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Trick or Treat

The scariest Halloween photo I can find!


It's A Simple Answer After All

President Ronald Reagan once again speaks from the past.  Once again he shows his power as a prophet.  Once again he calls out to Americans.  Listen to his words, pass his words on.

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one." Alexander Hamilton
Let's set the record straight. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace--and you can have it in the next second--surrender.

Admittedly there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face--that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand--the ultimatum. And what then? When Nikita Khrushchev has told his people he knows what our answer will be? He has told them that we are retreating under the pressure of the Cold War, and someday when the time comes to deliver the ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary because by that time we will have weakened from within spiritually, morally, and economically. He believes this because from our side he has heard voices pleading for "peace at any price" or "better Red than dead," or as one commentator put it, he would rather "live on his knees than die on his feet." And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don't speak for the rest of us. You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin--just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard 'round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn't die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well, it's a simple answer after all.

You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, "There is a price we will not pay." There is a point beyond which they must not advance. This is the meaning in the phrase of Barry Goldwater's "peace through strength." Winston Churchill said that "the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits--not animals." And he said, "There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty."

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.
Will we condemn our children to slavery or keep the light of freedom burning bright for them?

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As The Rockets Fall, The Israelis Die!

For the last evening over 35 rockets have been fired at Southern Israel.  These are not the so-called home made rockets, but are the rockets that have been smuggled in from Iran, Libya, Egypt, etc... as you can see by the video:

Some home made rockets?
The rocket attacks from Gaza continued overnight Saturday, giving local residents a restless night.

Two rockets were fired towards Be’er Sheva just after 3:00 a.m. (Israel time). The rockets exploded in open areas and there were no reports of physical injuries or damage.

At about 5:00 a.m. Israel time, a Grad missile exploded north of the city of Ashkelon. There were no physical injuries or damage.

Meanwhile, IAF aircraft targeted six terror activity sites in Gaza overnight. Three rocket launching sites and one terror tunnel were targeted in northern Gaza, and two terror activity sites were targeted in southern Gaza.

According to the IDF Spokesperson, secondary explosions were observed in certain sites. Hits were confirmed.

The attacks came in response to the barrage of rockets that were fired at Israel throughout the day on Saturday.

Ten Grad missiles and over 20 Kassam rockets and mortars hit Israel over the course of the day, the IDF said.

In one of the attacks, 56-year-old Ami Moshe of Ashkelon was killed. Moshe was rushed to the Barzilai Hospital and was immediately taken to the operating room, where doctors discovered that a major artery in his stomach was hit by shrapnel. Moshe’s condition rapidly deteriorated and he died on the operating table.

A total of 16 people were moderately to lightly wounded by rockets throughout the day on Saturday, most of them being hit by shrapnel and suffering from smoke inhalation, according to Magen David Adom. 14 people were listed as suffering from anxiety.

Meanwhile, there were reports overnight of a ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, that had been agreed upon between Israel and the Gaza-based terror groups.

The Reuters news agency reported that the ceasefire will go into effect on Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. (Israel time). Another report in the Ma’an news agency claimed the ceasefire had started at 3:00 a.m., a fact that seems to be disputed by the attacks that occurred after that time. In any case, the terror groups are notorious for announcing a ceasefire and then quickly breaking it.

These attacks did more than just instill terror in Israelis but has caused the death of  Moshe Ami, 56 of Ashkelon.
Moshe Ami
Moshe Ami, 56, is the name of the Ashkelon man who died on Saturday night in a rocket attack on the city.

Moshe was rushed to the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and was immediately taken to the operating room, where doctors discovered that a major artery in his stomach was hit by shrapnel. Moshe’s condition rapidly deteriorated and he died on the operating table.

Magen David Adom reported on Saturday evening that a total of 16 people were moderately to lightly wounded by rockets throughout the day, most of them being hit by shrapnel and suffering from smoke inhalation. 14 people were listed as suffering from anxiety.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that a ceasefire agreed upon between Israel and the Gaza-based terror groups will go into effect on Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. (Israel time).

An Egyptian official told the news agency, "Egypt will pursue its contacts with all the sides until the agreement goes into effect." The report was unconfirmed by other sources.

Gaza sources said late Saturday evening that the IDF had attacked a terrorist gang in southern Gaza Saturday night, minutes after the attack on Ashkelon. Two terrorists affiliated with Islamic Jihad were reported killed in that raid.

Earlier, IDF forces attacked a terrorist gang in the southern Gaza Strip that was preparing to launch long-range rockets at Israeli targets. The gang was also responsible for the firing of a Grad rocket towards southern Israel this past Wednesday. Five terrorists were reported killed in the attack.

One Grad missile that was fired on Saturday afternoon hit the yard of a school in Ashdod. A second rocket fell in an open area in Ashdod, and the third fell near Gan Yavneh.

One person – a young girl – was injured trying to flee from the area of the attack in Ashdod, and a second person – a man in his 50s - was reported injured from shrapnel in the Gan Yavneh area attack. Both were hospitalized with light to moderate injuries.

16 other people were lightly wounded.  And yet the MSM condemns Israel for retaliating and condemns Israel for attacking the "innocents" of Gaza.

The Israeli Cabinet has stated that the remaining 550 prisoners that are suppose to be released in the Shalit deal are not going to be released.

The idiots of Gaza should realize that there is no hostage any more in Gaza and nothing to stop Israel from wiping out every living thing in Gaza.

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New Shoes!

Went shopping today with my daughter for an outfit for her wedding.  I got a nice outfit and these gorgeous shoes.

What do you think of them?

Olive Tree Initiative Sticks it to Israel

Gary Fouse

As my readers know, I have written many critical articles about the UC-Irvine-based Olive Tree Initiative. This year, another OTI trip was conducted to Israel and the West Bank. Last night, there was a welcome home event held at UC-Irvine for the students to report on the latest trip. I went to the event to listen and to learn. Since it was their event, I had no intention of being the skunk at the garden party especially since it was centered around the students, Jewish, Muslim and other who went on the trip and were presenting their views and experiences. I went as one who is critical of the OTI. I left even more cemented in my views. This was another diatribe against Israel disguised as a striving for peace.

After introductory speeches by OTI founder Daniel Wehrenfennig and UCI Vice Chancellor Thomas Parham, there were a series of presentations by pairs of participating students. There was also an introductory video. When I saw the Al Jazeera logo on the screen, I should have been able to predict the content. This was not going to be fair and even-handed no matter how they might try and present it as such.

What followed the video was an historical recount by a Muslim and Jewish student of the series of meetings and agreements that had fueled an expectation of a final peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians  that never panned out. There were images of Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, Yassir Arafat, Yizhak Rabin, and other leaders who had entered into negotiations. There were few if any words of praise for Israel, but there were plenty of criticisms.

There were images of Jordan's King Hussein and his son, the current king,  representing a nation that has no proud history of how it has treated Palestinians living in its territory. (Remember Black September?)

We were told how the OTI trip had started with a stop in Washington where the students and organizers were briefed by Dennis Ross, the chief US negotiator between the Israelis and Palestinians. That is how far this venture has succeeded in gaining official support.

