the newspapers, would suggest otherwise. As we speak, the Arab world is in flames. In virtually every Muslim-majority country you can name, religious minorities are being persecuted and deprived of their human rights. But Islam, so they tell us, is a religion of tolerance. In Europe, Muslim street criminals are harassing Jews -at least when they are not burning cars as they are doing in Stockholm as we speak. Europe is disappearing before our very eyes. In another generation, Europeans will be the persecuted minorities in their own countries unless they act now and act decisively.

Understandably, there is anger in Britain tonight. The specter of more violence cannot be ignored. The English Defence League is out in force.

One thing is clear; the West has to wake up and realize that our future is under direct threat from fanatical Islamists who seek to impose their will on the rest of us-in our own countries. We have every right to ask our governments why they have pursued policies of importing millions of people from these hell holes who follow this violent and hateful ideology. It is time for every country that wishes to remain a country to halt this immigration from Islamic countries. Discrimination? Hell yes! Nobody has any "right" to be in any other country but his own.

I have always been careful to separate innocent Muslims from the jihadists. I have always cautioned against Americans taking out their anger against innocent people. I maintain that stance. But where are the decent Muslims? I am not talking about the ones who condemn the acts and insist that this does not represent Islam because I don't believe that. No doubt we will hear the same empty arguments coming from CAIR in the coming days-if they care to comment at all. The problem is that the decent Muslims have made themselves irrelevant to the discussion by their silence. They are either afraid to speak out or they know they cannot win the debate with the jihadists when it comes to the theological arguments. Just like Zuhdi Jasser, whom I admire; he has righteousness on his side. The jihadists-including the two savages in London today- have the texts. No, what I want to see from innocent Muslims is some self reflection and acknowledgment that something is dreadfully wrong-and needs to be changed. I want to hear them proclaiming to each other publicly, "Is this our religion?" If history ever needed a second Reformation, it is now. The problem is how do you accomplish a true Reformation without turning away from the holy book itself as well as the Prophet. The Koran is considered the word of God to Mohammed. Are they to now say that all those hateful statements about Jews and Christians are to be excised? Can they actually criticize Mohammed for some of the things he did in life? Remember that Martin Luther never rejected Jesus Christ, nor did he reject the Bible. He was rejecting a corrupt Vatican that was ruling Christianity. It seems to me that if modern-day Christianity were engaged in all this violence, it would be losing believers by the millions. Under Islam, however, the punishment for leaving the religion is death. What does that tell you?

The ideology (Islam is a political ideology aside from being a religion) that spawned 9-11, 7-7-05, and today's atrocity in London has no place in a free, civilized, pluralistic, and tolerant society where the rights of all are supposed to be protected. Are we supposed to simply shrug our shoulders because there are too many of them here to send back home (Many are naturalized citizens or born here) and accept the fact that this will be the new fact of life in our societies? Just like traditional street crimes and drugs, are we going to have to suffer bombings and beheadings as part of our daily existence? When will we experience the next Boston? When will Britain experience the next carnage it witnessed today? When will France experience another Toulouse? When will the next Theo van Gogh be butchered in Holland?

How we and the rest of the civilized world handle this is going to be a tricky business unless we want to stop being free nations under the rule of law. We can start by announcing to the Islamic world that immigration is over until this madness stops. How the Islamic rulers handle the problem in their countries is, at this point, no concern of mine. We can also start going after these subversive Islamic organizations in the US that masquerade as "moderate", but advance the jihadist cause. In addition, there are way too many mosques right here in the US where the very brand of hate that spawned today's murder is being preached and driven into the heads of young Muslims.

Let's be honest. The man on the street in Europe has nothing but contempt for the Muslim immigrants as a whole. I would also venture a guess that attitudes are not that much different here in the US though we have not experienced Islamic street crime here as in Europe because our Muslim immigrants came here largely educated as opposed to those in Europe. Make no mistake, however; the explosion in Europe is coming. It may start on European streets or world events will start it all (e.g. Iran). We are, whether we want to admit it or not, involved in a class of civilizations just as serious as what was brewing in the 1930s. We here in the US and Canada will not be able to avoid being sucked in.

