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Israelis Shot by Palestinians in Denmark

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Two were injured when shots were fired New Year's Eve in the large shopping mall, Rosengårdscentret Center. (Foto: (Photo: VMS

PA Arab Terrorists Attack Israelis in Denmark, Two Wounded
IsraelNationalNews, December 31, 2008
( Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists attacked a group of young Israelis at a stand in a Danish mall early Wednesday evening.

Local police said the attack took place at approximately 3:20 p.m. at the Rosengirdscentret Center, one of the largest shopping centers in the city of Odense, located about 200 kilometers from Copenhagen.

According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levi, an undetermined number of Palestinian Authority gunmen approached the group of young Israelis at a "basta", or stand which sells Dead Sea products and other items from Israel and opened fire "with guns or rifles."

It was not clear how many terrorists, and how many Israelis were involved in the attack. Two Israelis were wounded, one in the leg and the other in the shoulder. "As far as we know, there is no danger to their lives," Levi said, "but we do not know their names or other details at this time."

Another account in Haaretz declines to tag the shooters as Palestinian, but does report that the injured "had been harassed by a group of youths in recent days," and a witness claims that "a man shouted something in another language and opened fire." This report says that the shooter escaped in a dark vehicle.

Ekstra Bladet reports 15 shots fired:

The crisis in the Middle East apparently moved to Denmark when two people were injured, since shortly after 15 shots were fired in Rosengårdscentret Center in [Odense] according to police.
WeaselZippers provides this video of a pro-Palestinian protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in Copenhagen:
Down, down with Israel. There is no God but Allah, and the Jews are Allah's enemies, and Allah loves martyrs.

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The Angst of Supporting Israel

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Israelis play checkers in a bomb shelter in the southern city of Ashkelon December 31, 2008. Hamas rockets hit the major Israeli city of Beersheba on Wednesday and Israel described as unrealistic a French proposal for a 48-hour truce that would allow more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. 5 hours ago from Reuters Pictures by REUTERS.

Do you support Israel's right to exist? Assuming that your answer is probably "yes," how do you feel about Israel's "occupation" of the Gaza Strip? Perhaps your answer is "everything would be much easier if Israel were not an "occupier," but support Israel's right to exist.

Are you a bit queasy about Israel's "disproportionate response" to Palestinian aggressions; aggressions which include years of firing thousands of rockets and mortars into Israeli border towns? You probably acknowledge that Hamas should not be digging tunnels under the border into Israel...kidnapping Israeli soldiers, secreting arms through those tunnels from Egypt and Iran... to use on Israel, but still...Israel has a fearsome military, and after all, Gaza is a terribly poor area, filled to bursting with refugees existing for years in loathsome refugee camps - and don't forget that Gaza is historically Palestinian - you might say. You support Israel's right to exist, but would be so much easier if the poor and oppressed of Palestine were not the victims of Israeli military.

Do you tend to ignore the fact that during any one of the many cease fires between Palestine and Israel, Palestine continues to fire into Israel? Have you fallen into the trap of thinking it must be okay because much of the world has no outrage about continued Palestinian shelling during cease fire periods?

Are you conflicted about Israel abiding on Palestinian soil?

Everything in the Middle East tends to be complicated, but some things can be understood by the Western mind. Here are a few facts that should ease your mind about "Israel the occupier:"

The original Mandate for Palestine, agreed to unanimously by the League of Nations in 1920, designated 124,466 sq. km. for the Jewish National Homeland, to be known as Israel. Here's the map of that area:

Two years later, that 120,466 sq. km. had been reduced to 28,166 sq. km., as requested by the British trustees and approved by the League of Nation. The remaining 77% of the land originally proposed for the Jewish homeland was to become the Arab state of Jordan.

The creation of an Arab state in eastern Palestine (today Jordan) on 77 percent of the landmass of the original Mandate intended for a Jewish National Home in no way changed the status of Jews west of the Jordan River, nor did it inhibit their right to settle anywhere in western Palestine, the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.
These documents are the last legally binding documents regarding the status of what is commonly called “the West Bank and Gaza.”
The Jewish homeland was to consist of all the land west of the Jordan River, stretching to the Mediterranean Sea - and including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The the Arabs would not have it. The League of Nations dissolved into the United Nations and the problem was handed over to the U.N., including the trusteeship of the British mandate to make a Jewish state a reality. The Mandate stood.

U.N. Resolution 181, known also as the U.N. 1947 Partition Resolution, was passed by the U.N. General Assembly, and implemented but never accepted by the Arabs. The Iraq spokesman took to the podium and put on record "Iraq does not recognize the validity of this decision." From Syria: "My country will never recognize such a decision [Partition]. It will never agree to be responsible for it." From Yemen: "...the Government of Yemen does not consider itself bound by such a decision,..."

The Partition Plan was met not only by verbal rejection on the Arab side but also by concrete, bellicose steps to block its implementation and destroy the Jewish polity by force of arms, a goal the Arabs publicly declared even before Resolution 181 was brought to a vote.

Arabs not only rejected the compromise and took action to prevent establishment of a Jewish state but also blocked establishment of an Arab state under the partition plan not just before the Israel War of Independence, but also after the war when they themselves controlled the West Bank (1948-1967), rendering the recommendation ‘a still birth.’

The UN itself recognized that 181 had not been accepted by the Arab side, rendering it a dead issue: ...
The U.N. partition began. More land was taken from the Jewish homeland.
The partition plan took on a checkerboard appearance. This was largely because Jewish towns and villages were spread throughout Palestine. This did not complicate the plan as much as the fact that the high living standards in Jewish cities and towns had attracted large Arab populations. This demographic factor insured that any partition would result in a Jewish state that included a substantial Arab population. Recognizing the need to allow for additional Jewish settlement, the majority proposal allotted the Jews land in the northern part of the country, Galilee, and the large, arid Negev desert in the south. The remainder was to form the Arab state.
The map now looked like this:

These boundaries were based solely on demographics. The borders of the Jewish State were arranged with no consideration of security; hence, the new state's frontiers were virtually indefensible. Overall, the Jewish State was to be comprised of roughly 5,500 square miles and the population was to be 538,000 Jews and 397,000 Arabs. The Arab State was to be 4,500 square miles with a population of 804,000 Arabs and 10,000 Jews. Though the Jews were allotted more total land, the majority of that land was in the desert.
Israel's land which was originally mandated at 126,000+ sq. km., was now to be a mere 14,245 sq. kms. In addition to limiting Jewish lands, the immigration of Jews was also limited so that a majority of Jews in the land would never be accomplished. Arab immigration had no immigration restrictions.

Israel accepted the partition, but in reality, it did not change or diminish the legality of the lands mandated for Israel - which still included the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - BECAUSE, the Arabs would agree to nothing which facilitated Jews in Palestine.

Creating the Arab state of Jordan in no way affected or "changed the status of Jews west of the Jordan River, nor did it inhibit their right to settle anywhere in western Palestine, the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea." Nothing from the time of the Mandate until today, changes the fact that under international law, the West Bank and Gaza is open to Jewish settlement.
Under international law, neither Jordan nor the Palestinian Arab ‘people’ of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have a substantial claim to the sovereign possession of the occupied territories.
The UN Charter's Article 80 implicitly recognizes the “Mandate for Palestine” of the League of Nations. The International Court of Justice has reaffirmed the validity of Article of 80.

