Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let Us Kill Our Citizens!

That is what the City Council of Tracy, California has decided to do.  If the citizens of the city don't pay the new Extortion Tax of $50 a year.  Paying this Extortion will insure that the citizen can call 911 for a medical emergency and not have to pay the $300 fee for the service ($400 for non-residents).
Tracy residents will now have to pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency.

But there are a couple of options. Residents can pay a $48 voluntary fee for the year which allows them to call 9-1-1 as many times as necessary.

Or, there's the option of not signing up for the annual fee. Instead, they will be charged $300 if they make a call for help.

"A $300 fee and you don't even want to be thinking about that when somebody is in need of assistance," said Tracy resident Greg Bidlack.

Residents will soon receive the form in the mail where they'll be able to make their selection. No date has been set for when the charges will go into effect.

Now imagine you are on a fixed income, didn't pay the extortion fee, and have a heart attack. Or your spouse has a heart attack.  Do you dare call 911 and pay $300? Can you afford to?

Imagine the panicking parent with a child who is choking.  No money for the service.  Can you imagine the parent holding their child tightly to him or her, while he or she watches their beloved child die because they were poor.

If an accident were to occur, who would be charged for the 911 call. And if it was the caller, would he or she be able to afford it?

That will happen. When the poor and middle class are forced to pay for this service, then they will feel the brunt of the burden.

If the City of Tracy gets away with this, every city, town and village in the US will do the same.


Maggie Thornton said...

This is to pay for the 911 operator? We already pay for ambulance service in most places, with a reduced fee if we pay it up front. Around my town, people pay up front if they are elderly.

So, this is just for operator to answer the phone call?

Findalis said...

This is for the right to call 9-11 for the ambulance. When you call for a medical emergency you will be charged $300 for the service, there is a separate fee for the ambulance.

If they can get away with this for medical emergencies, then they will do the same for police and fire.

If Tracy, CA gets away with this, the rest of the nation will pick it up.