Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Big Reason I Hate Bob Beckel

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Democratic party to disavow this guy. On Fox News' The Five on Tuesday, host Bob Beckel told the audience that Mitt Romney had a fundraiser in Israel 'with a bunch of diamond merchants.'

Is it any wonder that people are getting so angry at Beckel and FOX News for hiring him.  After all he blames every Conservative, every Jew, everyone who doesn't believe what he believes he will blame them for every failure in the country.

If you find his words offensive, you can tell FOX News here.   But knowing the attitude of the network these days, you can be assured that he will remain and get a raise for his anti-Semitism.

Here is a copy of my e-mail to FOX News.

For over a year Bob Beckel has insulted many viewers on your network.  From his obscenity on Hannity on April 16, 2012 to his continuing degrading of opponents of Barack Obama, he was very close to the edge.

But this:  'with a bunch of diamond merchants.' was the last straw.  Not only is it anti-Semitic, it shows the lengths the man will go to promote his candidate and views.

I don't expect you to respond to this by doing the right thing and dismissing Mr. Beckel.  And if this poor excuse for a human being does try to apologize to the Jewish Community, it will not be accepted.  He has gone too far this time.

Katie Norcross
Mt. Prospect, Illinois

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Anonymous said...

I wrote them an email too. I just don't know how much more I can stand. I hate Bob Beckle, and they should fire him. It falls on deaf ears so I have to turn the show off.