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Watcher’s Council Nominations – Technical Difficulties Edition

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Wednesday's Hero:

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Kathi

Russell E. Tucker Sr.

Russell E. Tucker Sr.
72 years old from Buffalo, New York
1899? - 1971
U.S. Marines

Seven years shy of a century later, Russell E. Tucker Sr. got his due Friday at a ceremony where he was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds he suffered as a Marine in World War I.

In June of 1918 Russell Tucker and his fellow Marines marched into German machine gun fire in Belleau, France and drove the enemy back. Russell, then only 19-years-old, was shot in the temple and in the right hand losing part of his knuckle on his index finger. But because there was no such award as the Purple Hart at the time it's taken almost a century for it to finally be awarded.

You can read more about Russell Tucker, Sr. here

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

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Honest Reporting Looks at the Light Side of Life

Holy Shades of Monty Python!  There is a scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian where the main characters where listing all the innovations and advancements the Romans brought to Judea.  And even though there were many good things, the characters kept up their hatred for the Romans.

Remind you of any one?

Actually yes.  The Lame Stream Media.  Especially when discussing Israel and the Arabs.  And Honest Reporting does it wonderfully:

Yes Media Bias at its best!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The 10-Year 9-11 Commemoration and Mayor Bloomberg

Gary Fouse

I never have been able to figure out this mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York. Not being a resident of the Big Apple, I am not qualified to comment on his overall performance, but this ten year anniversary of 9-11 is causing a lot of anger. Bloomberg has announced that there will be no religious services or clergy involved with the event and further that first responders also will not be invited to participate (due to space issues.)

Given the number of VIPs who will be invited to participate, it would seem proper for them to give up their invitations in favor of the true heroes of 9-11. As we know, so many first responders also died in the attack while trying to save others. I am not saying President Obama should not be there-he should as well as family survivors of those who died. Yet, this is nothing less than a slap in the face of those who risked their lives and survived.

As for the second issue, it is obvious that Bloomberg is trying to avoid the difficulty in inviting Christian and Jewish clergy while not inviting Muslim clergy-which would infuriate many in itself. The obvious escape hatch is to take out any religious aspects. Yet, what is a ten-year commemoration of this tragedy without anyone praying?

It comes down to this; is it appropriate for Muslim officials or clergy to attend this event since 9-11 was carried out largely in the name of Islam and Allah?

Remember when German chancellor Willy Brandt went to the Warsaw ghetto in 1970 to participate in a commemoration there?

For Germany, this was a public gesture of atonement for the crimes committed by Germany in World War II. Brandt was never a Nazi. He was an opponent of the Nazis who fled to Norway and Sweden and stayed there during the war years. In addition, Germany regularly makes gestures of contrition for what happened in the Nazi years. I have written about what the city of Erlangen does to commemorate the night of Kristallnacht. The commemoration is held at the local Jewish cemetery. Other cities also recognize their responsibility in this regard. In my view, Germans like Brandt have performed beautiful gestures in the years since World War II. The nation has also striven to educate its youth about the events of the past in the hope that such acts will never be repeated

Is this even a valid comparison?

Does that mean that all Germans today, born after the war, are responsible? No. It must also be said that millions of Germans in the Nazi years committed no crimes. Yet the stain is there. Horrible acts were committed in the name of Germany.

That leads me to ask; who would represent the Muslim faith at a 9-11 commemoration and what would such person say? Would he or she say that the people who carried out 9-11 were not following the teachings of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed? (They thought they were.) Would a Muslim speaker say that the people who carried out 9-11 had misinterpreted Islam?  Would they say that 9-11 was not carried out on behalf of American Muslims? Would they point out that Muslims also died on 9-11? Would they state that Islam is a religion of peace? Would the speaker(s) say that they felt shame over 9-11 and wanted to atone and stand with America in its fight to prevent further attacks? Would they disown the words of hateful speakers like Yusuf al Qaradawi, who is the spiritual mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood and considered one of the leading Islamic scholars in the world? Would the speaker(s) state that too much hate is being preached in many American mosques and that it has to stop? Would any of the speakers proclaim that Islam  requires a Reformation to rid itself of its violent and elements?

Please understand that these are not rhetorical questions and I am not presupposing any of the above. I think they are legitimate questions. Were any Muslim representatives to speak, the reception they received would depend on much on what they said.

Another issue would be who should represent Islam at the 9-11 commemoration.  There are a host of so-called moderates to whom the government has reached out to since 9-11 to represent the Islamic faith. Sadly, some of these people have proven to be wolves in sheep's clothing like Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who is now in prison. Others enjoy a reputation as "bridge-builders" who travel the interfaith circuit yet have been known to have questionable associations with radicals and to have made questionable statements.

Were I to invite a Muslim speaker, it would be one who I have full confidence in as a true American moderate, someone like Zuhdi Jasser or Stephen Schwartz. Yet these are figures that our government leaders are reluctant to reach out to because they tell the truth about the threat we face.

