Sunday, February 24, 2013

JudicialWatch: Cultural Sensitivity Training Happening Throughout Govt - Even in Military

This is one of Bill O'Reilly's better Talking Points memos. Listen as he first interviews Alexis McGill Johnson, Executive Director of the American Values Institute about the USDA's 'cultural sensitivity training.' She thinks it is "very forward" for the U.S. Government to be telling government workers that the Pilgrims were illegal aliens, but admits Betances is "a little hokey," as if that's the issue. What he is, is overtly anti-American and you and I paid him for turning USDA employees into anti-American sheeple. Johnson says this diversity awareness is NOT mandatory. Tom Fitton, President of JudicialWatch says these cultural sensitivity training get-togethers ARE mandatory and they are happening throughout the U.S. Government, including many times at the Department of Defense (Betances "has made over $2.8 million for programs like this from the Department of Defense) and in our Military. Fitton says the USDA has "plenty" of tapes they haven't yet turned over to JudicialWatch. He appears in the video below at 5:44 min-in. 
“I want you to say: ‘If we work for a federal agency.’ Say that. [Audience repeats] ‘We have discriminated in the past.’ [Audience repeats] Say: ‘Every federal agency,’ [Audience repeats] ‘has discriminated against African Americans,’ [Audience repeats] ‘Hispanics,’ [Audience repeats] ‘Native American Indians,’ [Audience repeats] ‘and other groups’ [Audience repeats],” Betances coaches. “See, if you work for a federal agency, it doesn’t matter if it’s DOD, Commerce, Labor, Education, Housing, every agency has discriminated, because every agency reflects the values of the generation in charge,” he adds. Source: Daily Caller
Bill O'Reilly with JudicialWatch President Tom Fitton - Cultural Sensitivity Training (video)

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