We should consider what happened today in the UK as a warning. Just as we should have considered 9-11 and Boston as warnings. I don't know about you, but I have seen enough.

CME And Solar Radiation Storm

From SpaceWeather:

SIGNIFICANT EXPLOSION: A solar radiation storm is in progress on May 22nd following an M5-class solar flare on the sun's western limb.  The explosion not only accelerated a hailstorm of protons toward our planet, but also produced a magnificent CME, which might deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field in the days ahead.

Although the explosion was not Earth-directed, we cannot yet rule out the possibility that the CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth in the days ahead.

Wednesday's Hero: Paul Gleason

This Post Was Suggested By Kathi

Paul Gleason

Paul Gleason

Not everyone who could be considered a hero has fought for their country. Paul Gleason, a retired history teacher, has never worn the uniform but in 1965 he wrote his first letter to a soldier, a student of his that joined the Army, and has since written more than 10,000 letters. He can been seen at Burger King just about everyday writing three letters, 15 handwritten pages, to active duty and veterans.

You can read more about Paul Gleason here and here

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

SPME and Brandeis Center Letters of Support for UC Santa Cruz Teacher

Gary Fouse

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and the Brandeis Center have issued a joint statement of support for UC Santa Cruz teacher of Hebrew Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, who is being smeared and targeted by the pro-Palestinian forces within the UC system because she has had the courage to speak out about anti-Semitism on UC and California State University campuses and name the names of those responsible.,

It is past time for the top administrators in the UC system to issue their own statements of support for Rossman-Benjamin's free speech rights and start addressing the problem of anti-Semitism on UC campuses that she is speaking out about. It is also time to take back our campuses from these pro-Palestinian agitators who have created a hostile environment on our campuses.

What say you, UC President Mark Yudof?

The al-Dura Story A Hoax

For over 12 years Israelis have decried the lie of the death of Muhammad al-Dura.  Al-Dura, aged 12, was reportedly shot by Israel in a firefight.  This supposed murder of a child was filmed by a French reporter and broadcasted all over the world.  But after 10 years and a massive legal battle waged by Channel 2 vs. Philippe Karsenty proved that not only was the film doctored, but the child wasn't killed or injured.

The Israeli government spent years and millions of Shekels to prove what the French courts already have proven.
Dr. Yehuda David
Dr. Yehuda David, who was sued for libel by the father of Muhammad al-Dura – and eventually won his case – expressed great satisfaction at the issuing of a report by a special report by a government panel that revisited the infamous incident, in which IDF soldiers were accused of killing the 12 year old Arab boy at the start of the second intifada. The committee determined that not only were the allegations – and a report by French television purporting to show IDF soldiers shooting and killing the boy – a lie, but that the al-Dura is not even dead.

According to David, the whole incident stinks of a coverup – and the evidence that shows that not only was al-Dura not killed, but that the entire story was a hoax, perpetrated with the assistance of a French television station, is there for all to see.

Jamal al-Dura and his 12-year-old son, Muhammad, were filmed by Talal Abu Rahma, a local Arab cameraman freelancing for France 2, as they sought cover behind a concrete cylinder after being caught in crossfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian security forces.

The footage, which lasts just over a minute, shows the pair holding onto each other, the boy crying and the father waving, then a burst of gunfire and dust, after which the boy is seen slumped across his father's legs.

Fifty-nine seconds of the footage were initially broadcast on France 2 with a voiceover from Charles Enderlin, France 2's bureau chief in Israel, who did not witness the incident himself but his only information was received by phone from the cameraman.

Enderlin reported that the al-Duras had been the "target of fire from the Israeli positions," and that the boy had died. After an emotional public funeral, Muhammad was hailed throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds as a martyr.

An IDF investigation in October 2000 concluded Israeli soldiers "probably did not shoot the al-Duras." Three senior French journalists who saw the raw footage in 2004 said it was not clear from the footage alone that the boy had died. They noted France 2 had cut the final few seconds of video in which he appeared to lift his hand from his face.