Mayor Bloomberg apparently has chosen to avoid all of these questions by excluding any religious aspect to the commemoration. That still leaves unanswered whether we will see representatives of organizations like CAIR present. Undoubtedly, millions of peaceful American Muslims would like to see some Muslim representation at the commemoration. In my view, CAIR would be a huge mistake.

Bloomberg understandably has a "sticky wicket" on his hands, as I believe the British expression goes.

He might still consider Jasser and Schwartz.

If You Ever Wondered How Sick British Society Is, This Proves It!

I have enjoyed British Comedy for many decades.  The hilarious satire of Monty Python, Benny Hill and Dave Allen has brought me out of the blues.  Mr. Bean and The Black Adder have got me laughing.  Most British Humor is funny, some in bad taste, but nothing offensive.  Until now.
A controversial film about Muslim suicide bombers is to be screened as part of a season of programmes to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11 on Channel 4.

It will show Four Lions by comedian Chris Morris days before memorials take place for the terrorist outrages in New York.

Insiders at the broadcaster say Morris wanted to air the 2010 film on the anniversary itself, but bosses refused.

In the comedy, a group of British terrorists bungle a plan to kill thousands of people at the London Marathon in a terror attack.

Channel 4 will premiere it alongside documentaries about heroes from the emergency services and the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The plans were revealed at the Edinburgh Television Festival by chief creative officer Jay Hunt.

Speaking at a session called No Risk Please, We’re Prime Time, she said: “I’ve just had a robust conversation with Chris Morris about Four Lions and the scheduling of that and how close it is to 9/11. I think we should absolutely continue to push those boundaries.

“It is going out in the next week and a half or so. It is not going out on 9/11 itself. But it is around then because it speaks to that issue.”

Referring to Morris, who presented a paedophile special for TV satire Brass Eye that received a record number of complaints, she said: “He felt strongly that it was an important flavour in the mix, and I think it is.” - Daily Mail

This is so sick, in such bad taste that words cannot describe the feelings I have.  It reminds me of when The Daily Kos decided that this bit of humor was appropriate on 9/11:

I wonder how the  British would feel if we Americans did a comedy skit in bad taste about 7/7?  Or Princess Diana's Death?  Or any tragedy that they have experienced?

It would be in bad taste and show our utter contempt for the British people.  Just as the British people are showing towards us.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 Years

Today Gilad Shalit is 25 years old.  This is another birthday in captivity.  Another birthday spent in darkness.  Another birthday spent alone.

Could you imagine what the world would do if any of the murderers that Hamas has sent against Israel was treated like Gilad Shalit is?  Imagine what Sheik Obama would say?  Queen Elizabeth?  The International Red Cross?  Yet on the subject of Gilad Shalit they are silent.

Today light a candle for Gilad.  Remember one lone Israeli soldier in captivity.  Pray for him to return home safely.  Pray that he is alive.

This Woman Has Too Much Time On Her Hands

Fresh off her stint on the Floatilla, her trips to Iran, her conversion to Islam, Laura Booth now incites the nations of Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan to destroy the Jews Israel.
Laura Booth, sister-in-law of Quartet envoy Tony Blair, has called on “Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt liberate Al-Quds [Jerusalem].”

The former British prime minister’s family member has previously sailed illegally to Gaza on a flotilla boat. She joined an anti-Israel rally in London Trafalgar’s Square, where another protest today (Sunday) may be the last as the mayor London vows to crack down on the incitement as the date for the next Olympics approaches.

"The Mayor believes that intolerance of our fellow citizens and hate crimes against specific communities are totally unacceptable, particularly in a city like London and especially in 2012 when the eyes of the world will be on the capital,” said a spokesman for Mayor Boris Johnson, the London Jewish Chronicle reported.

The spokesman added, “The Greater London Authority will not be authorizing political rallies in Trafalgar Square during the Olympic and Paraolympic Games."

The Trafalgar Square rallies against Israel have featured Hizbullah flags.

During last week’s demonstration, Booth went on another rant against Israel. “We say here today to you, Israel, we see your crimes and we loathe your crimes. And to us your nation does not exist, because it is a criminal injustice against humanity. We want to see Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt go to the borders and stop this now. Liberate Al Quds! March to Al Quds!”

Another speaker claimed, somewhat myopically as far as historical accuracy goes, that “the only time that land has seen peace between Muslim, Christian and Jew living side by side was when sincere Islamic rulers ruled with justice.”

During Ottoman Islamic rule, Jews were second-class citizens, called "Dhimmis". The myth of their "peaceful lives" has been debunked by historians, although they were not subject to pogroms as frequently as European Jews..

In fact, Jordan, during its occupation of the Old City and other parts of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria between 1949 and 1967, denied Christians and Jews all access to holy sites except for visiting dignitaries.

Israel opened up the sites to all religions after it restored the areas under its sovereignty in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Someone should remind this useful idiot that only Muslims were allowed to worship in the Old City of Jerusalem while Jordan controlled that part of the city.  But being the idiot she is, she would approve.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Humor To Weather The Storm!