In other words, neither the ICJ nor the UN General Assembly can arbitrarily change the status of Jewish settlement as set forth in the “Mandate for Palestine,” an international accord that has never been amended.

All of western Palestine, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, including the West Bank and Gaza, remains open to Jewish settlement under international law.

The new Jewish state was to have the right to self-determination of political, civil and religious rights. "Not once are Arabs as a people mentioned in the Mandate for Palestine. At no point in the entire document is there any granting of political rights to non-Jewish entities (i.e., Arabs)."

The Arabs accepted nothing. They wanted no Jews in Palestine, under any circumstance - there would be, to this day, no acceptable plan to which Arabs would agree to living next door to Jews.

On May 14th, 1948, a temporary legislature of the soon-to-be Israel, accepted the U.N. partition and declared statehood.

Eleven minutes after, the United States recognized the State of Israel. On May 15th, 1948 Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria invaded the sovereign nation of Israel, crossing international frontiers, and the Arab-Israeli War (Israeli War of Independence) began.

By Fall 1949, Jordan had control of Gaza and East Jerusalem. In Spring 1949, Israel and Egypt had signed an armistice. Under the peace agreement, Jordan maintained control of Gaza and the holy sites in Jerusalem.

By July 24, 1949, Syria had signed an armistice agreement and Israel had increased it's land area by almost 50% over the U.N. partition plan. The resulting armistice determined Israel's borders for nineteen years. Egypt gained Gaza in the armistice. This document offers good discussion and links to maps that your browser may find satisfactory (mine did not).

By Fall 1949, Jordan had control of Gaza and East Jerusalem.

The odd and secretive 1956 War began. The short but incomplete story is that Israel took Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, and then under threat by the U.S., gave it back.

Then came the 1967 Six Day War. In the Spring, Syria conducted terrorist raids against Israel, water was diverted by Syria, from Israel and irrigation projects for south and central Israel, although approved by Arab engineers as non-detrimental to Arab lands, were not approved by the Arab governments. In May, Egypt blocked the Strait of Tiran to Israeli ships. "Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia all activated their militaries. Iraqi troops reportedly approached the Syrian and Jordanian borders while Jordan moved tanks towards the West Bank."

Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia formed a "defense pact." Egyptian President Nasser said "Our basic objective will be the destruction if Israel. The Arab people want to fight...." This link is an excellent map of the areas of attack on Israel from the "pact." Click to enlarge the map. The tiny nation of Israel was surrounded by "some 500,000 troops, more than 5,000 tanks, and almost 1,000 fighter planes." France, Israel's major arms supplier, issued a "complete ban on weapons sales and transfers to Israel."

Under the leadership of Moyshe Dayan, Israel decided to go to war on June 5, 1967.
After a three days of fierce fighting, especially in and around Jerusalem, Israeli forces defeated the Jordanians and gained control of all of Jerusalem as well as the West Bank, the historical heartland of the Jewish people known to Israelis as Judea and Samaria. Following an air attack by the Syrians on the first day of the war, Israel dealt a shattering blow to the Syrian air force. ...on fifth day of the war, the Israelis mustered enough forces to remove the Syrian threat from the Golan Heights. This difficult operation was completed the following day, bringing the active phase of the war to a close.
Israel now looked like this:
The areas shown in bright green (Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) were occupied by Israel during the 6-day war. Israel has since returned all of Sinai to Egypt in return for peace. Most of Gaza is currently under the jurisdiction of the autonomous Palestinian Authority (2002). Parts of the West Bank (see Map of Israel and Palestinian territories following Oslo II) had been ceded to the Palestinian authority, but these areas are currently re-occupied by Israel. Following the 6 day war, Israel began building settlements in these areas. Click for a map of the settlements.
The aftermath of the war was complicated, but one fact was all too simple: Arabs rejected all diplomatic attempts.
Some of [the] displaced people were able to return to Israeli-controlled West Bank and, along with their neighbors, witnessed unprecedented economic growth over the course of the next two decades. Israeli investment into the infrastructure of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, coupled with policies that allowed Arabs to move freely increased the standard of living of Palestinians, who were now able to work both in Israel and in the oil rich countries in the Middle East.
After years of relative prosperity followed but Palestinians and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) insisted that they would replace Israel, not co-exist with her.

With continued PLO agitation of the people, violence became common. Israel made peace with Egypt and returned the Sinai. The 1993 failed Oslo Peace Accord had Israel giving up the Gaza Strip and the West Bank - which was accomplished with Israel's withdrawal, including the ejection of Jewish residents in the area in 2005. Once out of Gaza, nothing changed. The terrorists of Gaza Strip became slumlords and violence against Israel has continued.
Palestinian militants—with the support of their Hamas-led government—have used the evacuated territory to launch rockets into Israel’s pre-1967 borders, shelling residents of Sderot and other neighboring communities and causing death, injuries and damage within Israel. Since Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the territory has also become the site of deadly internecine violence among Palestinian factions, kidnapping of journalists, vandalism, looting and general mayhem. Far from bringing peace to the Gaza Strip, the withdrawal has resulted in less secure borders for Israel.
In the 1973 War (Yom Kippur War), again the Arab world came against Israel, as Egypt sought to regain territories lost to Israel in 1967. After two days of trying to recover from the surprise attack, Israel's IDF blocked Syrian, Egyptian and Iraqi assaults and once again took the Golan Heights. By the time a U.N. ceasefire was implemented, "Israel had completely surrounded the Egyptian Third Army."

How could they succeed when Palestinian leadership remained and remains committed to the destruction of Israel? For those deluded into thinking that Palestinians will accept "peace" with Israel, and co-exist next door to her - if only Israel will remove all settlements from wherever they may be...that just doesn't wash. The issue is not the Jews in the settlements. The issue is the Jews in Palestine.

No discussion of the Israeli-Arab conflict is complete without taking a look at the Palestinian people. Who are they? Who did they evolve from?

The area known as Palestine was and is a geographic area, not an ethnic people. In other words, Arabs living in the area are not ethnically Palestinian. To say it another way: Palestinians are not a native people. "The word Palestine is not even Arabic."
Palestine is a name coined by the Romans around 135 CE from the name of a seagoing Aegean people who settled on the coast of Canaan in antiquity – the Philistines. The name was chosen to replace Judea, as a sign that Jewish sovereignty had been eradicated following the Jewish Revolts against Rome.

In the course of time, the Latin name Philistia was further bastardized into Palistina or Palestine. During the next 2,000 years Palestine was never an independent state belonging to any people, nor did a Palestinian people distinct from other Arabs appear during 1,300 years of Muslim hegemony in Palestine under Arab and Ottoman rule. During that rule, local Arabs were actually considered part of, and subject to, the authority of Greater Syria ( Suriyya al-Kubra).

Archeologists explain that the Philistines were a Mediterranean people who settled along the coast of Canaan in 1100 BCE. They have no connection to the Arab nation, a desert people who emerged from the Arabian Peninsula.
Tagging the Arabs in Palestine as Palestinian was a mission fabricated by Arabs to attempt to assert the Arab right to the Jewish holy lands at the time when Jewish statehood was becoming a reality - but history shows that Arabs were never identified as Palestinians:
This is substantiated in countless official British Mandate-vintage documents that speak of the Jews and the Arabs of Palestine – not Jews and Palestinians.
Other examples:
The Jerusalem Post, founded in 1932, was called The Palestine Post until 1948.

