Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Petition Against Anti-Semitism at Michigan State University

Gary Fouse

I am linking a petition (which I have signed) that concerns a recent attack (August 26) at a party near the Michigan State University campus. A Jewish student named Zach Tennen was approached by two males who asked if he was Jewish. When he answered affirmatively, he was beaten, and while he was on the ground, his assailants stapled his lips together. There were several witnesses, but nobody came to his rescue. Incredibly, the police are saying this was not a hate crime. The Blaze has a report below followed by the petition.

This is a growing problem on university campuses, and if somebody doesn't address it, we are going to have a tragedy on our hands one day. I for one do not want to see one of our campuses become the next Toulouse. Please sign the petition.

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