There was a scripted debate between two student-participants who argued the point about whether the UN should grant nationhood-recognition to Palestine or whether that should be accomplished by negotiation between the Palestinians and the Israelis. (That was the strongest support of Israel I heard last night.)

The principle theme last night was a message of peace, reconciliation and the hope that Israelis and Palestinians would live in peace. A wonderful ideal, indeed. Yet, there was another theme that cropped up from time to time. Israeli intransigence and Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. One student speaker introduced an account from an Arab of Israeli citizenship who stated that while he was glad to have Israeli citizenship, he was not proud of his nationality. There were a couple of negative references to Bibi Netanyahu and his followers who "were not interested in peace." There was a reference to the First Intifada, which was "peaceful".

About two-thirds of the way into the program, there was an emergency alert and we were instructed to leave the room and go to the nearest exit. Was it a bomb threat? A fire? We proceeded outside and waited for about 20 minutes. A fire truck passed by. Finally, we were informed that it was a false alarm and people proceeded back inside. I and three like-minded friends decided we had heard enough. We left.

This was not a balanced presentation. I have come to my final decision on the Olive Tree Initiative.

I offer this for consideration. One of the contacts of OTI, which was described is an group called Parents' Circle Family Forum. This is a group founded by one Yitzhak Frankenthal, an Israeli whose son was shot and killed by Palestinians while serving with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). The group consists of families of Palestinians and Israelis who have died in the conflict including families of suicide bombers and their victims. We learned how they have come together and exchanged accounts of their grief and desire for peace. On the surface, it sounds wonderful. What could be better than reconciliation and a desire for peace between those who have lost family members on both sides? Indeed, this group has been recognized by meany international bodies including the EU.

When you look deeper, it gets murky. Mr Frankenthal also blames his nations' policies for the death of his son. Below is an article he wrote in the Guardian:

So just what is the principle guiding the Parents' Circle? Below is an article written by Lee Kaplan in Frontpage Magazine. It concerns two of their activists who have spoken in the US:

Here is what was not discussed last night (at least before we left in disgust):

There was no mention of Palestinian terrorism other than oblique references to the suicide bombings in connection with the Parents Circle Family Forum.

There was no reference to the Itimar Massacre of the Fogel family.

There was no reference to the issue of Jew hatred among the Palestinian population, the Hamas charter that quotes the hadith of hate, whereupon on the Day of Judgement, the Jews will hide behind trees, which will call out to the Muslims to "kill, the Jew hiding behind me". Indeed, the word Hamas was barely mentioned.

Here is the key, which all of us need to understand. There are now hundreds of organizations out there all over the world that proclaim that they are dedicated to bringing peace to the Middle East. They talk about reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews and the desire that they will learn to live in peace. Yet, the overwhelming majority of these so-called peace organizations  are solidly on the Palestinian  side of the issue. They believe that Israel is an occupying power and that the Palestinians are victims-no matter how many terrorist acts against innocent civilians the Palestinian  terrorists of Hizbollah and Hamas commit. They believe that Israel is a human-rights violator. In fact, many of them believe that Israel has no legitimacy as a sovereign state. Israel must eventually cease to exist. They may or may not state it, but that is what they want.

That is the desire of the International Solidarity Movement, founded by Palestinian activists and now international in scope. They declare that they are for peace, but they have links to Hamas. Their mission is to work toward the dissolution of Israel by deligitimization of her in the eyes of the world. They are tied into the world-wide movement of Boycot, Divest and Sanctions, which is active in the US and Europe-especially on university campuses.

The International Solidarity Movement has also wrapped its tentacles around the Olive Tree Initiative. How else does one explain the involvement of George S Rishmawi, a co-founder and his cousin George N Rishmawi?

There are also links between the ISM and the Parents Circle Family Forum. They are all birds of a feather flying together. You will find their names both linked on various sites dedicated to "peace in the Middle East." For example, let's look at the Holy Land Task Force:

Note the following links:

Friends of Sabeel
The Electric Intifada
Stop the Wall
Breaking the Silence
Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
If Americans Knew
Israel Committee Against House Demolitions
Website of Norman Finkelstein
Boycott Israel
Muzzle Watch-From Jewish Voice for Peace
Global BDS Movement
International Solidarity Movement
Parents Circle

Get the message?

Below is the link for the Michigan Peace Team:

Recommended resources:

US Campaign to end the Israeli occupation
Jewish Voice for Peace
International Solidarity Movement
Parents Circle

Now let's go to the webpages of the Parents Circle itself:

"Yehuda Shaul, "Breaking the Silence"

Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifada.

Until today, Yehuda Shaul and" Breaking the Silence" interviewed hundreds of soldiers who served in the territories, and they continue to interview soldiers daily. The organization also has lectures and tours to Hebron. The testimonies are published with minimal editing and with complete confidentiality, in order to protect the soldiers and to encourage them to speak."

Ayed Ahmad Morar –

"Ayed, a father of six from the village Budrus near Ramallah, is an enthusiastic supporter of nonviolence resistance in Palestine. Ayed Ahmad Morar established the first popular committee against the wall in 2003 and led over 60 non violent demonstrations together with the residents of Budrus. Ayed Ahmad Morar advises on non-violence in Palestine and is a member of the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian movement for non violence."

Also note on the right margin the list of activities and events in which they include a Mavi Marmara event and a meeting with Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht. Below is the Wikipedia entry for Mr De Gucht.

Get the message?

The Parents Circle Family Forum is one of the planned activities of the Olive Tree Initiative. They were also on the 2010 itinerary. They are a pro-Palestinian organization that believes Israel is an occupying power. Their program was part of last night's presentation.

Here is a salient point: For those of you old enough to remember the Cold War with the Soviet Union, you may recall that a major part of the Soviets' propaganda revolved around the international peace movement, which argued that only the US was a war-like, imperialistic  country that should dissarm. The USSR stood for peace. Never mind their invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan.

That tired old tactic is at work again when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel is the aggressor and peace means that Israel must make all the concessions, give up land and ultimately give up its very existence. That is the tactic, and many of the old Soviet-sympathizers of the Cold War in the West are using the same tactics today to destroy Israel.

And today, I firmly believe this is what is happening with the Olive Tree Initiative. It is all in the name of peace. Young students are being manipulated by older, experienced left-wing activists in and out of academia along with some misguided life-long peace activists (who do more harm than good) and led to believe that they can help bring peace to the Middle East. It is an illusion. In this spirit, dozens of college students are being led over to the Middle East. There they meet with a few Israeli officials and many Palestinian activists, combined with selected Israeli peace activists who are hostile to their own country.

What transpired last night (in the time I was there) was a pathetic travesty when it came to being even-handed in this complex issue. We heard a lot of pompous talk about the need for young people to have the courage to open their minds to both sides. Yet, it was not a balanced event. That's because this is not a balanced venture. This is part and parcel of the International Solidarity Movement's effort to bring about the dissolution of Israel by convincing the international community that Israel is a racist, occupying state that has no legitimacy.

My anger is not toward the students. Most genuinely believe they are advancing peace. My anger is to the adults who are manipulating them.

Shame on the University of California system for advancing this cynical and fraudulent program.