Bank Leumi L’Israel, incorporated in 1902, was called the “Anglo-Palestine Company” until 1948.

The Jewish Agency – an arm of the Zionist movement engaged in Jewish settlement since 1929 – was initially called the Jewish Agency for Palestine.

Today’s Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1936 by German Jewish refugees who fled Nazi Germany, was originally called the “Palestine Symphony Orchestra,” composed of some 70 Palestinian Jews.

The United Jewish Appeal (UJA) was established in 1939 as a merger of the United Palestine Appeal and the fund-raising arm of the Joint Distribution Committee.

Fifty-one countries acknowledged that Israel had an historic connection to the land eventually known as Palestine:
Whereas recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.
The rhetoric by Arab leaders on behalf of the Palestinians rings hollow. Arabs in neighboring states, who control 99.9 percent of the Middle East land, have never recognized a Palestinian entity. They have always considered Palestine and its inhabitants part of the great “Arab nation,” historically and politically as an integral part of Greater Syria...

The Arabs never established a Palestinian state when the UN in 1947 recommended to partition Palestine, and to establish “an Arab and a Jewish state” (not a Palestinian state, it should be noted). Nor did the Arabs recognize or establish a Palestinian state during the two decades prior to the Six-Day War when the West Bank was under Jordanian control and the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian control; nor did the Palestinian Arabs clamor for autonomy or independence during those years under Jordanian and Egyptian rule.
The population of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq did not "evolve," but were created by "colonial powers." No "Palestinian DNA exists!
Unlike nation-states in Europe, modern Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian, and Iraqi nationalities did not evolve. They were arbitrarily created by colonial powers.
In 1919, in the wake of World War I, England and France as Mandatory (e.g., official administrators and mentors) carved up the former Ottoman Empire, which had collapsed a year earlier, into geographic spheres of influence. This divided the Mideast into new political entities with new names and frontiers.

The prevailing rationale behind these artificially created states was how they served the imperial and commercial needs of their colonial masters. Iraq and Jordan, for instance, were created as emirates to reward the noble Hashemite family from Saudi Arabia for its loyalty to the British against the Ottoman Turks during World War I, under the leadership of Lawrence of Arabia. Iraq was given to Faisal bin Hussein, son of the sheriff of Mecca, in 1918. To reward his younger brother Abdullah with an emirate, Britain cut away 77 percent of its mandate over Palestine earmarked for the Jews and gave it to Abdullah in 1922, creating the new country of Trans-Jordan or Jordan, as it was later named.
The conclusion: don't waste your energy and your angst blaming Israel for stealing the homeland of the Palestinians. Don't obsess over the dead and dying in Palestine. The time has come to recognize that Palestinian leaders have gravely failed their own. The millions of dollars of aid to feed and clothe the poor and oppressed seldom get to the people. Philanthropy buys weapons and means to attack Israel.

Westerners supporting Palestine believe that if Israel will only turn over their settlements to Palestine, Israel and Palestine will live side-by-side in peace. This is inane and vacuous thinking. It is the willing suspension of disbelief. It is pure anti-semitism. Serious thought cannot arrive at such a conclusion.

The Fatah Constitution Articles 12 and 19: Complete liberation of Palestine and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence."Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic, and the Palestinian Arab People's armed revolution is a decisive factor in the liberation fight and in uprooting the Zionist existence, and this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated."

The PLO Charter Article 15 calls the liberation of Palestine a national (qawmi) duty to repel the Zionist and imperialist aggression against the Arab homeland, and aims at the "liquidation of the Zionist presence" in Palestine.

The Hamas Charter: "The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees....Hamas Charter Article 15 (a portion): "The day that enemies usurp part of Moslem land, Jihad becomes the individual duty of every Moslem. In face of the Jews' usurpation of Palestine, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised. To do this requires the diffusion of Islamic consciousness among the masses, both on the regional, Arab and Islamic levels. It is necessary to instill the spirit of Jihad in the heart of the nation so that they would confront the enemies and join the ranks of the fighters."

How does a non-Muslim supporter of Palestine ignore a terrorist-led government, terrorist aggression against Israel, and government Constitutions and Charters with a clear goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth?

Tell me, how does a Westerner give half-hearted support to Israel?

You Will NOT See These Stories On The News!

Just a couple of stories that won't be in your local newspaper or on CNN or Fox. I wonder why?

Gaza Arab Girl Blames Hamas For Family Members' Death

A young Arab girl whose family members were killed Sunday in Gaza says in a TV interview, "I say Hamas is the cause of all wars."

In a Dec. 29 Al-Aqsa TV interview, the girl told of how she woke in the morning and part of her room had collapsed:

View video here

"We were sleeping 7 girls in the room. We were asleep and didn't know what was happening. In the morning all the bricks were on top of my head, and the heads of all my sisters. My 4 year old sister next to me was dead."

"In the other room were my mother, my father, my younger brother and another sister, who is 13 days old. I say, Hamas is the cause, in the first place, of all wars."
[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) Dec. 29, 2008]

Or hear about this one:

In October 2008, Moussa Abu Marzouq, deputy head of the Damascus-based political wing of Hamas, gave an interview to the Qatari daily Al-Raya(1) in which he expressed surprise at the UAE's demand for sovereignty over the three islands Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Moussa, which have been in Iranian possession since the Shah's era. Abu Marzouq's statements sparked anger against Hamas; in one reaction, a columnist for the UAE daily, Al-Ittihad Muhammad Khalfan Al-Sawafi,(2) extrapolated from Abu Marzouq's statements that Hamas's claim to Palestinian territory could likewise be questioned, and that the agendas of Hamas and Iran were political rather than religious.

Following are excerpts from Al-Sawafi's article:
Hamas Is Selling Arab Territories out of Greed

"…Mussa Abu Marzouq, deputy of the political wing of Hamas… expressed surprise that the UAE had set a deadline for restoring [to its sovereignty] the three islands that are currently under [Iranian] occupation, [i.e.] Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Moussa. [Marzouq's statement] raises questions regarding [Hamas's] demands to regain control over the occupied Palestinian territories. In addition, these statements can be [construed as] undeniable proof that the religious groups' and movements' loyalty to an external [element] is greater than their loyalty to their respective homelands.

"These statements, by a senior Hamas official, are by no means trivial, since they intimate that these groups are prepared to sell territories in return for Iran's economic support, and to give up their lands for the sake of its [Iran's] interests…

"The problem with [Abu Marzouq's] declaration is twofold. Firstly, he ignores [the fact] that the Palestinian cause has been supported by all Arab countries – not just UAE. [HoweverAbu Marzouq] praises not [the Arab countries] but Iran [for supporting the Palestinians].

"The second issue is related to [the fact that, as] we, i.e. the UAE, know, Hamas has [common] interests with Iran, manifested by [Iranian] economic support for [Hamas] – making it only natural [that Hamas] adopted its current position [on the sovereignty of the three islands].

"It is unfortunate, however, that a senior Arab official who opposes occupation, and who is so sure that he, of all people, understands the bitterness of [living under] it, should publicly come out with a shocking statement… to the effect that there is [such a thing as] bad occupation [i.e. Israel's occupation of Palestine] and good occupation [i.e. Iran's occupation of the three islands]."