Although a hurricane is no laughing matter, it is nice to smile and laugh while your world is coming down around your ears. (Or at least feels that way.)

Keep your feet dry while your sides split.

Cats will need some assembly.

Hurricane Irene has caused some disruptions.  Especially to President Obama's golf game:

It isn't all bad:

OK maybe it is!

Seen during President Obama's Magical Bus tour:


In Israel the leftists are still in tents, camping out in Tel Aviv.  I wonder how fast they will close shop if the rockets that attack Israel every day start hitting Tel Aviv?

I understand that Obama is starting to come to pieces over his Middle East Policy.

But then again the Arabs refuse to give in to him.  September should be interesting to say the least.

And now a few words from Orange Cat on why not to bother bulls:

Another good bit of advice from Orange Cat.

This just in!  Daleks on the Earth:

Who Knew?

I do hope that all of you who are in the path of Hurricane Irene keep yourself safe from harm.  My prayers are with you and your families.

Stay Safe!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Latest Islamophobia Report

Gary Fouse

The Center for American Progress is a progressive organization (they label themselves as "non-partisan") founded by John Podesta, one of President Clinton's closest advisors. It has just published a booklet on the topic of Islamophobia, which is linked below.

My reactions to this are many. First of all, this is a political document designed to discredit the American right. You will note the repeated use of adjectives such as "right-wing" and "Christian". You should also note that this report received financial funding from George Soros' Open Society.

Look at the people who are singled out for criticism. Not only do they go after Steve Emerson, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, and David Horowitz, they also mention Republicans like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Peter King, Newt Gingrich, Sue Myrick and Michele Bachmann. They also attack true moderates like Zuhdi Jasser, a practicing Muslim and former Muslims like Nonie Darwish. In fact, the authors try to drag in virtually every conservative figure or organization they can including, naturally, the Tea Party. And of course, Fox News and the "well-developed right-wing echo chamber" are mentioned. Is this really about defending innocent Muslims or just about making liberal/Democratic talking points?

In attacking these figures, they repeat many of the statements that their targets have made about the Islamic threats of violence, intolerance and aspects of sharia law. Yet, they cannot effectively refute them. They want to make the reader believe that talk of Islamic radicalism in American mosques, Islamic supremism, and the threat of sharia to the West are overblown and have no validity.

The writers also want you to think that the people they are singling out for blame have attacked all Muslims as people. That is a canard. Yes, I have read many comments about Muslims on the Internet that are totally intolerant, but not from the people that this report singles out.

This is not even an attempt to suppress Muslim worship, yet certain aspects of Islam-especially as a political ideology- should be open for discussion when they conflict with American values, laws, and our Constitution. This is nothing less than another left-wing attempt to smear conservatives and stifle any critical discussion of Islam. Are we also supposed to cease any critical discussion of pedophilia by Catholic priests-even though such discussion  has never been accused of damning Catholics in general?

To try and discredit the critics is to say that there is no Islamic terrorism in the world, that there is no intolerance toward non-Muslims in the world, that there is no wish to implement sharia in the West, that no Muslim has ever acted out an honor-killing in America, that there is absolutely no hate and subversion being preached in any American mosque. They might as well deny 9-11 ever happened. They might as well deny Ft Hood and all the intended terrorist attacks that have been thwarted here in America-not to mention those not thwarted that happen regularly in Pakistan, Aghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria,  and so many other places.-all spurred by the hate that this article purports to condemn.

Anyone who is not living in a shell knows better. It doesn't apply to all Muslims and certainly not to all Muslims in America, but it applies to many-including several very prominent Islamic clerics whose hateful messages are documented in video and/or audio. Have you ever heard the sermons of Yusuf al Qaradawi? He is the number one cleric of the Muslim Brotherhood, and make no mistake, he is a virulent anti-Semite. I could list so many others, some right here in America.

Read this report carefully. If you buy into it, you must accept that there is no Islamic terrorist threat. There is no intolerance of other religions within Islam even though it is documented in the Quran and the hadith. You must accept that there are no radical Islamists in our midst who preach hate against the US, Israel, Jews and non-Muslims. You must ignore the parts of sharia law that dictate death for apostates, stoning for women who commit adultery, dhimmitude or death for non-Muslims and all the rest. You must say that we have no right to challenge that.

My impression of this report is that the true purpose is not to defend innocent, peaceful Muslims (which I also support) but to make political points against the conservative right. However, it does remind us that we must always differentiate between those Muslims who have a radical, fundamentalist agenda and those simply trying to lead their lives as best they can. To point out the legitimate concerns that we have is not to preach hate against an entire group of people. To this end, I bring up Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who recemtly committed mass murder over this issue. This report tries to make the point that he drew his inspiration from the same people the report condemns. Yet none of those people or anyone else I am aware of has applauded his act. They have universally condemned it.

The very language of the report gives it away. It has a purely political agenda.

It's A Puzzlement?!?

How a rag tag group of militias that haven't been able to break out of their area for months even with NATO airstrikes could finally run Qadaffy out of Libya in 2 weeks?