Shame on the UCI Department of Social Sciences and the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies for spearheading this program.

And more than that, shame on the Jewish Federation of Orange County and their suspicious financial operation called the Rose Project for supporting the anti-Israel indoctrination of Jewish students with their funding. It is beyond disgrace.

Guide for the Perplexed

Just a small glossary of terms that will help you interpret the Middle East stories that are reported by the Main Lame Stream Media. Written by Dr. Yasser Dasmabebi, these definitions will clarify the subject.

So, purely as a public service, he has organized the following glossary of the most pertinent terms and expressions, as typically used in the above-mentioned news sources. I hope, insha’allah, the reader will find it helpful to unravel the Gordian Knot of language that is today’s (and yesterday’s and tomorrow’s) Middle East!

Dr. Yasser Dasmabebi holds the Edward Said-Noam Chomsky Linguistics Chair at Abdul Abulbul Amir University in Cairo.


Killing people who are trying to kill you.

Al Qaeda: the terrorist group that, according to American security sources, embodies the world-wide Islamist movement, and that is either “significantly degraded” or is still “extremely dangerous,” depending on which government official is doing the talking.

Apartheid: The political/social system of the one and only country in the Middle East that integrates Jews, Beduins, Arabs, whites, blacks, Muslems, Ethiopians, Russians, Christians, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Bahai, et al.

“Apes & Pigs”: See “Jew” below.

Arab Emir: Military dictator.

Arab King: Military dictator.

Arab President: Military dictator.

Arab Prime Minister: Military dictator.

Arab Spring: Replacement of one dictatorship with another, with the help of Western money and media cheerleading.

Arab Street: Enraged mobs chanting and screaming their hatred, determined to annihilate Israel and the Jews. They can often be seen burning American and Israeli flags, passing out candies and firing guns into the air in response to successful murders of Westerners (closely related to):

Arab Humiliation: The pervasive feeling on the Arab street generated by their failure to annihilate Israel and the Jews in several wars. Many opinion-makers, Middle East experts and op-ed writers argue that Arab humiliation is at the root of the Middle East conflict; i.e., “If only the Jews would let themselves be destroyed, the Arab street would feel better about themselves, and then there would be peace.”

Ayatola: Persian dictator. Spiritual leader of that faith that desires to ignite nuclear holocaust in order to bring about the arrival of the Mahdi. (See “Mahdi” below.)

Bias: An expression of support for the existence of Israel.

Caliphate: The unification of lands ruled in the name of Islam, ruled by a Caliph. (See “Arab King,” “Arab President,” etc. above.)

Compromise: To give something palpable, such as land, in return for a promise not to keep on trying to annihilate you.

Developing Country: A country that is not developing.

Disproportionate Response: Winning.

Diversity: The condition in which all cultures are viewed as equally and inherently virtuous, except for the culture of the West, which is viewed as evil by virtue of imperialism, colonialism and endemic racism (see “Racist” below).

Emergency Laws: The law.

Father of the Palestinian People: An Egyptian man, raised by his uncle, Hitler’s buddy, and one of the world’s most successful kleptocrats. (See “PLO” below.)

Fatwa: A pronouncement of a mullah that sanctions murder, but only of disagreeable people, like inadequately covered women, Salman Rushdie​, etc.

Female Genital Mutilation: That ritual of which Western feminist organizations seem, by virtue of their silence, to approve.

Hamas: The democratically elected government of Gaza whose founding charter calls for genocide.

Hezbollah: The democratic group whose purpose is saving Lebanon from Israeli aggression, and whose founding charter calls for genocide.

History: Having nothing whatsoever to do with what has actually happened, but rather being what has come to be called “narrative,” i.e., “storytelling.” For one example, allusions to the “Ancient Nation of Palestine;” and for another, almost all the Muslem accomplishments President Obama enumerated in his momentous Cairo speech (also see “Rewriting History” below).

Holocaust: That genocide that did not happen, but that the Jews orchestrated in order to steal Arab land, and that of which the Jewish presence in Palestine is worse than.

Honor Killings: The cultural imperative to murder one’s daughter/sister/niece for humiliating male members…(see “Shariah” below).

Human Rights: The credo by which murder committed by a person from a country which used to be called “Third World” (now considered racist terminology) is good (see “Resistance” below); retaliatory killing by a person who is either from a developed country, a white person or most especially a Jew, is bad (see “Agression” above).

Human Shields: Integral part of Hamas & Hezbollah military strategy.

Islamic Republic: Military dictatorship.

Israel: Occupied territory (see “Zionist Entity” below).

Israeli Prime Minister: Hawkish, right-winger, hard-liner.

Jerusalem: City holy to Islam in which the Jews have no history.

Jew: The source of all decadence and evil in the world; descendent of apes and pigs.

Jihad: The inner spiritual struggle for self-purification or the bloody military struggle for world domination depending on to which journalist and in what language one is speaking.

Judeo-Christian Values: The credo of that civilization which has lost all its values, except for that racism is bad, and diversity is good.

Koran: The book that was revealed word-for-word to the Prophet Muhammed​ (Peace Be Upon Him) by the Angel Gabriel…or not.

Leftist: Supporter of PLO (see “PLO” below) and Hamas (see “Hamas” above) and Muslem Brotherhood (see “Muslem Brotherhood” below).

Mahdi: The Shia Messiah who has been hiding for centuries at the bottom of a well.

Martyr: Someone who kills someone else while killing himself, said to be rewarded for his martyrdom by the acquisition of 72 virgins upon his arrival in Paradise, at least according to what the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said the Angel Gabriel told him (see “Koran” above).

Militant, Assailant, Gunman, Activist: terrorist.

Moderate Palestinian Leader: Former KGB operative, Holocaust denier, and financier of Munich Olympic massacre.

Mosque: A place for the storage of armaments.

Muslem Brotherhood: A mostly secular and non-violent political party in Egypt.

Occupation: Jewish presence in disputed territory. (See “Israel” above.)

Peace: War of attrition.

Peace Process: The dismantling of Israel.

Peace Talks: The avoidance of peace.

PLO: Organization created in 1964 to end the 1967 occupation.

Palestinian Authority: The world’s most successful kleptocracy.

Palestinian Hero: Murderer of children.

Palestinian Prime Minister: Moderate, bold (see “Arab Prime Minister” above).

Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The authentic Jewish playbook for world domination.

Racist: A person who disagrees with or does not like or does not support the reelection of President Obama.

Radical Islamic Movement: A group whose stated official goal is genocide (see “Hamas” and “Hezbollah” above).

Recognition: A truce until the next time.

Refugee: Someone who has refused to take refuge, or who has not been allowed to take refuge.

“Religion of Peace”: That civilization with which the Judeo-Christian civilization is locked in a war to the death.

Resistance: Randomly killing civilians, especially children.

Rewriting History: See “History” above.

Right of Return: Demand to live in Israel by people who hate it and wish to destroy it by people very, very few of whom have ever actually been there.

Settlement: An illegal community made up of settlers. (See “Settler” below.)

Settler: Someone who builds his house in order to thwart any chance at making peace between Jews and Palestinians.