David, a physician at Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv, entered the al-Dura fray on December 13, 2007 when he told Israel's Channel 10 that he had treated Jamal in 1994 for knife and axe wounds to his arms and legs sustained during an Arab gang attack. David said the scars Jamal claimed as bullet wounds from the 2000 incident were actually scars from a tendon repair operation that David performed in 1994, leading Jamal to sue him for libel. He was initially convicted of a charge, but that decision was overturned by the French Supreme Court in February 2012. The decision was widely seen as a national victory for Israel.

The Israeli committee, in its final word on the subject, said Sunday that “as opposed to the media reports that stated that the child was killed, an examination of the raw video shot by the France 2 staff shows the child alive,” the committee said. That portion of the video was never broadcast. “In addition, there is a great deal of evidence to indicate that al-Dura and his father were never hit by any bullets. The investigation shows that it is very unlikely that the bullet holes seen in the pair came from shots fired by IDF soldiers.”

The new report also questions whether or not the younger al-Dura was even killed. The fact that he was still alive at the end of the French television video, after the gunfire had stopped, could mean that the boy is alive even now. “Since this issue was first raised there have been many contradictions and cold trails, based on the story the French television company told. There are many unanswered questions about many aspects of this incident,” the committee said.

According to David, the answer to this question is clear, and is supported by evidence. “We know that a child whose name is Mohammed al-Dura was taken to Shifa Hospital in Gaza at 9 AM,” David told Arutz Sheva, relying on publicly released information. “We know that the event in which it was claimed that the child was killed actually only began at 3 in the afternoon. So how is it possible that there was a dead child at 9 AM, and they want us to believe that it is the same child who was shot by Israeli soldiers at 3:00?”

So who was the child in the famous video? Most likely a brother of Mohammed, David said. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest this already, David said: According to the results of an investigation by a German group, for example, the shape of the skull of the buried child was different than the shape of the skull of the child seen in the video. The real identity of the child could be confirmed by disinterring him. David is willing to bet that the child will turn out to be the “real” Mohammed al-Dura, the one who died in Shifa Hospital in the morning, as opposed to the “fake” one – the one seen in the video, who is alive and well.

David said that it was regrettable that it had taken the state so long to take a definitive stance on the hoax. “Now we know that Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government acknowledge the truth – that Jamal al-Dura is a liar, and that all the information supplied by France 2 during the event on September 30, 2000, is a hoax. This has caused a tremendous sacrifice of Israeli lives, because it was the beginning of the second intifada, which led to the loss of 2,500 Israeli lives,” he said, including the victims of the 2012 attack by a Muslim fanatic on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, who specifically said he was “avenging” the death of al-Dura.

Click here if the video doesn't load.

Jamal al-Dura is demanding an international investigation into his son's death.  In other words, a group of anti-Semites to determine that the lie is true.

I say bring it on.  Either the grave is empty or the body in it doesn't have the DNA of Jamal or any of his family.  Want to make a guess on how long he will cave in once an international forensic team is assembled?

The Battle Of Athens

Or How Common Citizens Removed A Corrupt Government From Their County.

The Battle of Athens (sometimes called the McMinn County War) was a rebellion led by citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the local government in August 1946. The citizens, including some World War II veterans, accused the local officials of political corruption and voter intimidation.

Here is what happened:

Following World War II in 1946, violence erupted when returning American soldiers discovered their Tennessee county had been taken over by political corruption. Their plan to take it back involved bullets—lots of bullets—and dynamite.

Why Athens in McMinn County, Tennessee became a battleground was due to Paul Cantrell, a Democrat running for sheriff in the 1936 election. He won over his Republican opponent, although the victory was tainted by rumors of fraud. Cantrell was a corrupt sheriff—for example, since state law allowed his office to collect fees for each person booked, jailed, and released, deputies boarded buses passing through the city and arrested passengers on bogus charges of drunkenness, forcing them to pay fines. Prostitution, gambling, and kickbacks from illegal drinking establishments were commonplace.

