Monday, February 11, 2013

Sorry - No Mandate That Your Child Be Covered Under ObamaCare

Remember that the law for ObamaCare was not written when it was passed. In otherwords, Congress passed an unwritten law – there was only a skeleton outline, no insides, no outside. The skeleton had no skin, no guts. The guts and the skin are being added by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius daily. She has the full and complete authority to write the organs of the law – the important part, and neither Congress, you or I can do a thing about it. In this case, the children’s skeleton was written sloppily, unclearly…there is no mandate that your child be covered, or that your employer cover dependents. Bwwwwahahahahaha!

...the law doesn’t specifically mandate family coverage — and now the administration says that won’t be required.
You can see why: If the lowest-cost family plan (again, two adults and three kids) is to run a whopping $20,000, and if the employee’s contribution is limited to $3,800, the employer’s tab would be $16,200 — adding about $7.40 an hour to the cost of that employee. Wisely, the IRS announced on Jan. 30 that employers won’t have to pay for dependents.
But the Congressional Budget Office’s much-cited prediction that ObamaCare would leave only 30 million people uninsured by 2016 was based on the assumption that kids would be covered by employers. At the very least, employers insuring their workers for the first time to avoid the penalty are unlikely to do that.
So how will the kids be covered? They won’t. The IRS shocked the law’s advocates by announcing that the insurance exchanges won’t provide subsidies for a child whose parent is covered at work.
Nor will these parents be penalized for not insuring their children — the IRS will kindly consider the kids exempt from the mandate.
Also exempt are millions of people who’ll stay uninsured because their state is wisely choosing not to loosen Medicaid eligibility. Source: Fox Nation
The Congressional Budget Office announced last week that 8 million or more will be without coverage:
Yet the biggest setback is that most states are refusing to set up insurance exchanges. The exchanges are supposed to sell the government-mandated plans and hand out taxpayer-funded subsidies to most enrollees.
Here’s the glitch. The law says that in states that refuse, the federal government can set up an exchange. But the law empowers only state exchanges, not federal ones, to hand out subsidies. The Obama administration says it will disregard the law and offer subsidies in all 50 states anyway, but the case will likely go to the Supreme Court.
Responsible parents did not want ObamaCare. They knew it was a scam. They didn't vote for Barack Obama. They still don't want it, but all those takers out there, who wanted everything for little, and wanted their adult children to be covered, will suffer along with the rest of us but for different reasons - they brought this mess on themselves and their country. We did not.

Betsey McCaughey

Betsey McCaughey has followed ObamaCare from the beginning. She knows every page of the monster and she attempted to tell Congress what they were doing, and then later, what they havd done, now what they have done. Congress knew nothing. To reiterate: 
The administration also estimated that the cheapest family plan will cost $20,000 by 2016. This new information indicates that the Affordable Care Act is failing in both goals: making insurance affordable and covering the uninsured.
Children are the biggest victims. The hastily drafted law, passed before it was read, overlooked them...
What about the kids? The average family plan is expected to cost at least a whopping $20,000, according to a newly released IRS analysis.
Here’s where it gets interesting.  Some of these children could be covered under the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP), but some states cut off eligibility at 200% of the federal poverty level.  Also, CHIP’s funding runs out in 2015, as ObamaCare was supposed to address the issue of uninsured children.  If CHIP doesn’t get funding extended, then Obama will have pushed families out of the private health insurance they otherwise would have had, while leaving children with no public assistance options — and that will be true immediately for children of households that make 200% or more of the federal poverty level.
What happens when employers start getting pressured by workers to lower family-insurance costs?  First, as Norman writes, they’ll probably get tougher on determining whether the dependents claimed are actually dependents.  However, don’t forget that ObamaCare also mandates that family insurance cover “children” to age 26, which makes the entire exercise even more expensive that it already was.  The other option — to dump insurance altogether and force employees to go onto the ACA-mandated exchanges and pay the penalties instead — will begin to look mighty tempting.  That will create an even bigger explosion in subsidy cost as millions of otherwise-insured workers and their families have to begin looking for insurance on the individual market.
The good news for the takers is that perhaps Sebelius will ride to the rescue with her pen, and like magic, kids are covered...but really, the goal is single payer. Whatever it takes to achieve single payer insurance is what is going on behind the scene. Trust me.

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