Now for the $1 million answer.

I suspect there are US troops on the ground in civilian clothing leading the charge.

That would explain how a bunch of civilians could defeat a trained army.  It wasn't a bunch of civilians but trained forces disguised as civilians.

If Obama did order this, then he violated every major part of both the NATO treaty and the Geneva Conventions of War.

It's In The Koran! I'm Allowed To Kill You!

Hat Tip to Zilla of the Resistance

 I will put this one in the Chutzpah files.

The foreign asshole known as the Underwear Bomber, also known as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is demanding the government release him immediately.  His reasoning (if you can call it that) is because he is a Muslim and can only be tried under the rule of Koran.  In other words, only Shar'ia Law can be applied to his case.
The so-called underwear bomber charged with trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner is arguing for his prison release, claiming wrongful imprisonment by the American government.

In a handwritten court document filed today, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 24, asked the court to release him from prison, arguing that "all Muslims should only be ruled by the law of the Quran."

"The defendant is being unjustly detained in the Unites States of American, and subjected to the Rule of Man," wrote Abdulmutallab, adding he should "only be judged and ruled by the law of the Quran."

In a separate, handwritten court filing, the Nigerian national also wrote that "excessive force" was used to restrain him on Wednesday while he was in his closed cell, during the "holy month of Ramadan." He wrote that between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., "in defense of Muhammad," he assaulted several officers from his cell, and that as a result, "excessive force" was used to restrain him.

Abdulmutallab, who is acting as his own attorney in the case, also asked the court to order that no excessive force be used on him.

Abdulmutallab, who has insisted on representing himself, is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 4 on charges he tried to blow up a passenger airliner with 279 passengers and 11 crew members on Christmas Day 2009 with a bomb in his underwear.

Au­thorities have said that Abdulmutallab is an al-Qaida operative trained in Yemen for the sui­cide mission, which was foiled when a passenger subdued Abdulmutallab. He is facing nu­mer­ous criminal charges, including conspiracy to commit terror­ism.

In September, Abdulmutallab fired his government-appointed lawyers and suggested that he wanted to plead guilty to some charges. He has said nothing about a plea since.

U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Edmunds has appointed prominent criminal defense attorney Anthony Chambers as his standby attorney.

Chambers has said that a plea is unlikely, and that the case is headed for trial.

"We will challenge everything," Chambers said earlier this year, noting his client "has a full understanding of his sit­uation."

Chambers declined comment on the latest filings by Abdulmutullab. He would only say:

"We are preparing for trial. There have been no plea discussions."

There is an old legal saying:  "He who represents himself in court has a fool for a client."

This idiot is definitely a fool.  If he keeps trying stunts like this one, the presiding judge will remove his right to defend himself and appoint a lawyer for him.  Doing that will push the trial date back even further.

He is very lucky the bomb was a dud.  It might not have blown up the plane, but it would have easily blown up his dangly bits.  He would have been singing soprano for the rest of his very short life.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is the White House Masterminding a Race War In America?

Cross posted from Holger Awakens.

Read this. Whether you believe this account or not, read it. And after you are done reading it, tell me you don't believe it. It's long. Read it all.

The story is from the posting at Pat Dollard (article attributed to BeforeItsNews).

The Notorious Ulsterman: White House Masterminding Race War

“The president doesn’t like the Oval Office much – he’s made that point repeatedly to more than a few at the White House. He prefers to be upstairs, no suit. No shoes. No joke —”

Obama is moving ahead with the plans to bring about Martial Law. In this interview a Whitehouse insider reveals some very disturbing information.

Author’s Note: This interview is the first face to face sit down in months with our longtime D.C. political operative we have come to simply call “Insider”. They offer up a unique perspective and insight based upon their decades-long experience as a D.C. insider working within the highest levels of government– including helping to elect Barack Obama in 2008. Here now are the words of Insider, unedited and published in their entirety per their request. This is part three of the interview. WARNING: Adult Content


Insider: (Pauses)… As far as it takes. We’re preparing for it. I sure as hell hope America is too. Like I told you…this election coming up…Brutal.

Ulsterman: What do you mean by we – we are preparing for it? And are you actually saying that Barack Obama would push for race riots to somehow win a presidential election? That sounds…far fetched. Even for this administration.
Insider: Does it? How so? You need to take step back and see more of what has been happening in this country. It’s why this thing went from a concern about the party to a serious concern about the country. Why aren’t you seeing that?

Ulsterman: Just explain – the race rioting. I don’t see how that would help Obama get re-elected. It doesn’t…I just don’t see how that would work. In fact it seems like just the opposite. If we go from economic chaos to…whatever one would call it – racial chaos…that doesn’t help Obama. So yeah – I don’t see what you are saying there.

