Welcome Truth Seekers

About Monkey in the Middle
Monkey in the Middle is a children's game played with 3 children and a ball. The rules are simple. 2 children throw the ball to each other and the 3rd child is between them and tries to catch it.

But there are times I feel like I'm playing it as the Monkey with the truth as the ball, and the throwers those who would distort the truth.

Here I will attempt to sort out the truth from the fiction and lies. There will be no spin or propaganda here.

Hopefully you my reader will find this site an informative one and will visit it often.

About Findalis
I'm in my 50's, Female, Widowed, Mother of 2 grown children. I was born in Queens, NY, raised in Brooklyn and have the accent to prove it. I'm a veteran of the US Air Force. I worked as a Translator and Analyst. My theater of expertise was the Middle East. Just an NCO here. No need to salute me. I'm currently in semi-retirement, been outsourced once too often. I'm neither a conservative nor liberal. I am liberal on some issues and conservative on others. I vote my conscience. But on one issue I am very outspoken: The threat of Islamic Fascism and the security of the State of Israel!

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