Saturday, August 25, 2012

Govt waste: Will a $16 million hangar ever get finished?

Stolen From Hat Tip to Patriot's Corner

I am posting this in its entirety.   We have seen a lot of waste in the government.  This is just not waste, it is criminal especially after the Solyndra fiasco.

I am posting this  exclusive post by Dr. Eowyn from Fellowship Of The Minds.
A true story of massive government waste to the tune of $16 million of our tax dollars to finish a hangar. Yes a hangar and one way over budget, way overdue past the deadline for completion.
All I ask is that you help Dr.Eowyn get this story out. It needs to be exposed for what it truly is. 
Massive government waste and mismanagement.


Govt waste: Will a $16 million hangar ever get finished?

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PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for the re-post of Dr. E's excellent article on more horrid gov't waste and abuse of the tax payers money.