Insider: (Leans back – folds arms across chest)

You and too many goddamn Americans don’t see it, so don’t feel so bad. You know, other world leaders see it. Putin. Sarkozy. Merkel. Harper…Barack Obama is incapable of anything remotely resembling leadership, but he is also quite capable of the kind of dangerous arrogance that the very worst leaders in history possessed. (Pauses) Look, let me try and paint a picture for you – a clearer picture of what Obama really is. If you were to step into the White House and see the man at work, or whatever the hell it is he calls it. It’s not the same as what some of his own people are calling it – I know that for certain. The jokes, the sneers that go on behind the president’s back. You want to see that picture? The real Barack Obama? Maybe then you might understand what the man is capable of – really capable of.

Ulsterman: Go ahead.

Insider: I’m at my desk here right? We’re sitting here having this conversation. How about we take a look at what the president would look like in the same situation? Walk into that room – that office of his on the 2nd floor. He spends less and less time downstairs – that’s Daley’s world now. The president doesn’t like the Oval Office much – he’s made that point repeatedly to more than a few at the White House. He prefers to be upstairs, no suit. No shoes. No joke —

Ulsterman: (Interrupts) —Shoes?

Insider: Yeah – shoes. President Obama, when he is in his de facto office upstairs – the one that is closer to Jarrett’s own office, and a short hop over to the residence, he spends his time there often in shorts, or sweats, a t-shirt, and those sandal things…flip-flops. There is a large screen television in there and that’s where hours of his time are spent when he is actually at the White House. Day in and day out. The First Lady rules the residence, and the president heads over to his 2nd floor West Wing study. Starting around last spring, he started to take regular briefings in there. And the instructions that went out on those briefings to the president were that they were to be most importantly – brief. Anything more than about 15 minutes is unacceptable to Obama. So let’s look through the eyes of someone heading into Barack Obama’s upstairs office at the White House to give him a briefing. Maybe it’s on national security. Maybe the economy. Energy policy. Whatever – doesn’t matter. The scenario being played out these days is pretty much the same regardless of the particulars. You knock on the door – it’s always closed. Always. Often you have to knock for some time before being given approval from inside to enter. The big screen will be on – the volume loud. You can easily hear it from outside the door. The sports channels are the ones most commonly playing, though sometimes the channel will be set to music, or Fox News. Sometimes Valerie Jarrett might be there, but most often it is just the president and his personal aide. A large leather chair will be facing the television – it’s well worn. Not part of the White House furnishings but something the president must have brought in from back home. That’s where you’ll most often find the President of the United States – the most powerful man in the free fucking world. He often sits with one leg draped over one of the chair’s arms and the other leg stuck straight onto the floor. Shorts, sweats, a t-shirt, and like I said, no shoes or just those sandal things that so many of the younger people like to wear these days. And that leg that’s draped over an arm of the chair will be bopping up and down, like…like someone with a lot of nervous energy. Like a kid does. And there’s the smell of smoke hanging on the president. The guy never quit smoking – that was all bullshit. I told you that already. In fact, there’s one of those smokeless ash trays on the desk in there. And that desk, it’s a mess. Magazines spread out all over it. Stupid shit too. Real low brow reading material the president is into. People. Rolling Stone. Lots of those tabloid things. The most common thread with this shit is it’s about the president. If it’s about him, he’s gonna read it. Good or bad – doesn’t matter. If somebody is talking about him, he’s reading it. He’s watching it. Whatever. The guy’s self-obsession is off the fucking charts.

So that’s what you first see when you enter the room – the upstairs office of President Obama. Next you’re gonna notice how small the guy looks. Really thin. He pads his suits up you know. The top end. The shoulders. It became an actual issue during the 2008 campaign – some of his handlers were saying it made his neck look too small. Fact is, it made his neck look just like it is – small. The guy is scrawny. All knees and elbows sitting in that chair. Sometimes he gets up when you come in, sometimes he remains seated and will just turn the volume on the TV down with the remote and say, “What you got?” That foot is bouncing up and down while you give him the briefing, but he rarely looks over at you – always looking at whatever is on the television. If it’s Jarrett in the room, or the personal assistant, one of them is there to keep the time. Your time. Don’t go over that fifteen minutes. And even if the president doesn’t look like he hears a word you’re saying, they are listening to everything. Every goddamn syllable coming out of your mouth, and if something is said they don’t like, they jot down notes. Been told it’s to use for the end of day summary they give the president – their own version of what is important and what can be ignored…and who might need to be pushed down, or pushed out…or whatever. So you’re looking at the president, this skinny guy, who’s ignoring you, who’s dressed like some kind of fucking frat boy wannabe, with somebody else taking notes on what you’re saying, and then you get up and walk out. The president might acknowledge you on some days, give a little nod, maybe even a thank you, but most often he just continues to look at the TV, bounce that foot on the chair, his skin looking off-color, pale, the eyes out of focus, the hair a helleva lot more gray than is shown in public, the wrinkles around the mouth far deeper…and the hands. His fucking hands are so…they are just these thin little stick digits. They are like these long-fingered woman’s hands. And his wrists, you could wrap your own fingers all the way around those wrists – again, so much like a woman’s hands. Almost freakish. Certainly not the strong alpha-male type image that America was given during the 2008 campaign.

