Sunday, February 3, 2013

Omar "The Ingrate" Barghouti at Brooklyn College

Gary Fouse

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Tomorrow, Omar Barghouti, the anti-Israeli Arab who is studying at Tel Aviv University, will speak at UC Irvine courtesy of the Students for the Destruction of Israel, Justice in Palestine. Three days later, he will blight the already-blighted borough of Brooklyn as the various academics of Brooklyn University will be hosting him. This is creating a bit of a controversy.

Looks like he will be sharing the stage with yet another anti-Israel academic, this time Judith Butler of UC Beserkley. This is not the first time her name has darkened the pages of Fousesquawk.


For any of you students at either school who plan to listen to Barghouti trash Israel, you only have to remember two things as he speaks about boycotting Israeli institutions.

This guy, born in Qatar, raised in Egypt, is receiving his graduate education at Tel Aviv University.

Secondly, Barghouti has also received a masters degree from Columbia University, right here in the good old USA. Yet, he seems to have some negative perceptions about, well, er, white people, who make up the majority here. He thinks white people are the most violent people on the face of this planet.

He may have a point in historical terms, but if so, me thinks we have been supplanted. I'll let it rest there.

Can you say, "hypocrite"?


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