Hamas and Its Ilk Are More Loyal to Iran Than to the Arab Cause

"It is very hard to accept national positions like those adopted by [Hamas and other] groups, because they support Iran's policy even though doing so harms their own countries and their relations with the UAE and [other] Arab states. [The truth is that] there is no difference between the Iranian occupation and the Israeli occupation, [since both] occupy Arab lands…

"Abu Marzouq would like to be seen as an opponent of the state that occupies his country, and he is demanding the right [to independence for the Palestinians] – while at the same time denying this right to another country, and [even] seeing its demands as surprising."

Iran and Hamas Are Political Entities that Exploit Religion

"Upon careful scrutiny, [however,] this problem seems negligible in comparison to the positions of [different] religious groups vis-à-vis their respective homelands. Iran uses [these groups] as strategic cards [to harm] the interests of [different] countries, despite sectarian differences – thus, Hamas is a Sunni [organization], while Iran is a Shi'ite country. One need not be [exceptionally] perceptive [to realize that] Iran and these groups are first and foremost political entities and only then religious entities – and that for them, religion is nothing but a tool for attaining their [political] aims...

"Nor is it only Hamas that concurs with Iran in [opposing] all Arab interests and the Arab policy. There may be a similar consensus between Iran and other religious groups in the Arab countries…

"It is a paradox of our times, as well as a blatant injustice, that groups [purportedly] opposed to imperialism have joined ranks with a country [Iran] that took over lands belonging to others, and at the same time demanding that [the UAE], whose cause is just, not appeal [to the U.N.] to have its lands [i.e. the three islands] restored [to its sovereignty]."

(1) Al-Rayah (Qatar), October 14, 2008.
(2) Al-Ittihad (UAE), October 22, 2008.

In the first story a 7-year old girl who has just lost her family blamed Hamas instead of Israel for the loss. I'm sure that someone from Hamas will be along to her soon to correct this child. Under the newly imposed Shar'ia Law for Gaza her punishment could be quite severe. She will soon see the err of her ways and start goose stepping in line with the other brainwashed children. Pretty soon instead of blaming Hamas she will be screaming "Death to Israel" and "Allahu Akbar", praying for martyrdom and jihad.

In the second story we see an Arab criticizing Hamas and its role in Gaza. How dare he? Hamas is the "Golden Child", there can be no criticism, no condemnation, no withdrawal of funds from them. They represent the oppressed people of Gaza!

I suspect that this journalist will soon be blacklisted and driven out of the profession.

2 stories out of many, but they won't be seen in the West at any time. Ever wonder why?

If the IDF made Hamas-style videos....

Direct from Elder of Ziyon

Have you ever seen Hamas' jihadist music videos? They are cheesy propaganda with awful music and tacky special effects that would be funny if they weren't advocating genocide.

Anyway, here is my take on how an IDF video would look if it was directed by the same talent that Hamas uses...

View at YouTube

Now is it me or is this a better video than any of the Hamas ones. You be the judge.

New Year's Eve Sky Show

NEW YEAR'S EVE: What a way to end the year. On Dec. 31st, Venus and the slender crescent Moon will gather together high in the southwestern sky for a beautiful conjunction visible for hours after sunset. The two brightest objects in the night sky can be seen through city lights and even fireworks--so everyone can enjoy the show. Meanwhile, closer to the horizon, Mercury and Jupiter are converging for their own Dec. 31st conjunction. This one is not so easy to see, but rewarding for those who make the effort to find the two planets shining through the rosy glow of sunset.

Is Venus really bright enough to cast shadows? The answer is yes, and the proof may be found on today's edition of A French photographer has captured rare images of Venus casting a shadow and he has even made a movie of the shadow in motion.

Enjoy the night and the sky. And keep looking up.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome A New Voice of Truth

Hard to Swallow, a blog with a difference.

Using videos and picture with haiku instead of commentary, Hard to Swallow brings a new voice to the fight for truth against the evils of the world.

Banned by Communist China, Hated by Radical Islam, USpace speaks against the hatred, injustice and bigotry that is prevalent in the world.

Another voice has joined the blogasphere, another voice that will not be silenced. Another voice from the world, this time South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands.

Each of us who blog with the truth, lend our voices to the choir of outrage. Each of our voices raise up the sound of anger towards the lies. Each of our voices are a beacon of hope to those who are oppressed.

And each of our voices will not be silenced.

If you do not blog, ask yourself why? What are you scared of? Why do you remain silent?

USpace and Hard to Swallow is another voice in our choir of truth. Will you be the next to join?

Psalm 130 for Sderot

There are days that I feel powerless in the face of rockets attacking friends and family in Israel. Days I want to scream out and hit something hard. Days I want to throw a breakable at the wall. Days of frustration.

But I have discovered a way out of my frustration: Prayer! Every time a Code Red is sounded in Israel I receive this text message:

A Kassam has been launched at Sderot…you have 15 seconds

And I spring into action. I pray and recite Psalm 130.

1 Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord!
2 O Lord, hear my voice!
Let your ears be attentive
to the voice of my pleas for mercy!

3 If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities,
O Lord, who could stand?
4 But with you there is forgiveness,
that you may be feared.

5 I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in his word I hope;
6 my soul waits for the Lord
more than watchmen for the morning,
more than watchmen for the morning.

7 O Israel, hope in the Lord!
For with the Lord there is steadfast love,
and with him is plentiful redemption.
8 And he will redeem Israel
from all his iniquities.

I receive this message any time of the day or night. One never knows when the phone will ring. And I feel connected to those undergoing the hell of rocket fire.

You too, if you are willing to, can also join in. The SMS program is still going strong. It costs nothing but your willingness to take the time to pray, to recite, to contact your representatives or to donate a bit to charity.
"When the alarm is sounded and the people of Sderot and Ashkelon have just seconds to run for cover, they need to know that there are tens of thousands of people around the world who are saying a prayer on their behalf in their time of crisis."
Instead of just griping about the situation, now this is a creative way to do something about it.

Prayer can move mountains, perhaps it can stop the rockets too.

MEMRI: Judgment Day Will Not Come Until Muslims Fight the Jews and Kill Them

As Gaza Fighting Continues, Egyptian Clerics Intensify Antisemitic Statements; Columbus, Ohio Muslim Scholar/Leader Dr. Salah Sultan: Muhammad Said That Judgment Day Will Not Come Until Muslims Fight the Jews and Kill Them; America Will Suffer Destruction

Following are excerpts from interviews with several Egyptian clerics, which aired on Al-Nas TV and Al-Rahma TV on December 28 and 29, 2008.

One of the clerics, Dr. Salah Sultan, is president of the American Center for Islamic Research (ACIR), a nonprofit organization registered in Ohio and located in Columbus. On his website, he states that the main purpose of the ACIR is to "serve Allah (God) in the best way possible through the principles laid out in the Quran and Sunnah," to address misconceptions and extremism, to build bridges with non-Muslims, and to issue fatwas. He also states on his website that his own mission is "to achieve Allah's consent and Paradise through the reformation of the soul, the family, the society and the nation according to the methodology of the Quran and the Sunnah," and that his vision is "To live happily. To die as a martyr."(1)

Al-Nas TV, December 28, 2008

"Take My Heart... And Use It to Stone All The Jews... Take My Skin, And Turn It Into a Fuse or a Slingshot for a Child or a Newborn Baby"

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Saghir: "I say to the people of Gaza: Take my heart, which has hardened like a stone. Take it, and use it to stone all the Jews. Take my soul, and it will give you shade, for no longer does it fly far away. Take my eye – by Allah, take my eye. Perhaps a handsome youth, who was blinded, could see again. Take my skin, and turn it into a fuse or a slingshot for a child or a newborn baby."


Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa:
Where is the [Islamic] nation? If 20 million people can encircle the Earth, then 20 million people could also drown Israel in a sea of blood.


Al-Rahma TV, December 29, 2008

"We Want to Teach Our Children the Truth About the Jews"; The Jews View "The Rest Of Mankind... as Pigs"

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Hassan:
"We want to teach our children the truth about the Jews. We want them to know that the [Jews] will never make peace or agree to it. The Jews will never accept any international resolution, from East or West, because they understand nothing but force.

"I remember what the great terrorist Menahem Begin said: We fight, therefore we exist. These are real terrorists. They are extremists. They are blood-suckers. They are shedders of blood. Review the history of the Jews from beginning to end, from the very first moment to the last moment, which is now. They specialize in the shedding of blood, in crime, and in killing – even the killing of prophets."


Egyptian cleric Sheikh Amin Al-Ansari:
"It is told that the Israelites killed more than 70,000 prophets in a single day. It's not the people they want to eradicate, but Revelation itself. They do not want there to be any revelation, purity, religion, or religious law. The secret behind the war between the Jews and non-Jews is that they want to have a monopoly on the spiritual and ideological leadership of the world, and eventually, the physical leadership.

"By the 'Chosen People,' they mean that they are a people, and all those who are inferior to them are not peoples. In other words, they are human beings, and all others are not. They are people, and all others are not. They are human beings, selected by God to be the leaders of all beings."

So what about the rest of mankind? They view them as pigs. That's the truth. Pigs! So why do they look like human beings? So that they will be worthy of being servants of the Jews, who could ride on their backs and suck their blood.

"That's why when a Jew kills a Palestinian child, he considers him to be a little pig. What difference is there between the two?! On the contrary, he might show mercy for the pig, as an animal that should not be harmed. The Palestinian child is worth less to him than a pig."


Al-Nas TV, December 29, 2008

"The Stone Which is Thrown at the Jews Hates These Jews, These Zionists, Because Allah Foretold, Via His Prophet Muhammad, That Judgment Day Will Not Come Before the Jew and the Muslim Fight."

Egyptian cleric Dr. Sallah Sultan: "The arch-murderer who commanded the campaign against Jenin in 2003 went to America a few months later and boarded a NASA space shuttle. The space shuttle was launched by NASA, and a few minutes later, it reached Texas, the land of President Bush. Then this space shuttle shattered to pieces, along with the five top American space scientists, and that commander of the Zionist air force was on board with them. Where exactly did it shatter and fall? By Allah, Sheikh Mahmoud, although I was living in America, I didn't know that there was a city called 'Palestine' in America. Sheikh Mustafa, the space shuttle fell, of all places, in the city of Palestine, in President Bush's state of Texas.


"The stone which is thrown at the Jews hates these Jews, these Zionists, because Allah foretold, via His Prophet Muhammad, that Judgment Day will not come before the Jew and the Muslim fight. The Jew will hide behind stones and trees, and the stone and the tree will speak, saying: 'Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.' The only exception will be the Gharqad tree."

TV host: "The Jews know this for sure, that's why they plant Gharqad trees."

Dr. Sallah Sultan: "The stone's self-awareness is such that it can distinguish Muslims from Jews."

TV host: "True, and it will support the Muslims."


"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Is An Attempt To Rule And Corrupt The Entire World"

Dr. Sallah Sultan: "America, which gave [Israel] everything it needed in these battles, will suffer economic stagnation, ruin, destruction, and crime, which will surpass what is happening in Gaza. One of these days, the U.S. will suffer more deaths than all those killed in this third Gaza holocaust. This will happen soon.


"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an attempt to rule and corrupt the entire world. When the world concentrates on its desires and lusts, the [Jews] will be free to implement their plan of controlling the world."


Al-Nas TV, December 28, 2008

"I Take My Little Son Baraa, Who Is 10, and Make Him Look at the Torn Body Parts of His Muslim Brothers – In Order to Sow in His Heart Hatred and Loathing for the Zionists"

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Gheini: "The truth is that I do not understand why the sons of apes do the things they do to us, especially whenever there is a holiday that may make the nation happy. Let me remind you that it was on the day marking the Prophet's nocturnal journey that Sharon defiled the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This was also on a holy day."


Sheikh Safwat Higazi: "I take my little son Baraa, who is 10 years old, and make him look at the torn body parts of his Muslim brothers, in order to sow in his heart hatred and loathing for the Zionists, so he will know that these are his enemies.


"Israeli President Shimon Peres used to fill his helmet with the blood of Egyptian POWs, so that whenever he looked at it, he would be reminded that he had fulfilled his duty to his god."

TV host: "The Bahr Al-Baqr massacre is well known."

Sheikh Safwat Higazi: "I cry for us. I think about us. What will become of us? What will we say to our God?"


"Our generation will bear witness before Allah about each and every traitor and coward. We will have no mercy on them before Allah."

TV Host: "People, this was one of the most powerful messages we had today. These messages are very important. By the way, Dr. Safwat Higazi decided to walk out."


(1) According to the website, Dr. Sultan is a former professor and president of the Islamic American University in Michigan. He is president of the American Institute for Religious and Cultural Studies, and active in the European Council for Fatwa and Research (headed by Islamist sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, whom he calls "our great scholar"); the Fiqh Council of North America; and the International Association of Muslim Scholars. He served on the board of directors of the Islamic American University, and on the board of trustees of the Muslim American Society. According to his resume, he also serves on the board of trustees of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, and is a member of the Council of Indian Scholars and of the Association of Scholars in Germany. Sultan lectures frequently at the Islamic Society of Greater Columbus, on topics such as the priorities of Islamic work in the U.S. and the role of Muslim men and women in the U.S. According to a calendar on Dr. Sultan's webpage, over the past year he has lectured in Washington, D.C.; New Jersey; Detroit; Dallas; San Diego; Montreal; Cairo; Kuwait; Bahrain; Qatar; and Jeddah, Medina, and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He has also spoken at the MAS Youth Center Convention Center in Queens and Brooklyn, NY; the Bronx Muslim Center in Bronx, NY; the Union of Imams in Minneapolis, MN; the Omar bin Khatab Mosque and the Bethel Road Mosque in Columbus, OH; the Al-Huda and ICB Mosque in Boston; the Dearborn Mosque in Dearborn, MI; the Islamic Fiqh Council of India in New Delhi; and the European Council for Islamic Rulings and Research in Istanbul. Dr. Sultan worked at the Islamic Center of Greater Worcester, MA and at the Islamic Open University in Washington, D.C

Listen to the rhetoric:
  • Where is the [Islamic] nation? If 20 million people can encircle the Earth, then 20 million people could also drown Israel in a sea of blood.
  • "So what about the rest of mankind? They view them as pigs. That's the truth. Pigs! So why do they look like human beings? So that they will be worthy of being servants of the Jews, who could ride on their backs and suck their blood.
  • Judgment Day will not come before the Jew and the Muslim fight. The Jew will hide behind stones and trees, and the stone and the tree will speak, saying: 'Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.' The only exception will be the Gharqad tree.
  • One of these days, the U.S. will suffer more deaths than all those killed in this third Gaza holocaust. This will happen soon
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an attempt to rule and corrupt the entire world. When the world concentrates on its desires and lusts, the [Jews] will be free to implement their plan of controlling the world
And yet we allow this man into our nation. We allow him to teach our young people and lecture our elected officials.

