Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What to Look for at the DNC/Jumah Convention

Gary Fouse

There is going to be an interesting sidelight to the upcoming DNC convention. A group of radical jihadists is coordinating with the DNC to hold public events including a Friday prayer, which will be held in an open space for the public to witness. Two very questionable characters are organizing these events, Sirah Wahhaj and Jibril Hough. They are well-described in the below article from Red State.


As to that Friday prayer, if you don't know Arabic, it might be a good idea to check into the words of the Friday prayer itself. Islam Watch has a description below.


So this is what we have here. The DNC is collaborating with this group called the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs, which will led by two questionable characters (Wahhaj and Hough). They will have a public Friday prayer in a public park probably consisting of hundreds if not thousands of people. The prayers, which are standard, contain negative references to non-Muslims, specifically Christians and Jews.


I have no problem with Muslims praying to God, whether it is 5 times a day or fifty times  a day. I do think, however, that if we still believe in America that religion should be a private affair, these mass open prayers taking up streets, city blocks, or parks are inappropriate.  They belong in the mosques. It is no mistake that these events are usually-if not always- organized by people like Wahhaj and other Muslim supremacists. What is the message here? The message is one of in your face intimidation-a sign to the rest of us that Islam is coming. We see it in Europe, where Muslims take it as their right to take over city streets in Paris or cathedral squares in Milan to hold their daily prayers out in the open so others can see their force. They also do it in downtown Manhattan. They do not care if others are inconvenienced or offended. This is what gives Muslims a bad name in the US. All it does is harm Muslims who reject these aggressive acts, who just want to be a part of America and practice their faith freely and privately.

But it is not those latter Muslims who will be on display in Charlotte. It is the ones like Wahhaj and his ilk.

I can only hope that they get maximum TV exposure for the country to see who the Democratic party has aligned itself with.

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