The tide began to turn in 1945 when GIs returning to Athens were subjected to arrest on the flimsiest excuses and heavily fined. When the fed up soldiers attempted to support their choice for sheriff against Pat Mansfield (by then, Cantrell had been elected to the state Senate and backed Mansfield’s bid), matters boiled over into direct conflict on Election Day 1946.

Mansfield hired several hundred armed “deputies” to patrol the voting precincts in Athens—and no doubt to assist in the typical ballot stuffing and voter intimidation. The volatile situation escalated when Walter Ellis, an ex-GI and volunteer poll watcher, was arrested by Mansfield’s deputies and held without charge. A black resident, Tom Gillespie, was refused the right to vote, beaten, and shot. More GIs were arrested and threatened with violence. By the end of the day, the former soldiers had enough.

They broke into the town armory for weapons and besieged the jail, where Mansfield and his deputies had taken the ballet boxes. Battle continued sporadically throughout the night, resulting in wounded on both sides. When the GIs ran out of bullets around dawn, they began throwing dynamite. The deputies inside the jail surrendered.

The highly publicized Battle of Athens not only ousted corruption from one county in Tennessee, the lesson learned would ultimately lead to great reforms in Southern politics.


This is a part of American history that all elected official should learn and remember.  When the government forgets whom they serve and dictates to the American People what to think, do, say, read, and how to vote, it is incumbent upon the citizens of that town, city, county, state or nation to rise up and remove (By force if necessary.) the dictator.

What happened in Athens, Tennessee was the most extreme example of citizen action.  The last resort of a desperate people.

In such desperation the American people will do anything to return their rights to them.  Something every politician in this nation should remember.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at the University of California at Berkeley

Gary Fouse

Get a load of this:

This, of course, is the brainchild of professor Hatem Bazian, who not so long ago was an activist student at Berkeley. Just this past week, he was sharing a stage at UC San Diego with Cynthia McKinney as she struggled to put a coherent thought together (see my post).

So now Berkeley, which is a boffo institution on its best of days, has this what-ever-you-call- it devoted to documenting any thought or utterance critical of Islam and the Islamist agenda of establishing world-wide supremacy over the rest of us and whatever other religion we may believe in.

Never mind that Muslims enjoy equal rights in America and full freedom to practice their faith-as they do in that other country so vilified by Bazian-Israel.

Never mind that in virtually every Muslim majority nation on earth, religious minorities are being actively persecuted by violent and often legal means.

Never mind that just since 9-11, there have been over 20,000 acts of terror carried out world-wide in the name of Islam.

Never mind the virulent expressions of hate spewing forth from the mouths of imams reading passages from the Koran directed toward Jews and Christians in mosques and madrassas around the world.

Never mind that on almost any day, Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan are killing other Muslims (Sunni-Shia) while Sufis and Ahmadiya Muslims are also persecuted in Muslim countries.

None of that matters, you see because all that matters is that little things like the above have given some folks a rather negative perception of Muslims.

Except for the fact that most Americans have done a good job of separating the innocent Muslims from the violent jihadists-and their apologists.

But let's take a look inside the pages of this "project" (link above). The first thing you note is the recent 4th annual study of Islamophobia conference (apparently just concluded). I wonder if Cynthia McKinney spoke at that one.

Also check out the inaugural edition of the Islamophobia Studies Journal and peruse the list of articles. They can be read in full if you are into masochism.

Like this one from Bazian:

"Since the events of September 11, 2001, the FBI and other security agencies have resorted to the recruitment of Muslim informants by means of enticement and, if necessary, threats of deportation or financial ruin. From the cases that have come to light, it is clear that vast sections of the Muslim 
community and its civic and religious institutions are the intended targets of these FBI operations."

Bazian then goes into a lengthy treatise of the "objectionable" FBI efforts to develop sources of information within the Muslim community and likens it to the COINTEL probes of decades past. Of course, what he doesn't stress is that the objective is to save innocent lives from terrorist attacks. His article, was of course, written before the latest attack in Boston.

Speaking of Boston, there is also this gem by Professor Muhammad Tamdgidi of the University of Massachusetts at Boston, in which he quotes a definition of Islamophobia as adopted by the Runnymede Trust on Islamophobia Report of 1997.

