Saturday, February 9, 2013

Upstairs at the White House (9-11-12)

Gary Fouse

It is 6 pm, and Michelle Obama has just sat down at the dinner table. One of the servers is setting down her salad. The President walks in.

"Oh, Barack. You are just in time. How did your day go, Dear?"

"OK. I was meeting with Leon and General Dempsey. Some sort of problem at our consulate in Benghazi."

"What kind of problem, Dear?"

"Apparently, some kind of attack. Don't know much else".

"What kind of wine would you like Mr. President?" asked the server.

"I think I'll have a glass of Merlot tonight."

"Right away, Sir", replied the server walking off to the kitchen as a second waiter put down the President's salad bowl.

The First Lady poured some dressing over her salad.

"You don't think it had anything to do with that dreadful video, do you?"

"Who knows?" replied the President tucking in his napkin. "After all I have done to create great relations with the Arab world, some Copt in California has to go and do something like that."

The waiter brought the President's wine.

After taking a sip, the President said, " I think I'll be turning in early tonight. Long day tomorrow flying out to Las Vegas. I still haven't packed."

"Is that creep Harry Reid going along?" asked Michelle.

"No, thankfully. Can you imagine being on a cross country plane with that fool?"

"Are you going to take your new suit?"

"Yeah, I might as well. I may have to give two or three speeches to those desert rats out there."

The entrees were brought in; sirloin steak with Bernaise sauce and Belgian truffles on the side.

"Another glass of wine, Mr President?" asked the server.

"Thanks. Don't mind if I do."

After dinner, Mr and Mrs Obama retire to their living quarters, where the President starts laying out some clothes on the bed.

"Hey Honey! Where's my blue shirt, the one I always roll up the sleeves with?"

"I think it's in the laundry. Why don't you take your black windbreaker instead?"

His packing done, the President changes into his pajamas.

"I'm hitting the sack, Dear. Gotta get some rest for the trip."

"Good night, Honey. Sleep well."

"I will."

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