Shariah: The Islamic system of jurisprudence which codifies and dignifies rape, child marriage, specific classes of murder such as honor killings (see “Honor Killings” above), etc.

Shia: People who are certain that Sunnis are not real Muslems, and are in fact infidels, and should therefore be slaughtered.

Sunni: People who are certain that Shia are not real Muslems, and are in fact infidels, and should therefore be slaughtered.

War Crime: Retaliation and defense. Any action whose intent is victory.

War on Terror: Pretense that the enemy of the West is made up of small, shadowy groups motivated by childhood poverty (see “Al Qaeda​” above). (“We’re depraved on account of we’re deprived” — apologies to S. Sondheim.)

Zionism: The ideology of the Jews who aspire to control, dominate and take over the world.

Zionist: Someone who is worse than a Nazi.

Zionist Entity: That place that does not exist, as on Arab maps, but that must be destroyed.


Now that  you have been given the correct meanings, you will be able to read and listen to news reports correctly.

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Wednesday's Hero: Sgt. James Hinson

Sgt. James Hinson
Sgt. James Hinson

U.S. Marines

Sgt. James Hinson, Marine Barracks Washington motor transportation operator, prepares a dish for a homeless person during a So Others Might Eat volunteer event in northwest Washington, D.C., Oct. 20, 2011. Fifteen Barracks Marines volunteered to assist the SOME staff in feeding homeless men and women from the nation's capitol region.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

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Stealing Secrets Will Break The Bank!

Or brings WikiLeaks to an end.

Yes it is official.  WikiLeaks is broke and will be shut down.
LONDON – The world's most notorious secret-spiller is going silent.

WikiLeaks -- the whistle-blower group responsible for releasing confidential government documents that had angry government officials calling the group a terrorist organization -- said in a statement Monday that it would stop publishing in order to focus on making money. WikiLeaks head Julian Assange further explained that the blockade imposed by financial companies including Visa, MasterCard, Western Union and PayPal left it with no choice.

"We have decided to redirect the vast amount of our resources into knocking down the blockade," Assange said during a press event at the Frontline Club in London.

The statement says that in order to ensure survival, WikiLeaks must "aggressively fundraise in order to fight back against this blockade and its proponents."

U.S.-based financial companies pulled the plug on WikiLeaks shortly after it began publishing some 250,000 U.S. State Department cables last year. The group says the restrictions starved it of nearly all its revenue.

Over 50,000 people have donated to WikiLeaks so far to date, Assange said, with an average donation of $25.

"We are not an organization that relies on a few wealthy individuals or foundations," he said, "and that is why we have been able to publish so frequently."

The company will turn instead to electronic transfers through the standard banking infrastructure, he announced.

In September, a massive release of diplomatic cables from the group had some politicians calling for decisive cyberaction against WikiLeaks.

“The latest release of stolen American secrets by the organization WikiLeaks once again proves that they are a terrorist operation that puts the lives of Americans and our allies at risk,” U.S. Rep Candice Miller (R-Mich.) said in a statement in response to the latest leak.

WikiLeaks has 20 or so full time staff members and around 800 volunteers, Assange said. The group will launch a new publishing platform on November 28, Assange said.

Julian Assange forgot one thing.  The powers that be control the money.  He can buy information, buy secrets, but the powers of the capitalists will find a way to cut off the fund.

This should be a lesson to all the Moonbats sleeping on Wall Street.

ABBA - Money Money Money

And Pvt. Manning is still in prison.

Guess who wins?

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That Old Black Magic

I find it very odd that in the 21st Century there are people and nations that actually believe that Magic exists and that there are people who practice Black Magic.  Yet the idea that Magic, especially Black Magic exists is prevalent in the Muslim world.  Especially in Saudi Arabia.
When Tara Umm Omar was a young bride in her first marriage, she and her Moroccan husband took the youngest sister of a family friend into their home. On the day the young Moroccan woman arrived, she gave Umm Omar a doll, which Umm Omar promptly placed in a dresser drawer.

When Umm Omar told a friend of the doll, the friend suspected it was an item for black magic and suggested the doll be destroyed. Instead, Umm Omar tossed it in the garbage. That’s when household items disappeared, the family dog barked incessantly, Umm Omar started fighting with her husband and she began seeing strange insects in the house. When the guest finally moved out, the couple found their bed sheets and an identical doll to Umm Omar’s among the woman’s discarded belongings.

The message to Umm Omar was clear: The woman she invited into her home sought to destroy her happiness through black magic.

Umm Omar is since remarried to a Saudi and now lives in Riyadh. She runs the popular blog, Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis, a help website for non-Saudis marrying Saudis. As a quasi-marriage counselor for brides and grooms nervously entering Saudi society, Umm Omar dispenses religious and practical advice to help ease the cultural shock. That includes providing insight to the real world concerns of black magic and the evil eye.

“The truth is that all magic is haram [prohibited] and only leads to bad ends,” Umm Omar told The Media Line.

Belief in black magic runs deep in Saudi society. The issue was raised last month when the quasi-legislative body Shoura Council granted permission for Moroccan women to work as maids in Saudi households. Hundreds of Saudi women complained to the Council that granting Moroccan maids permission to work was tantamount to allowing the use of black magic in their homes to steal their husbands. Saudi wives complained the issue was not lacking trust in their husbands, but their men were powerless to ward off spells.

While greeted with skepticism in western societies, Saudis would no more question the existence of black magic than they would Islam. Two surahs (chapters) in the Qur’an under Al Mi’wadhatyan address black magic and are often recited during or after prayer. Simply, part of being a Muslim is believing in the existence of magic.

In April of this year, members of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice underwent special training in the Eastern Province to investigate black magic crimes.

Although also found in Christianity and Judaism, casting spells is particularly common in Oman, Sudan, Yemen, Morocco and Indonesia. Turkey is a secular Muslim country, but protection against evil eye is deeply rooted in virtually all aspects of daily life. Tools of witchcraft include using lizards, dead birds, photographs, hair, thread, dirt, blood and red ink. Hiding places to place “spells” may be in bedrooms and under beds. Written spells generally contain the intended victim’s name and one or two words to state the intention to do harm.

In 2007, the religious police in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, removed 23 black magic tokens, including knives and written spells on paper, from two graves in a cemetery. Black magic artists placed the tokens at the heads and feet of the corpses.

The Saudi press reported recently that evil eye was suspected in causing the death of Mastoora Al-Ahmadi, the Saudi poet who garnered international attention for her performance on “The Million’s Poet” on Abu Dhabi TV. She was the first woman to reach the semifinals in the Arabic poetry contest. Al-Ahmadi died unexpectedly on Oct. 2 in Madinah after falling into a coma.

Howaizan Muhammad, 26, of Madinah, told The Media Line that she had difficulty finding a job and failed in many interviews. And she hated the jobs she did find. She broke up with her fiancé and couldn’t find a husband. “My sister told me to read the surah Al-Baqarah to protect me against any spells,” she says. “After 14 days, my father found a spell written on paper and in blood with my name on it on the roof under our water tank.”

Muhammad says she had Indonesian maids at the time, but notes that anybody could have left the spell.