"The Runnymede report defined Islamophobia and “closed views of 
Islam” as follows:

1. Islam [is] seen as a single monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to new realities. 
2. Islam [is] seen as separate and other—(a) not having any aims or values in common with other cultures (b) not affected by them (c) not influencing them.
3. Islam [is] seen as inferior to the West—barbaric, irrational, primitive, sexist.
4. Islam [is] seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism, engaged in ‘a clash of civilisations’.
5. Islam [is] seen as a political ideology, used for political or military advantage.
6. Criticisms made by Islam of ‘the West’ [are] rejected out of hand."
7. Hostility towards Islam [is] used to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society.
8. Anti-Muslim hostility [is] accepted as natural and ‘normal’.4

But our friends at the IRDP wish to define Islamophobia as follows:

"Islamophobia is a contrived fear or prejudice fomented by the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global power structure.  It is directed at a perceived or real Muslim threat through the maintenance and extension of existing disparities in economic, political, social and cultural relations, while rationalizing the necessity to deploy violence as a tool to achieve "civilizational rehab" of the target communities (Muslim or otherwise).  Islamophobia reintroduces and reaffirms a global racial structure through which resource distribution disparities are maintained and extended."

According to that latter definition, I am can proudly attest that I am not an Islamophobe. Admittedly, the former, at least in certain points, is more problematical for me. I know one thing, however; I don't go around referring to people from other religions as "apes and pigs" and envision the day when I will hunt them down behind the last tree or rock to kill them. I don't know where that fits into anyone's definition of "phobia", but it must fit in somewhere.

Another featured article is by two professors at British universities who compare Islamophobia with European anti-Semitism:

What is conveniently missing from this piece is the fact that most of the anti-Semitism in Europe today is by young male Muslim immigrants who are making it impossible for Jews to walk the streets of major cities  dressed in distinctive Jewish garb lest they be insulted, spat upon, accosted or assaulted by the aforementioned criminals while intimidated Europeans turn a blind eye. Also missing are images like this, which just may contribute to "British Islamophobia".

But here is where it really gets good. Introducing Professor  Ramon Grosfoguel of (where else?) UC Berkeley:


Ramon Grosfoguel

" For the sake of economizing space, when we use the term “world-system” in this essay, we refer to the “modern/colonial Westernized Christian-centric capitalist/patriarchal world-system” (Ibid). At the risk of sounding ridiculous, we prefer a long phrase like this to characterize the present heterarchical structure (multiple power hierarchies entangled to each other in complex historical ways) of the world-system, than the limited characterization of a single hierarchy called “capitalist world-system” with capital accumulation as the single logic of the system (Ibid). The latter leads 
to an economic reductionist understanding of the world-system, while the former leads to a more complex, non-reductive structural-historical analysis. Islamophobia as a form of racism against Muslim people is not an epiphenomenon but constitutive of the international division of labor." 

(It means capitalism is bad.)

"At a world level, Islamophobia has been the dominant discourse used in the post-civil rights and post-independence era of dominant cultural racist discourses against Arabs. The events of 911 escalated anti-Arab racism through an Islamophobic hysteria all over the world, specifically among the dominant elites of the United States and Israel. The latter is not surprising given US and Israeli representation of Palestinians, Arabs and Islamic people in general as terrorist decades before 911 (Said 1979; 1981). Theresponsibility of US foreign policy is never linked to the tragic events of 911."

OK. Enough of that. I think you get the flavor. Essentially, everything about the West is bad, which leads one to wonder why the various authors have chosen to live in the West.

This is no Simon Wiesenthal Center, Folks. Keep in mind that as we speak, the 56-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation is still working hard to get the UN to pass a resolution that all member nations should criminalize any criticism of Islam. So is it fair to ask whether this "research and documentation" project is meant to be a repository of information on all those so-called "Islamophobes", real or imagined? Is there a larger agenda at work here against capitalism, democracy, true freedom and respect for ALL religions, and other institutions we have heretofore held so dear?

How sad it is that this is what passes for scholarship in places like the University of California at Berkeley.