That’s who you see in the room – the real Barack Obama. Pretty fucking unsettling. Those world leaders, they sensed this. They saw through the façade and saw who was running the United States of America, and the word went out – “Don’t count on this American president – he doesn’t have a fucking clue.” And they’re right.

Ulsterman: So what? The president is a thin man. He has small hands. What the hell does that have to do with-with…anything? Or anything relevant to the 2012 election, or the scandal, or to—

Insider: (Interrupts)—I’m trying to lay out the psychological foundation of the son-of-a-bitch. You think people might want to know what this man is really like? How everything around him – the whole fucking image…it’s a charade. It’s a lie. He fooled me – he fooled a whole lot of us. And he is frightened every hour of every day that the country will find out. But this realization, this little part of Obama’s self-awareness, it’s getting beat down by the guy’s absolute arrogance and when necessary, willingness to over-reach acceptable executive authority. Yeah, it’s a lot more important than the fact he dresses like a slob when the cameras aren’t on, or that he lies over and over again just because it’s convenient and the media continues to let him get away with it…it’s about how far he will go to keep the charade up, right? How far, and who is he willing to throw under that bus? Who can be sacrificed to keep up the lie that is Barack Obama? To keep the scandals down? To keep people quiet? To keep himself as the tool for the ones really calling the shots?

So will he stir up the race issue if it means guilting or scaring white voters to keep him in the White House? Hell yes he will. He’s been doing that shit his whole damn life! You wanna say so what to that? You wanna see this country torn apart by race because we have a president who sees it as a viable political tool? Don’t answer – let me talk here. I’m laying some things out I’ve been holding back on, so if you wanna hear it, let me talk. Don’t interrupt me with one of your little questions…

The race card, the racial thing – whatever it’s gonna be called, it is the number one asset this administration believes it has to win in 2012. Their own polling data has shown that to be true over and over again. But how far are they willing to push that? Race. The charges of racism? I believe all the way if they have to. And they are gonna get people stirred up. And if Barack Obama doesn’t win re-election, watch them stand back while the riots break out, and watch them mouth the words “Burn baby burn.” I don’t think they are willing to go that far, I know it. If they can’t have America, nobody will. That’s how big – that’s how important this election coming up is. Even the people who pay attention to this stuff…they don’t realize how big this is. How important to the country. We are truly at a fork in the road here. This administration is going to attempt whatever necessary to remain in power. Race. Intimidation. Media attacks. Division – divide and fucking conquer. You notice how divisive the Republican primary campaigns have already started to become? You think that’s all occurring on its own? Hell no. Tens of millions of dollars are already being spent getting conservatives, Republicans, Independents, whatever – get them to attack each other. Get them frustrated and lower their desire to vote for the eventual nominee. You know, Republicans used to be the party that would unite behind the nominee when they were chosen – it frustrated the hell out of us Democrats who were always bitching over this or that right up until the election. That’s not the case anymore, and your Republicans are much weaker because of it. I’ll say this, if Republicans don’t get their shit together and vote for whoever is the nominee – and I mean WHOEVER is the nominee, then it will be another four years of Barack Obama running this country into the fucking dirt and that’s what we deserve. If we are too stupid as a country to fix this mess…then so be it. It’s over. The America we know, the America we knew – it’s over. Done. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

From Findalis:

I have heard from friends who are still in the US Military that not only is it almost impossible to contact Obama if there is an emergency, but he is never in the Oval Office.  In fact he is very seldom in pants and shirt.  When they see him, he looks like some bum on the street.  These sources believe amongst themselves that President Obama is taking Cocaine or even worse Crack on a regular basis.  It is this addiction that keeps Obama being late to his press conferences and speeches.

What keeps people from reporting this to the press and having the press turn on Obama is the idea of President Biden in control.  The real reason that Biden was put on the ticket was not his experience in Foreign Affairs, but to keep Obama from being impeached.

The idea of President Biden isn't as bad as having a lazy, drugged out, bum for a President.

A Prayer

For those in the Path of Hurricane Irene.

May G-d protect you and your family from harm.
May you endure this storm safely,
May you discover that you have a home to return to.

Stay safe and dry.

Good Night Irene by the Weavers

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Right To Rape Children

In the near future your child will be walking home from school, a car pulls up, the man inside grabs your child and for days the child is sexually molested.  The police find both, but the man gets to keep the child and you are placed in jail for the crime of denying a Pedophile his right to rape children.

You feel this can never happen.  Yet recently members of the American Psychiatric Association attended a conference that proposed that pedophilia be accepted as a "lifestyle choice".
A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals say it's time to change the way society views individuals who have physical attractions to children.

The organization, which calls itself B4U-Act, is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the guideline of standards on mental health that's put together by the American Psychiatric Association.

The group says its mission is to help pedophiles before they create a crisis, and to do so by offering a less critical view of the disorder.

"Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people or the issue of child sexual abuse," reads the organization's website.