When he is confronted on this, he lies, he says he never said it. But the truth is out there if you listen and understand it. By speaking in Arabic, he hopes that the liberals in the west will not be able to understand his words.

But in any language his words speak of hatred and war. His words are the same words that Adolph Hitler said in 1933. The same words that every anti-Semite says today:

Kill the Jews!

And then he condemns Ilan Ramon. For the crime of defending his nation.

The arch-murderer who commanded the campaign against Jenin in 2003 went to America a few months later and boarded a NASA space shuttle. The space shuttle was launched by NASA, and a few minutes later, it reached Texas, the land of President Bush. Then this space shuttle shattered to pieces, along with the five top American space scientists, and that commander of the Zionist airforce was on board with them.

Ilan Ramon

Do you notice that he never uses the word: Israel. But uses the word Zionist or Jew. To him and the majority of Muslims in the world they are the same. Their goal is very simple: To Kill All the Jews. Israeli, British, American. It makes no difference. And the governments of the world are working with him and those like him in this endeavour.

Popular Resistance Committees Urges Israelis To 'Fight Like Men'.

Merkava 4 Tank

Remember that comment. For the PalArabs are crying not fair. Israel is attacking us from the air, we can only fire rockets in return.
A spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees told Ynet Monday night that Palestinian groups in Gaza are preparing for the "real battle," urging Israel to launch a ground operation in the Strip.

"If Israeli soldiers are such men, they should fight on the ground, the PRC's Abu Abir said. "The defeat they suffered on the ground in Lebanon would be even greater in Gaza…yet I know that we are dealing with cowards who ever since the 1980s have feared a face-to-face confrontation with us."

While admitting that the first day of Israel's operation was not an easy one, the spokesman said the clash was now entering a new phase, "where we jump at the enemy, pursue it, and invite it to engage in battle."

Meanwhile, the death toll in the Gaza Strip topped 350, yet Palestinian armed groups are undeterred said Abu Abir, claiming that they were not hurt at all.

"We are inviting the Israelis to embark on the great challenge of ground combat," he said.

The PRC spokesman added that "the entire Palestinian people understand that this is an all-out war, and that the resistance and its organizations are the only way to salvage Palestinian honor. The Israelis can continue to pulverize us from the air, and we shall continue to pulverize them with the means at our disposal….just like the Israelis trained and prepared, so did we."

Addressing Israeli phone message and leaflets aimed at influencing Gaza residents, Abu Abir said that those behind the move "do not hear the Allahu Akbar ("God is great" in Arabic) calls emerging from homes when rockets are fired."

"We are inviting the Israelis to embark on the great challenge of ground combat," he said.

Full Story
Remember these phrases:
...yet I know that we are dealing with cowards who ever since the 1980s have feared a face-to-face confrontation with us.

where we jump at the enemy, pursue it, and invite it to engage in battle.
Do you think you will hear them when the ground war finally begins? Or do you think you will hear:
They are killing innocent children. They are destroying our homes. We want an immediate cease-fire.
This time, unlike 2006, Israel will not be leaving Hamas in power. Israel will not allow rockets to fall upon their citizens. Israel will have peace.

Such bravado from them. They cry that they want war. But only the one-sided war of rocket attacks not the retaliation of the IDF.

I realize that Hamas and their allies have to talk big. They have to make the bravado statements, they have to dream that they can survive this war. For the reality is, if Israel wanted to, had the inclination to, they could easily wipe all human life from Gaza. But the reality is that war is not what they want now or ever. Israel just wants to live in peace. For 60 years they have only wanted peace. Now they just have to convince the people of Gaza to want peace too. And I fear that will take the lives of many people in Gaza.

Nice Shooting!

Footage released by the IDF.

First the Air Force:

View at LiveLeak

Notice the precision of the strikes.

Now the Navy:

View at LiveLeak

Notice that civilians are not being targeted.


Mazel Tov!

A hardy Mazel Tov to Bristol Palin and her fiancee Levi Johnston. Bristol gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz on Sunday. Both mother and child are doing fine. They have decided to name the child: Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.

May joy and happiness surround Tripp through out his life.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Muslims In A Near Riot, As Jews Pray For Their Soldiers.

I am not amazed at the reaction of the Muslim and Moonbat Dhimmi communities over the reaction to Operation Cast Lead. The protests have already started with the cries of: Holocaust, Genocide, Death to Israel (a favorite in Muslim nations especially Iran), and Innocent Civilians. They are especially loud in those Dhimmified nations of Great Britain, France and Canada.
Forty pro-Israel demonstrators opposite the Israel Consulate in Toronto yelled back at more than 700 pro-Arabs protesting Israel’s military operations in Gaza Sunday afternoon .

Khaled Mouammar, president of the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), stated, “The massacre taking place in Gaza must stop. People are suffering and dying. There is an actual genocide taking place.”

The CAF president has previosly gone on record demanding that Canada boycott "the Apartheid State" and that his government should not criticize Hizbullah terrorists.

Police were busy keeping the groups from attacking each other. Other than minor scuffles, there were no incidents of violence between the groups. Additional pro-Arab demonstrations took place throughout Canada.

The Toronto pro-Arab organizers called on the Canadian government to condemn Israel’s actions. While Canada’s Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has expressed concern about the escalating violence, he has nevertheless stated that Israel has the right to defend itself.

Full Story
The Canadian Arab Federation is very similiar to CAIR. In their news release they write:
This is a war crime on an industrial scale.
We call on the federal opposition parties to ask the Harper Government to condemn the Israeli massacre of the
Palestinian people in Gaza .
There will be a demonstration outside the Israeli Consulate in Toronto
No where do they mention the daily barrage of rockets their brethern in Gaza send into Israel. Only the retaliation that Israel is finally imposing on Gaza. Of course our friends at CAIR put out this statement:
“American Muslims join our fellow citizens who respect international law and the sanctity of human life in repudiating this massacre carried out using U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons.

“It must be clear by now that the only future offered to the Palestinian people by the outgoing administration was one of perpetual subjugation and humiliation at the hands of the Israeli occupiers. Unfortunately, our nation’s timid response to this tragic episode will only serve to fuel anti-American sentiments in the Muslim world.

“We therefore call on President-elect Obama to demonstrate his commitment to change our nation’s current one-sided Mideast policy by speaking out now in favor of peace and justice for all parties to this decades-long conflict.”
I see. It is ok for PalArabs to attack Israel, but let the Israelis fight back and then its cry foul! And the rest of the Muslim world is no exception.
Tens of thousands rally through Arab capitals calling for end to Israeli strikes in Gaza and in support of Hamas. In Beirut Hizbullah leader Nasrallah echoes calls for third intifada, while in Amman masses urge renewal of suicide bombings.

Tens of thousands of Lebanese Shiite protesters, chanting "Death to America, Death to Israel", massed in Beirut on Monday, calling for an end to Israeli strikes on Gaza that have killed 320 Palestinians.

Protesters in Lebanon.