Sheikh Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, an Islamic scholar based in Qatar and the author of The Exorcist Tradition in Islam, told The Media Line that Muslims must not fight witchcraft with their own magic but refer to the Qur’an. “There are a number of Qur’anic texts that the Prophet said should be read with reflection as a means of removing or reducing the effects of black magic,” he says. “Eating adjuwah dates from Madinah is also a means of protection.”

He notes there is a tendency to fight magic with magic, but it’s prohibited. “People should avoid charms, amulets and other things that people have proffered, which has become something of a business in the Muslim world.”

Philips acknowledges that Moroccans have an “international reputation” among Muslims for practicing witchcraft, but cautions against overemphasizing Moroccans as master artists of voodoo. “Historically they [Moroccans] are most noted for it. But they are not much different than most in the Muslim world. Chechnya and Bosnia probably engage in it more.”

Although Saudis may claim that witchcraft is at the heart of their distrust of foreign maids, Umm Omar suggests that old-fashioned power struggles and jealously play vital roles in conflicts.

“There is a factor that Saudis are more well-to-do than Moroccans and magic can be used to remove those blessings [of wealth] if [maids] dislike them,” Umm Omar says. “Saudi women are used to feeling superior over maids, and in some cases look down on them. Moroccan women do not like to be pushed around and will defend themselves. My experience with Moroccan and Saudi women is they both like to be in charge of the household and are naturally bossy.”

Umm Omar adds that if a maid feels threatened, she could resort to black magic. “Of course that is not to say that a Saudi woman won’t seek out magic to harm a Moroccan maid.”
Left unsaid in this battle of wills between Saudi and Moroccan women is the consequences of practicing black magic in Saudi Arabia. Practicing witchcraft is an offense punishable by death.

Saudi religious police arrested popular Lebanese television personality and fortuneteller Ali Sabat in May 2008 on charges of witchcraft while he was on a pilgrimage. A Saudi court sentenced him to death. But an appellate court threw out the sentence in 2010, citing lack of evidence that Sabat harmed anybody. According to Amnesty International, the last documented execution for witchcraft in Saudi Arabia was in 2007. A Saudi court sentenced Egyptian pharmacist Mustafa Ibrahim to death for casting spells in order to separate a married couple.

“Fortune telling is not just sleight of hand tricks, but involves the spirit,” says Philips. “As evil, it’s the same thing as black magic. Sharia proscribes the same punishment for both.”

Umm Omar points to ignorance and the absence of a strong foundation in the teachings of Islam that lead some Muslims to practice magic and evil eye.

Although Philips says that ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws, forgiveness should be considered. “God does forgive ignorance,” he says. “We should be more tolerant in some cases because some people are not doing [harmful] things deliberately.”

This is one of the heights of Muslim intellectual prowess.  It ranks high along with this one.  And Obama wanted to include these bozos into our NASA program.

We do not have to worry about the religious police of Saudi Arabia.  After defeating the evil of Voldermort aka Moldy Shorts, the Ministry of Magic for Israel or the Department of Magic (US) can handle anything these crazy Muggles throw at them.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghaddafi's End Was Inevitable and Just

Gary Fouse

The scenes are graphic. A dazed, wounded and bleeding man being dragged about by a howling mob of rebel fighters, thrown on the hood of a car, pleading for his life as the crowd shouts, "Allahu Akbar" and hurls insults at him. Somewhere in the maze of cell phone shots, the man is finished off, dragged  around, and paraded for all to see.

Many commentators are lamenting the fact that the Muammar Ghaddafi saga ended this way in Libya. They say he should have been taken directly to jail and treated in a civilized manner. He should have been treated for his wounds and arrangements made to fly him to the Hague to face the World Court for his crimes. Then the world could see exactly what he did, not only to other peoples but his own. The rule of law and justice should have prevailed.

I respectfully disagree. This saga was not conducted in Washington DC, Paris, London, or the salons of New York. This was Libya, the Middle East, a boiling cauldron of violence, tribal traditions, and hate. Once Ghaddafi made the decision to stay in Libya and fight rather than fly off to exile in some sorry country that would offer him haven (there may have been none), his fate was sealed. There would be no sudden knock on the door, the snap of handcuffs, and off to jail to await a trial. Ghaddafi's fate could be no other than the howling mob.

I am every bit as much for the rule of law as the next person. I believe in fair and impartial trials, such as we conduct here in America. I was part of that system for 25 years, and I respected its rules even in the times when the outcome disappointed me. I would never want to see such a scene in America. However, I didn't grow up and live in a society such as Libya.

And I never arrested a man such as Muammar Ghaddafi.

This is the man who ordered the bombing of a plane filled with some 270 people over Lockerbie, Scotland. A large proportion of the passengers on that flight were in their early 20s, university students returning home after studying in Europe. Thirty-five of them were from Syracuse University. They would be in their 40s today, and only God knows what they would be doing with their lives now. Ghaddafi is the man who gave the one convicted bomber of that flight a hero's welcome when he was shamelessly released from a Scottish prison and allowed to return home.

This is the man who ordered the bombing of a Berlin disco frequented by American GIs in 1986, a bombing that killed two of them, as well as a Turkish woman. Dozens of others were seriously injured.

This is the man who gave his expelled diplomats a hero's welcome after the British authorities had to release them under the laws of diplomatic immunity in 1984;  immunity for shooting at a crowd from the window of the Libyan embassy, killing a British policewoman named Yvonne Fletcher.

This was the man who supported and financed terror plots around the world.

And finally, this is the man who for four decades tortured and murdered his own people, even as he was able to periodically fly to New York and throw tirades at the United Nations. In his final years, he was even afforded a certain respectability by the US because he had given up his weapons of mass destruction after the Iraq invasion.

Shockingly, in his early years in power, Ghaddafi was considered an exotic and dashing figure among many leftists in the West. With his fancy uniforms and fashion sunglasses, many compared him to that other romantic revolutionary of the time, Che Guevara, who in reality, was a brutal and cruel executioner during the Cuban revolution. (He also faced summary justice in Bolivia.)

And to think that some wanted to see this man stand in the dock at the Hague in front of a tribunal of black-cloaked judges in powdered wigs who would send him to spend the rest of his days in one of those modern, civilized Dutch prisons with games, therapy sessions, and conjugal visits until he died in his sleep?

No. Muammar Ghaddafi got the end he richly deserved within the system that he himself ran. May those videos be seen by every dictator of his stripe-especially the one in Damascus.

“Ehr Kumt”

Yiddish for “He’s Coming”

The sermon below, delivered by Rabbi Schlomo Lewis of Atlanta on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, 2010, has been referred to as the “Sermon of the Century.”

I thought long and I thought hard on whether to deliver the sermon I am about to share. We all wish to bounce happily out of shul on the High Holidays, filled with warm fuzzies, ready to gobble up our brisket, our honey cakes and our kugel. We want to be shaken and stirred – but not too much. We want to be guilt-schlepped – but not too much. We want to be provoked but not too much. We want to be transformed but not too much.

I get it, but as a rabbi I have a compelling obligation, a responsibility to articulate what is in my heart and what I passionately believe must be said and must be heard. And so, I am guided not by what is easy to say but by what is painful to express. I am guided not by the frivolous but by the serious. I am guided not by delicacy but by urgency.

