Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Drive to Stifle Discussion of Islam Continues

Gary Fouse

So now we can't use the word, "Islamist"?

My friend and colleague, Karen Lugo, has written the below piece for National Review on how the Islamists are attempting to shut down honest and open discussion of Islam and the acts of terror and hate being carried out around the world by Islamists-yes, Islamists as opposed to just Muslims


Frontpage Magazine is running an article on an incident at New Jersey's Montclair University involving the campus Muslim Student Association and a picture of 9-11.


Bias Response Team??!!

While it is unfortunate and unfair that any ordinary Muslims would be painted as 9-11 terrorists, given the MSA's history of their own events and the slanders against Israelis, maybe they should examine themselves. Have their own activities and invited speakers caused them to be a focus of suspicion for having a radical bent? If you want to hold controversial events and bring in controversial speakers, you ARE controversial. That's what you ask for; that's what you get.

I don't believe that the average member of a campus Muslim Student Association is radical, but too many times, we see the leadership of these chapters go on to radical activities including joining terror groups.


So sorry to you all you Islamists who want to impose your religious values on the rest of us and dominate us. We will continue to discuss every aspect of the terror, intolerance and violence that is being visited on the world in the name of Islam. And if the day ever comes that this discussion is outlawed, we will just have to go to jail rather than be silenced.

And I think "Islamists" is just as good a term as any to separate peaceful Muslims from those who are not so peaceful, or who think they are going to turn America into a Muslim nation.

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