In the Jordanian capital, Amman, about 20,000 people staged a demonstration organized by the mainstream Muslim Brotherhood, while in Cairo about 1,000 people rallied to show solidarity with Gaza Palestinians.

Full Story
A call to begin Suicide bombings, a call for more violence. But I don't see Jordan, Lebanon or Egypt sending their armies to fight Israel. As a matter of fact it seems that Arab unity is a myth.
In a press conference held on Monday afternoon in Ankara with his Turkish counterpart, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit responded to criticism by Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday, saying that "They have practically declared war on Egypt via several satellite stations. The Egyptian people reject and opposes this declaration."

"They want for there to be chaos in Egypt as there is in their country," Gheit said of Hizbullah.

"I tell this man [Nasrallah]: No, no! Our armed forces can defend our homeland from people like you. Your interest in creating chaos is not in the best interest of the area," he added.

The Egyptian foreign minister added that his country had tried to prevent the escalation in violence by asking Israel not to carry out an operation in the Gaza Strip.

Full Story
The only Muslim nation that is activily recruiting fighters (I will not give them the honorific of soldiers) is you guessed it: Iran.
Group of hardline clerics signs up volunteers to fight in Gaza Strip in response to IDF airstrikes that have killed at least 300 Palestinians. Tens of thousands take part in anti-Israel protest in Tehran.

The usual Iranian protest.

"From Monday the Combatant Clergy Society has activated its website for a week to register volunteers to fight against the Zionist regime (Israel) in either the military, financial or propaganda fields," the semi-official Fars news agency said.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a religious decree to Muslims around the world on Sunday, ordering them to defend Palestinians in Gaza against Israeli attacks "in any way possible".

A religious decree is an official statement by a high-ranking religious leader that commands Muslims to carry out its message. While there is no religious and legal force behind it, Khamenei is respected by many Iranian and non-Iranian Shiites.

Full Story
For those who do not speak Jihad, the words "defend Palestinians in Gaza against Israeli attack in any way possible" is a call to kill all the Jews in the world.

And what is the Jewish community doing? They pray. No riotous protests, no shouting Death to Hamas, none of the hatred that is being unleashed by Islam. They are praying.
Several hundred people arrived at the Western Wall on Sunday to attend a lighting of the eighth Hanukkah candle and say a prayer for the wellbeing of IDF soldiers and the residents of Israel's southern communities.

Israel launched a military operation in Gaza Saturday in response to the ongoing rocket attacks from the Strip.

Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Jerusalem District Police chief Maj.-Gen. Ilan Franco were also present at the event.

"On these days every Jew in Israel and across the world is obligated to say a prayer for the soldiers and residents who are facing such difficult times," Rabbi Amar told Ynet.

Praying at the Western Wall

Worshipers at the Wall said they also prayed for a successful outcome to the military operation in Gaza. "May the soldiers have a Hanukkah miracle," one participant stated.
Prayers not for peace, for that time has passed, but for victory. For an end to Hamas. For an end to the rockets.

May God hear the prayers of Israel in this time of war. May Israel's victory be swift and sweet!

Video: IAF strikes on Gaza weapons caches

Hat tip to Israel Matzav

This is a collection of IAF films from Saturday's strikes on underground and above-ground weapons caches in Gaza. There are some neat explosions here. Let's go to the videotape.

View at YouTube

Precision bombing and minimum of civilian causalities. This was used in the first Gulf War, yet the MSM still claims that it can't be done now. Why the difference? Very simple. This time it is being done by Israel.

Absurd Thought -

By USpace of USpace Haiku y Senryu

absurd thought -

God of the Universe says
hope your kids grow up

to strap bombs on babies
to kill other children .

absurd thought -

God of the Universe says

form a terrorist country

then wish to be destroyed
by committing acts of war

absurd thought

God of the Universe says

blame your failings on the Jews

for a few more thousand years
they are Earth's scapegoats

absurd thought -

God of the Universe says
give Israel away

to appease her enemies
dishonor America

absurd thought -

God of the Universe hates
Christmas celebrations

leads to Muslim Apostates
who then get death threats

Feel free to cross post this at will.

Masada Will Never Fall Again!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Can You Do In 270 Seconds?

An interesting question needless to say. 270 seconds = 4 minutes. You can boil an egg. You can kiss your spouse. You can give your children a big hug. If you are Israel, you can destroy 40 Tunnels that connect Gaza to Egypt.
The IAF destroyed 40 tunnels that connected the Egyptian and Gazan sides of Rafiah (Rafah) in a bombing sortie that lasted 270 seconds Sunday afternoon. Plumes of black smoke mushroomed into the air one after the other as the IAF cast bombs at the tunnels which line the Philadelphi Corridor between Egypt and Gaza.

The Corridor is supposed to be guarded by Egyptian forces but these have proven unable or unwilling to prevent large-scale smuggling of weapons and other supplies into Gaza.

A high ranking military source said that all of the tunnels which have been used by Hamas to smuggle weapons have been destroyed. Observers said the IAF may have used U.S.-supplied "bunker buster" bombs to destroy some the tunnels.

As part of the psychological warfare against Gaza, hundreds of residents of Gaza received recorded telephone calls in which they were warned: "You are in danger. In order to save your life and that of your family you must leave this place. This is a message from the Israel Defense Force."

The top source said that the IAF has carried out 213 sorties over Gaza since Operation Cast Lead began, 56 of them by combat helicopters. Most of the sorties were carried out Sunday.

He said that some of the tunnels were buried deep in the ground and their demolition was made possible thanks to accurate information supplied by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

The source said that the fighting would go on for a long time and warned that we would see "difficult days" in the course of the operation.
Strange war this is. The enemy calls up the civilians in Gaza and tells them to take cover. When did Hamas ever do that for the people of Sderot.

Day 2 of Operation Cast Lead is going well. Hamas still fires rockets into Israel, this time reaching as far as Ashdod, Israel is hitting military targets with precision and accuracy.
Gaza terrorists continued firing rockets at the western Negev Sunday afternoon, although the pace of the attacks had slowed by 4:00 p.m.

Three people, including a 12-year-old boy, suffered shrapnel wounds and several others suffered traumatic shock Sunday afternoon when the missiles bombarded the coastal city of Ashkelon at mid-day.

The terrorists are using 122-mm Grad-type Katyusha missiles, of the type that can reach a range of up to 40 kilometers. Several cars were also damaged after one of the missiles struck the southern end of the port city. The second missile landed in an unidentified location. Less than an hour later, two rockets exploded in the Eshkol region. No one was injured and no damage was reported.

Full Story

And the usual noise is coming out of Lebanon. Again the people of Lebanon will suffer for the actions of Hizbollah.

Hizbullah terrorists have vowed to open a second front against Israel in the north in retaliation for the IDF military operation against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Terrorist chief Hassan Nasrallah issued a statement on Hizbullah's Al-Manar television station Sunday, vowing that "northern Israel will burn as Gaza is burning." Nasrallah rarely appears in person; he speaks via a video hook-up from his hideout due to fears of assassination by Israeli agents, following the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Hizbullah officials were quoted in a number of Arabic-language publications on Saturday warning that they would not permit Israel to attack Gaza without retaliating.

Last week seven Katyusha rockets were discovered primed and ready for launching in southern Lebanon, located near the northern border of Israel. All seven were aimed at targets in the Jewish State.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert -- anticipating such a reaction -- warned Hizbullah Saturday night in his speech informing the nation about the military operation in Gaza that any "others who may seek to take advantage of the situation would be wise not to."