We are at war. We are at war with an enemy as savage, as voracious, as heartless as the Nazis but one wouldn’t know it from our behavior. During WWII we didn’t refer to storm troopers as freedom fighters. We didn’t call the Gestapo, militants. We didn’t see the attacks on our Merchant Marine as acts by rogue sailors. We did not justify the Nazis rise to power as our fault. We did not grovel before the Nazis, thumping our hearts and confessing to abusing and mistreating and humiliating the German people.

We did not apologize for Dresden , nor for The Battle of the Bulge, nor for El Alamein, nor for D-Day.

Evil – ultimate, irreconcilable, evil threatened us and Roosevelt and Churchill had moral clarity and an exquisite understanding of what was at stake. It was not just the Sudetenland, not just Tubruk, not just Vienna, not just Casablanca . It was the entire planet. Read history and be shocked at how frighteningly close Hitler came to creating a Pax Germana on every continent.

Not all Germans were Nazis – most were decent, most were revolted by the Third Reich, most were good citizens hoisting a beer, earning a living and tucking in their children at night. But, too many looked away, too many cried out in lame defense – I didn’t know.” Too many were silent. Guilt absolutely falls upon those who committed the atrocities, but responsibility and guilt falls upon those who did nothing as well. Fault was not just with the goose steppers but with those who pulled the curtains shut, said and did nothing.

In WWII we won because we got it. We understood who the enemy was and we knew that the end had to be unconditional and absolute. We did not stumble around worrying about offending the Nazis. We did not measure every word so as not to upset our foe. We built planes and tanks and battleships and went to war to win….. to rid the world of malevolence.

We are at war… yet too many stubbornly and foolishly don’t put the pieces together and refuse to identify the evil doers. We are circumspect and disgracefully politically correct.

Let me mince no words in saying that from Fort Hood to Bali, from Times Square to London , from Madrid to Mumbai, from 9/11 to Gaza, the murderers, the barbarians are radical Islamists.

To camouflage their identity is sedition. To excuse their deeds is contemptible. To mask their intentions is unconscionable.

A few years ago I visited Lithuania on a Jewish genealogical tour. It was a stunning journey and a very personal, spiritual pilgrimage. When we visited Kovno we davened Maariv at the only remaining shul in the city. Before the war there were thirty-seven shuls for 38,000 Jews. Now only one, a shrinking, gray congregation. We made minyon for the handful of aged worshippers in the Choral Synagogue, a once majestic, jewel in Kovno.

After my return home I visited Cherry Hill for Shabbos. At the oneg an elderly family friend, Joe Magun, came over to me.

“Shalom,” he said. “Your abba told me you just came back from Lithuania.”

“Yes,” I replied. “It was quite a powerful experience.” “Did you visit the Choral Synagogue in Kovno? The one with the big arch in the courtyard?”

“Yes, I did. In fact, we helped them make minyon.” His eyes opened wide in joy at our shared memory. For a moment he gazed into the distance and then, he returned. “Shalom, I grew up only a few feet away from the arch. The Choral Synagogue was where I davened as a child.”

He paused for a moment and once again was lost in the past. His smile faded. Pain filled his wrinkled face. “I remember one Shabbos in 1938 when Vladimir Jabotinsky came to the shul” (Jabotinsky was Menachim Begin​’s mentor – he was a fiery orator, an unflinching Zionist radical, whose politics were to the far right.) Joe continued “When Jabotinsky came, he delivered the drash on Shabbos morning and I can still hear his words burning in my ears. He climbed up to the shtender, stared at us from the bima, glared at us with eyes full of fire and cried out. ‘EHR KUMT. YIDN FARLAWST AYER SHTETL – He’s coming. Jews abandon your city.

We thought we were safe in Lithuania from the Nazis, from Hitler. We had lived there, thrived for a thousand years but Jabotinsky was right — his warning prophetic. We got out but most did not.”

Friday, October 21, 2011

How Bad is it in Norway?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Norway, Israel and the Jews

Placid Norway; land of fjords, pristine scenery and carefree people.

It was just a few months ago that a crazed gunman committed that horrific mass murder that briefly shone the spotlight on a nation we assumed was far removed from all the turmoil in the world.  In fact, Norway has created a volatile situation with their liberal, multi-cultural policies that allowed a presence to grow in their country that has no respect for local culture or traditions. Rather than recognize their mistake and insist on assimilation, they ignored it, preferring to "accommodate" the hateful new presence. They became a fervent foe of Israel. Why? Because their newly-arrived population hated Israel, so they had to as well. Last year, a study concluded that virtually every forcible rape committed in the country was committed by "immigrants". Still, they refused to acknowledge the problem in the spirit of "tolerance". It seems that Norwegians, like most other Europeans, are willing to tolerate the intolerable; to tolerate intolerance itself in the very name of tolerance. Below is an article on Norway by the blog, Norway, Israel and the Jews.

When will they ever learn?

When will we ever learn?

Jimmy Carter/Barack Obama Video

Saw the video below at Power Line and just had to show it here. Audio of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama saying the exact same things. Kinda creepy to be truthful.

It is like they are the same person to listen to them speak.

By Susan Duclos

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Does Zionist Jews....They Need To Be Run Out Of This Country Get You?

On the Unemployment line.

That is what Patricia McAllister has discovered after her anti-Semitic rant.  Do you remember this little ditty from Patricia?

Poor Patricia.  The LAUSD was inundated with phone calls condemning her remarks and demanding her dismissal.  Patricia was a substitute teacher and now is an unemployed substitute teacher.

When told of Patricia's dismissal what do you think they did?  Denounce the anti-Semitic remarks of a bigot?  No!  They are demanding her to be reinstated on the payroll.
LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Occupy LA protesters demonstrated on the steps of Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters Monday, speaking out against the district's dismissal of a substitute teacher who made public comments deemed anti-Semitic at a recent protest.

The teacher, Patricia McAllister, spoke out at a recent Occupy LA protest, saying the Jews run the nation's banking infrastructure and should be forced to leave the U.S.
"I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government -- they need to be run out of this country," McAllister said in the video by, a Libertarian-leaning news organization.
McAllister stood by her words Tuesday, speaking with KTLA 5. When it was suggested that her statement was racist, she refused to back down.

"It is not racist, it's the truth," McAllister said. "Anyone who speaks against the Jews are called racists nowadays."

McAllister is black. When suggested that someone might be considered racist if making similar comments about African-Americans, she refused to agree.

"If we were destroying this nation, they'd better say something and take us down with it," she said.

McAllister's comments weren't endorsed by Occupy LA or United Teachers of Los Angeles -- the labor union representing the city's educators.

District officials released a statement supporting McAllister's freedom of speech, but saying the district would "never stand for behavior that is intolerant, disrespectful or discriminatory."

McAllister's status as a substitute teacher makes her an at-will employee and she has been relieved of her duty, officials said.

The teachers' union joined Occupy LA in calling on the district's Board of Education to rehire 1,200 teachers and other workers. The demonstrators said they are looking to start a new occupation site at LAUSD headquarters to make sure their demands are met.