B4U-Act said that 38 individuals attended a symposium in Baltimore last week, including researchers from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and the universities of Illinois and Louisville. According to the group, which said to not endorse every point of view expressed, the speakers in attendance concluded that "minor-attracted" individuals are largely misunderstood and should not be criminalized even as their actions should be discouraged.

Speakers also argued that people who are sexually attracted to children should have input into the decision about how pedophilia is defined in the DSM, which they said is supposed to be a guide to promote “mental health vs. social control.”

The American Psychiatric Association did not participate in the conference, and evidently does not condone the group's message.

"An adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and immoral act and this is never considered normal or socially acceptable behavior," the APA wrote in a 2003 position statement.

Critics of the effort also note that the movement likens its fight for pedophilia acceptance to society's more recent embrace of homosexuality. They warn of a slippery slope to a time when pedophilia is "just another lifestyle choice" that won't warrant criminal charges—and will leave young children at risk.
Guess what none of the members of the American Psychiatric Association didn't do?  Yep condemn this idea out right.  Guess what they will be working to do instead?  Yep make it legal for your child, your grandchild to be molested legally.

Speakers also argued that people who are sexually attracted to children should have input into the decision about how pedophilia is defined in the DSM.

How about listening to the victims instead.  They are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of the actions of the APA and their sick views.

You can contact the APA here.
You can contact B4U-ACT here.

Let them know that in no uncertain terms you will ever accept Pedophilia will NEVER be acceptable to you and to US society.

Happy Birthday Gilad Shalit

On August 28 Gilad Shalit will turn 25.  He has been held without outside contact for 5 years.  A Prisoner of War without the rights of a POW under the Geneva Conventions of War.  The International Red Cross has been complacent in this horror by refusing to impose sanctions on Hamas until they are allowed to see Gilad.  The world applauds this action.  After all to the world at large Jews have no rights.  And Gilad sits in a prison cell without hope.

Stand With Us has a petition directed to the International Red Cross, Amnesty International, and the United Nations demanding that Gilad be released.  Reminding them that we have not forgotten him.  We haven't.  Please sign it here

On August 28th light a candle for Gilad, pray for his release and don't forget him.  Let everyone know who he is and why he matters.  There can be no peace in the Middle East until he is returned to Israel safe and unharmed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday's Hero: RMC Thomas James Reeves

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Michael Golch

RMC Thomas James Reeves

RMC Thomas James Reeves
46 years old from Thomaston, Connecticut
December 9, 1895 - December 7, 1941

U.S. Navy

On December 7, 1941, Radioman Chief Thomas Reeves was aboard the U.S.S. California. During the attack he helped load the anti-aircraft ammo, by hand, until he was overcome by smoke and fire. For his actions that day RMC Reeves was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

His citation reads: "For distinguished conduct in the line of his profession, extraordinary courage and disregard of his own safety during the attack on the Fleet in Pearl Harbor, by Japanese forces on 7 December 1941. After the mechanized ammunition hoists were put out of action in the U.S.S. California, Reeves, on his own initiative, in a burning passageway, assisted in the maintenance of an ammunition supply by hand to the antiaircraft guns until he was overcome by smoke and fire, which resulted in his death." In 1943 the destroyer escort USS Reeves was named in his honor.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.
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What Truce?

Can you imagine it is the middle of the night.  You and your loved ones are fast asleep dreaming of peaceful times, wondrous dreams, and then this invades your sleep:

And you have only seconds to get to safety.  In your shelter there are crying children, bewildered parents, and the mutterings of prayers as you wait to see if your neighborhood is hit.

This is the reality of life in Southern Israel.  Of life in Be'er Sheva where 1 has been killed already.  Of life in Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Sderot where the daily terror has returned.  1 million Israelis live under terror now, but the world screams there is a truce.
A Kassam rocket exploded on Monday night in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council after three further rockets exploded earlier in the evening. One of the rockets that fell south of Ashkelon earlier sparked a fire near a kibbutz, and was later doused, police said.

The attacks once again placed reports of an unofficial ceasefire in question and have shattered a period of around 8 hours when no projectiles were fired at southern Israel.

Earlier on Monday, Taher a-Nunu, spokesman for the Hamas government, said that the factions in the Gaza Strip and Hamas announced that they are willing to comply to truce, if Israel agrees not to carry out more strikes.

The Popular Resistance Committees, the group Israel says is behind a deadly terror attack last week near Eilat, announced Monday that it would adhere to a cease-fire as an escalation in Gaza seemed to calm. The announcement followed reports that Palestinian factions had agreed to stop firing rockets at Israel.

"We will temporarily stop firing rockets for the sake of our Palestinian people," the terrorist group said in a statement posted on its website, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported. The PRC had previously resisted committing to a cease-fire.

Over a dozen rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel since Sunday night and the IDF struck back in the Strip at least once. No Gaza-based group took responsibility for the rocket launches. No injuries were reported from the rockets.

Earlier Monday, Palestinian officials said that Hamas had agreed to enforce a cease-fire on smaller Palestinian factions in Gaza, which have been responsible for most of the rockets fired at Israel in the escalation of recent days.