Full Story

In 2006 the world saw the dead children but not the dead Hizbollah fighters. Reports say that Hizbollah was decimated with losses of over 60%. I believe those reports since Hassan Nasrallah ordered that no funeral for any fighter be shown on the news, only those for civilian casualties. Thus the world got an distorted view of the war.

This time it is different. This time the Israeli people are 100% behind this action. This time the media is showing more pictures of dead and wounded Hamas fighters (I will not give them the honorific of soldier). And this time Israel will prevail.


View at YouTube

Flight 93 Blogburst: Another stealth jihadist plants another evil hidden Islamic message

Blogburst logo, petition

What could be as evil as sneaking a memorial to the 9/11 terrorists onto the Flight 93 crash site? How about sneaking a hidden message of Islamic indoctrination into the soundtrack if an adorable baby doll, repeated every 30 seconds to thousands of 2-5 year old girls without parental knowledge?

If you haven’t heard it before, check out this AP video from October:

If Mattel wants to sell a doll that Muslim parents can use to brainwash their own toddlers, they need to label the doll as Islamic. Instead, Mattel has been engaged in outright cover-up for three months now, claiming that they “did a lot of tests” and found that the doll “just coos and says ‘mama’.”

Liars. If they even listened to the sound track they are fully aware that the suspicious segment is completely unlike the rest of the recording. In contrast to the inarticulate coos and burbles of the otherwise quite compelling baby sounds, the offending part is very clearly a sentence, almost staccato in its articulation.

The AP video above only contains the offending sentence itself. Here is the full sound track (five inserted indoctrinations in 2 minutes):

Audio button, reel to reel

How many thousands of two year old girls are right now having their hearts opened by this doll’s repeated love cries, only to have a jihadist jab in his poison needle a hundred times an hour? This is the Islam of al Qaeda: a self proclaimed religion of deceit, using deceit to snake its tendrils around the most vulnerable members of our society.

Release the uncompressed audio file

Mattel’s claim that the injected sentence contains no Islamic message is just as fraudulent as its claim that there is no sentence. Here is a slowed down version of the sound-track:

Audio button, reel to reel

The exact intonation is either “Islam is the light,” or “Iglam is the light.” Since "iglam" is not a word, and since the full segment is clearly spoken as a sentence, the intended word has to be Islam.

Mattel says that the doll’s audio “may be imprecise or distorted” because “the original sound track is compressed.” So why don’t they release the uncompressed file?

No one is hearing things that are not there. Mattel suggests that people are being influenced by “the power of suggestion,” but we can test that hypothesis.

If people can hear whatever they want, then they should also be able to hear a superficially similar Christian message: “Aslan is the light.” Yet even in compressed form, the recording very clearly does NOT say Aslan. The vowels and consonants are distinct. Mattel is in effect denying that there is such a thing as language.

This too is very similar to the Memorial Project. Defenders of the giant Mecca-oriented crescent fantasize in the newspaper that anyone can see Mecca-oriented crescents wherever they want, if they just look for them. No. The only reason anyone can see a half-mile wide Mecca-oriented crescent in the Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93 is because architect Paul Murdoch put one there.

Mattel needs to conduct a real investigation and it needs to be transparent

Why should anyone ever buy a Mattel toy again when Mattel's response to clear evidence that their toys are being used in a plot against children is an obviously dishonest cover up? It would make a lot more sense, if they want to stay in business, to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of how the clearly out-of-place and apparently subversive segment of the sound track got included. The forensic history is on their hard drives. Mattel should uncover the jihadist plotters in their employ, or in the employ of their sub-contractors, then refer them to the FBI and sue them for fraud.

There is even reason to think that the plot goes beyond just the sound track, and involves the entire the Cuddle and Coo doll project. According to the Muslim ex-Marine who blogs as 5-Pillar Column, Mattel's doll is also wearing a "hijab" (used by fundamentalist Muslim women to hide their hair).

Like the Islamic symbol shapes in the Flight 93 memorial, this is something that western society is not attuned to, so we don’t notice it, but Muslims immediately do. That doll has its hair covered:

Cuddle & Coo hijab

5 Pillar speculates that it is the hijab that is causing "bigots" to take offense, but he seems to be the first one to have noticed that the doll can be seen as wearing a hijab.

Some versions of the doll show a wisp of hair, as Sharia law allows for girls, but all have the look of a proper hijab.


Pink version, shows wisp if hair. The hijab-like hair covering remains. (From MAMA’s Label That Doll home page.)

By itself, the possible hijab would be nothing, but together with the clearly articulated message of Islamic indoctrination, it suggests that the entire Cuddle and Coo team needs to be investigated. If Mattel is not forthcoming, the recourse is obvious.

Duped parents should sue Mattel into bankruptcy

Company officers evidently think that denial is the least damaging strategy for Mattel’s reputation and profitability. They need to be proved wrong. By covering up clear evidence that its product is being used as the vehicle for a jihadist plot against the children of its customers, Mattel has opened itself to tremendous liability. If they get sued into oblivion for the harm to children that their fraudulent denials are enabling, it will let other companies know that cover-up is not a good business decision.

Mattel did stop including the suspicious portion of the sound track in new production of their “Cuddle & Coo” doll, but instead of issuing a recall of the original dolls, the company is assuring the public that the warnings of Islamic intent have been investigated and been found to be without merit. That leaves untold thousands of these assault-toys preying on the minds of toddlers whose parents have been given false assurances, which continue to this day.

Here is Mattel's October 17th statement:
The power of suggestion has a lot to do with it. Our department did a lot of tests. It just coos and says ‘mama.’ We will not be pulling the doll.
On Christmas eve Mattel reposted a dismissive statement that earlier had been withdrawn from their website without explanation:
The Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo dolls feature realistic baby sounds including cooing, giggling, and baby babble with no real sentence structure. The only scripted word the doll says is “mama.”

There is a sound that may resemble something close to the word “night, right, or light.” To avoid any potential misinterpretation, we have eliminated that segment of the sound file from future production.

Because the original sound track is compressed into a file that can be played through an inexpensive toy speaker, actual sounds may be imprecise or distorted.

We remain confident in the high quality standards of our Little Mommy Cuddle 'n Coo dolls.
By persisting in its dishonest denials, Mattel may have sealed its legal doom. Any lied-to parents out there who want to get rich in the service of a most important cause?

The Memorial Project is also headed for legal trouble. The Mecca orientation of the giant Crescent of Embrace makes it a mihrab—the central feature around which every mosque is built—and it is unconstitutional to build a mosque as a national memorial.


Like the memorial project, Mattel got duped by a stealth jihadist. In the middle of our ongoing hot and cold wars against Islamic supremacism, such things are going to happen. 9/11 exposed the nature of our terror war enemies: that they hide amongst us, pretending to be trustworthy friends while plotting acts of war. There is no shame in being the victim of Islamic deception.

What is inexcusable is to be willfully blind to Islamic plots once they are uncovered. Flight 93 is supposed to be the symbol of our woken vigilance, yet time and again we see this anti-spirit of Flight 93: a determined refusal to be vigilant, enabling even discovered plots to proceed.

All who have learned about the hidden Islamic messages in either the jihadist baby doll or the Flight 93 memorial, please learn about the other. Maybe together we can stop them both.

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