The union protested district-wide budget cuts, ending in widespread layoffs of teachers and other personnel.

District officials said that 800 of the 1,200 employees that were originally laid off have already been rehired.

Please do not try to tell me that the Occupy movement hasn't been hijacked by the rapid anti-Semites.  In a true movement of peace, words like Patricia McAllister's would have been condemned immediately and she would have been told that she is not welcomed there.

Of course she doesn't even have the brains to wipe her behind.

She doesn't believe that she said anything wrong, she believes the Jews are the root of all evil and wants to throw them out of the United States (That is after she and her "friends" steal their property, rape their women and beat them to a pulp.), and they are the cause of all the problems of the world.

Patricia McAllister says she only represents herself.  But in fact she represents 90% of the Black Population who is taught anti-Semitism from birth.

I hope you listened to the whole tape.  The last seconds said it all:  "Why do we allow people like that talk to the mike?"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Send A Welcome Home To Gilad Shalit

Now that Sgt. Shalit is home and you want to send your Welcome Home to him.  How about this idea?  You can send Gilad Shalit a Welcome Home and plant a tree in Israel in his name.
Plant a tree for FREE in honor of Gilad Shalit’s release from captivity and send a personalized certificate to the Shalit family!

Gilad Shalit’s long-awaited homecoming is testament to the value that we as a Jewish people place on the sanctity of life and to Israel's staunch dedication to its citizens.

Jewish National Fund recognizes the pain that the prisoner exchange is causing many. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as well.

Send a tree to Gilad Shalit to welcome him home.


Show the world we will not leave anyone behind.

Courtesy of Ronald Lauder and Stanley Chesley, JNF’s Chairman of the Board and President, and its Board of Directors, in celebration of Gilad Shalit’s release after 5 ½ years of captivity.

Limit one per person. Free tree offer expires Sunday, October 23.

Please remember to pass this offer along to friends and family.
The cost is free and the benefit to Israel is enormous.  Just go here or call 1-800-542-TREE

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday's Hero: Lt. Richard Biedermann (Ret.)

Lt. Richard Biedermann (Ret.)

Lt.Richard Biedermann (Ret.)
89 years old from Tulsa, Oklahoma
May 28, 1922 - October 3, 2011

U.S. Navyy

When Dick Biedermann asked the organizing committee of the Oklahoma Honor Flights how much more was needed to be raised he was told $10,000. His response was "Piece of cake. I can raise that". And in only four weeks he did just that. In fact, he raised $16,000 and in doing so was able to help send 105 of his fellow WWII veterans to D.C. to see the national WWII Memorial back in February of this year. He was scheduled to go with them but he had taken a fall the week before and was unable to go. But this was nothing new for the retired Naval Lieutenant. He was always helping others. The Ronald McDonald House, the United Way, the Tulsa Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association and so on. He saw it as his mission.

Sadly, Richard (Dick) Biedermann passed away on October 3 after a long battle with heart disease. He was buried on October 6 with full military honors by the VFW and Patriot Guard Riders.

You can read more about Dick Biedermann here and view his obituary here.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

Wednesday Hero Logo

He Is Alive And Home!!!

Gilad Shalit, prisoner of Hamas for 5 years, is finally home, and safe.
Gilad Shalit (rank at the time: Cpl.) was kidnapped early on Sunday June 25, 2006. A terrorist cell attacked Shalit’s tank that was defending the security fence near the southern Gaza Strip. The terrorists crossed the border using an underground tunnel dug near the Kerem Shalom crossing. During the attack, the tank commander, First Lt. Hanan Barak, and another soldier in the tank, Staff Sgt. Pavel Slotzker were killed. Four of the soldiers in the post were injured and terrorists kidnapped Shalit into the Gaza Strip, using the tunnel they dug.

In response to the kidnapping, the IDF began Operation Summer Rains in the Gaza Strip on June 28, 2006 and lasted through November 26, 2006. Ground forces entered the Gaza Strip for the first time since the unilateral disengagement was executed.

Sgt. 1st Class Shalit was 19 years old at the time of his abduction. He is the son of Aviva and Noam Shalit and the brother of Yoel and Hadas. Sgt. 1st Class Shalit excels in math, graduating with distinction from the science class of Manor Kabri High School. He is also a major sports fan, with a passion for playing basketball.

Sgt. 1st Class Shalit was exchanged for 447 Fakistinian murderers.  Another 550 Fakistinian murderers are to be released within the next 2 months.  Why should Israel release them?  Let them rot in jail.  Remove any privileges from them.  No cable, no phones, no visits, no college classes, nothing.  The minimum of food.  Only 1 hour of exercise a day.  Locked in small cells, crowded and with no running water.  Only a hole in the ground for their bodily functions.

A curse upon the Arab peoples.  A curse upon the Fakistinians.  A curse upon the Red Cross, who in 5 years violated the Geneva Conventions of War.

After 5 years Sgt. Shalit is home.  May he find peace after the horror he has experienced.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Defending Israel

Welcome to the new installment of Digital Diplomats.

With the media spotlight again focusing on the Arab-Israeli conflict as the top news story from the Middle East and around the world, the time is right to launch a new series of Digital Diplomats media-training initiatives.
Our first series of videos focused on teaching people how to be effective advocates for Israel. Feedback from the thousands who enrolled in the program convinced us to follow up by looking at several core issues with greater depth.
The new series will consist of slide shows that illustrate the problems and how we can all contribute to solving them. Slide shows allow us to present powerful information in an entertaining and visually stimulating way while giving the viewers complete control over the pace of the information. You can move backwards or forwards as you wish without losing the thread of the message.
Our first slide show examines Israel’s media image as an aggressor using excessive force against the Palestinians.
Too often, the media fails to distinguish between Palestinian aggression and Israeli self-defense. Media coverage often gives the impression that Israel initiated violence when in fact Israel was responding to a Palestinian provocation.
In the slide show, we identify three ways that the media makes Israel appear to be the aggressor in the conflict with the Palestinians:
  1. Reporting on events out of order: News headlines often give the impression that Israel initiated violence when in reality, Israel was responding to violence against civilians initiated by Palestinian terrorists.
  2. Leaving out context: The media often fails to report essential information that leaves people unable to understand the rationale behind Israel’s policy or actions.
  3. Framing the news in terms of Israeli aggression: Reporters often speculate about how Israel will respond to violence, placing an aura of aggression around Israel even before Israel acts.
We hope that the information in our slide show will help Israel’s Digital Diplomats recognize how the media distorts the news and how to speak out against these distortions whenever they appear.
The Digital Diplomats program provides advocacy training and information to help people become effective advocates for Israel. Please share our materials with anyone who could benefit from them.

Yep It's Monday!

Don't worry, Tuesday will be better!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Anti-Semitism Emerges at Occupy Protests in LA and NY

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Pajamas Media

Pajamas Media has the disturbing report below as more expressions of anti-Semitism crop up in the Occupy protests in New York and Los Angeles. The below link contains both photos and videos.

Like the writer of the PJ article, I am not attributing anti-Semitism to all of the people who show up to protest. It is disturbing, nonetheless. Added to the overall poor behavior, the arrests and the deteriorating hygienic conditions on display, this can only further serve to discredit the cause.