One official who was involved in mediating talks between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza said the groups had "reached an understanding on a truce and that the truce has started."

Officials said that Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease-fire after five days of cross-border violence earlier.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Office denied that it was partner to any signed cease-fire agreement in Gaza.

A source in the PMO told Army Radio, "We do not sign agreements with Hamas, not directly and not indirectly."

He added, "Israel is monitoring the implementation of the cease-fire. If they continue the shooting, we'll respond accordingly."

At a late-night meeting with security cabinet ministers, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu concluded that Israel will not respond to any attacks from Gaza with a large-scale operation.

You see in the Middle East (And to Moonbat leftists and the Lame Stream Media) TRUCE means only one thing:  Israel stops attacking, everyone else keeps going.
While the Israeli media marvels at the continued rocket fire from Gaza despite the so-called ‘ceasefire’, David Bedein, head of the Israel Resource News Agency, Center for Near East Policy Research in Jerusalem is not surprised at all.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva on Monday, Bedein explained that the Arab terms ‘hudna’ and ‘tahadiya’, which are used by Hamas to describe the ceasefire, do not at all mean that the firing of rockets and missiles stops completely.

Bedein added that according to Islamic rules, these terms allow the individual who uses them to keep fighting or to stop the fighting as he wishes.

“They can attack and stop attacking whenever they want,” he said. “There is no connection between hudna and tahadiya and a ceasefire. You have to understand the terms.”

Bedein’s Center for Near East Policy has studied these terms carefully using four Middle East experts. He reminded what happened after three previous ‘ceasefires’ that were declared by Hamas: After the ceasefire announced in 2006 235 missiles and rockets were into Israeli territory; after the ceasefire announced in 2008 and which lasted six months, 538 missiles and rockets were fired; after the third ceasefire, which was signed after the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, no less than 912 missiles and rockets were fired into Israeli territory.

Bedein emphasized that the Israeli public must understand the differences in the terms and added that when Israelis hear the media mention a ceasefire they should point out the error to the media outlets and say that it is not a ceasefire but a hudna or a tahadiya. He also recommended that similar protest calls also be made to the President’s Residence, which he said helps spreads the ceasefire lie.

He added that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry are not free from blame either, since they know what the terms mean and still do not explain them to the public. The reason for that, believes Bedein, is that “there are elements in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry who do not want to deal with a situation of total war with the Palestinian Authority.”

Meanwhile, ceasefire or not, southern Israeli cities came under rocket fire again for a fifth night on Monday.

Residents in Ashkelon found themselves racing for cover several times throughout the night Monday as the Color Red air raid siren blared its warning, starting in the early evening.

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) terrorist group had announced earlier Monday in a statement on its website that it would adhere to a Hamas-led ceasefire. However, more than a dozen rockets were fired Sunday night after the so-called truce was imposed.

No Gaza-based group took responsibility for the attacks.

To the world at large there is a truce and Israel is suppose to allow the rockets to fall.  It is time that Israel declare a hudna or tahadiya of their own.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barack Hussein Is On His Way

A song written by Storm'n Norm'n
Sung to the tune: The Lion Sleeps Tonight.


A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
Barack Hussein is on his way

In the White House
The mighty White House
Obama lies tonight
In the White House
The disgraced White House
Obama lies tonight

A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
Barack Hussein is on his way

It takes a village
The Hillary village
They all lie tonight
Near the village
The Hillary village
They all lie tonight

A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a wimoweh
A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh
Barack Hussein is on his way
Let us make it that Barack Hussein is on his way OUT!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guess Who Blinked First?

After weeks of protests, intimidation, picketing in front of people's homes, destruction of company equipment,  threatening workers, stockholders and average citizens, the union has caved in.
NEW YORK -- Thousands of striking Verizon workers will return to work Tuesday, though their contract dispute isn't over yet.

The 45,000 employees, who have been on strike since Aug. 7, agreed to return to work while they negotiate with Verizon Communications Inc. on the terms of a new contract. The workers are employed in nine states from Massachusetts to Virginia in the landline division.

Among the issues in dispute is the company's move to freeze pensions and its demand that workers contribute to their health insurance premiums. The company argues that it has to reduce benefits as the landline business deteriorates. More Americans are forgoing such lines in favor of mobile phones.

The employees' unions say the company is profitable and can afford to maintain the benefits.

For now, the two sides say they have narrowed their disagreements and have agreed on a structure for the negotiations. The workers will return to work under the terms of a contract that expired Aug. 6.

"The major issues remain to be discussed, but overall, issues now are focused and narrowed," the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers said in a statement.

Marc Reed, Verizon's executive vice president of human resources, credited the company's managers with "ably meeting the needs of our customers" during the 14-day strike. This enabled the company to "withstand the strike without significant disruption to customer service," he said.

The company said it will "quickly address any backlog in repairs and unfulfilled requests for service."

It is becoming apparent that the average Joe on the street is getting fed up with union thugs attacking people, protesting outside the homes of executives, and holding protests in State Capitals.