If only the mainstream media would point it all out to the public. Instead, MSNBC openly supports and glorifies the crowds while Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats praise them. President Obama says that he empathizes with them. On the other hand, we have not seen and heard these kinds of expressions from the Tea Party-no matter how much the left refers to them as "racist extremists".

The responsible thing to do would be for the other protesters to openly challenge these Jew-haters and tell them to leave, if for no other reason than to disassociate themselves from this hate. What we are witnessing here is the re-opening of all the old canards about Jewish people-that they are all rich, money-grubbing financiers making their fortunes on the backs of the common man. These are the things that were said in early 20th century Europe. And we know where it all led. Add that to the blaming of Jews for the Middle East situation, and you have a volatile mixture, indeed.

A Chicken In Every Pot, A Car In Every Garage, A Government Job For Every Worker.

This is the the new campaign slogan for the Obama Regime.  That is if Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D Ill) has his way and can get his bill passed.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has offered his own $804 billion jobs plan that calls on the federal government to hire the nation’s 15 million unemployed Americans for jobs paying roughly $40,000 each, and bail out all the states and cities facing budget crises.

In an interview with the Daily Caller on Wednesday, the Illinois Democrat applauded President Obama for directing his staff to greenlight job-creating initiatives without congressional approval after his $447 billion jobs bill was defeated in the Senate this week.

“Now we’re making some progress,” Jackson said, comparing the legislative gridlock in Congress to the states that seceded from the union during the Civil War.

"We've seen Congress is in rebellion," he said, "determined to wreck or ruin at all costs."

Jackson said the government’s direct hiring of the nation’s 15 million unemployed Americans would cost $600 billion.

“It could be a five-year program,” he said. “For another $104 billion, we bail out all of the states. For another $100 billion, we bail out all of the cities.”

We put people to work cleaning up communities. We put people to work through a civilian conservation corps, through a Works Progress Administration because the hour demands it,” he said.

“And as more people work, they pay taxes, they pay taxes into the 4th quarter, they buy wares, they buy homes, they meet their obligations and our economy begins to work its way out of this protracted recession,” he continued. “That’s the only way out of this crisis. And I hope the president begins to continue to exercise extraordinary constitutional means based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past.”

But not everyone is convinced that Jackson's plan would work. Even a fellow Democrat has criticized it.

“In Rep. Jackson’s entire congressional career, he has never introduced a single jobs bill,” Debbie Halvorson, who is challenging Jackson in the Democratic primary, said in a written statement. “Now, he’s calling on the president to suspend the Constitution? As a representative of the people, you don’t give up when you hit a roadblock and throw the Constitution out the window – you keep working to get something done."

Why bother even creating fake jobs, why not just give the 15 million people $40,000 out right.  No need to ask people to suck on the government teat.  No need to spend at least $804 billion a year.  If you bail out the states, the cities will that make them cut needless spending?  NO.  Will that make them take responsibility for their spending?  NO.  Will that help them to become more fiscally responsible?  NO.  All it will do is tell the mayors, the governors spend to your heart's content and don't ever worry.  Big Federal Government will always be there to bail you out.

What people want are real jobs, not slavery to the Democratic Plantation.  In their effort to increase Democratic voters they will destroy what is left of our Constitution.  This is one idea, one bill that has to be defeated.  The idea of a job, any job will be too tempting to many people.

Obama's New War

Not content with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, now Obama has to send troops to Uganda.  To clean out the Lord's Resistance Army.
WASHINGTON -- President Obama is sending about 100 U.S. troops to central Africa to help local forces battle the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group that the administration says has waged a campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping for more than two decades.

Obama said Friday the troops will act as advisers in efforts to hunt down rebel leader Joseph Kony but will not engage in combat except in self-defense, according to a letter to Congress that was obtained by Fox News.

The White House says the first troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday. Ultimately, they will also deploy in South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Congo.

A senior administration official downplayed the notion that the armed troops could be drawn into a hostile, combat situation, saying the move was sparked by Congress passing a law year urging the administration to do something to crack down on the Lord's Resistance Army.

Long considered one of Africa's most brutal rebel groups, the Lord's Resistance Army began its attacks in Uganda more than 20 years ago but has been pushing westward.

The administration and human rights groups say its atrocities have left thousands dead and have put as many as 300,000 Africans to flight. They have charged the group with seizing children to bolster its ranks of soldiers and sometimes forcing them to become sex slaves.

Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court under a 2005 warrant for crimes against humanity in his native Uganda.

Obama's announcement came in low-key fashion -- a letter to the leader of the House, Speaker John Boehner, in which he said the deployment "furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy and will be a significant contribution toward counter-LRA efforts in central Africa."

The deployment drew support from Sen. James Inhofe, a Republican who has visited the region.

"I have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by the LRA, and this will help end Kony's heinous acts that have created a human rights crisis in Africa," he said in a statement. "I have been fervently involved in trying to prevent further abductions and murders of Ugandan children, and today's action offers hope that the end of the LRA is in sight."

But Obama's letter stressed the limited nature of the deployment.

"Our forces will provide information, advice and assistance to select partner nation forces," it said. "Although the U.S. forces are combat-equipped, they will ... not themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense."

The troops deployed to central Africa will be mostly U.S. special operations forces. It's likely many of these forces will be Army Green Berets, one military official told Fox News, but it's unlikely that will be announced publicly.

Since 2008, the U.S. has provided $33 million to regional forces battling LRA, according to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon said the special operation forces are performing one of their core missions.

"Our intention is to provide the right balance of strategic and tactical experience to supplement host nation military efforts," the Pentagon said. "Ultimately, Africans are responsible for African security, but we remain committed to our partners to enable their efforts to provide for their own security."

Now this is familiar:  The troops will act as advisers in efforts to hunt down rebel leader Joseph Kony but will not engage in combat except in self-defense.  This is exactly how Vietnam started.  And just like Vietnam, it is being started by a Democrat in need of a boost in the polls.

The very first advice our advisors need to teach these troops is:


Friday, October 14, 2011

Grand Reopening

Built in 1904, destroyed during Kristallnacht, the Rykestrasse Synagogue still is there.  Restored in 2007, it is a symbol of what Germany has become.

Germany's biggest synagogue, on Rykestrasse in Berlin, has reopened after a lavish restoration.  

The synagogue was set ablaze on Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, in 1938.
Friday's inauguration saw rabbis bringing the Torah to the synagogue, in a ceremony witnessed by political leaders and Holocaust survivors from around the world.
The synagogue, with a 1,200-person capacity, has been described as one of the jewels of Germany's Jewish community.

Rabbi Chaim Roswaski, who presided at the ceremony, described the reconstruction as 'a miracle.'

Restoration of the neo-classical building, which is more than 100 years old,cost more than 45m euros ($60m, 30m).

The re-opening comes at the start of a Jewish culture Festival in the capital.
Did you ever think you would see this in your lifetime?

Although the Grand Reopening was 4 years ago, it is a wonderful reminder of what people will do when allowed to worship in freedom.

Hat Tip:  Norman with Thanks