Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Many Palestinian Refugees Are Truly Refugees?

A good question and one that should be answered truthfully and not with the rose-colored glasses of Political Correctness.  That is what ACT FOR ISRAEL is doing:
Can you imagine any school in the U.S. proudly wearing a mural of a terrorist? Now, meet a school at UNWRA’s Deheishe Palestinian Refugee camp, which proudly displays a mural of the first female Palestinian suicide bomber. UNRWA’s Aida Palestinian camp also displays a giant key at its entrance signifying Palestinians hold the key to Israel.

It’s about time someone pierces these disingenuous lies and stops the revolving door of generational claims of Palestinian refugees. Senator Mark Kirk has done this through his watershed amendment to H.R. 5857 Department of State , Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Act, 2013, which seeks to change the definition of “Palestinian refugee” so that only actual refugees would be counted, reducing some 5 million claiming refugee status to about 30,000.

While the US Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved this amendment to H.R. 5757, it still NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to gain House approval and presidential approval.

How does supporting Kirk’s amendment affect your pocketbook? In a big way. Currently, the U.S. contributes annually $250 million of the approximately $600 million budget of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency that provides housing, education, and welfare to Palestinian refugees). To date, the U.S. has funneled a total of $4.4 billion to UNRWA since it was founded in 1948, with poor results at best.

Kirk’s watershed reporting requirement will ascertain whether UNRWA is committed to their original mission of refugee assistance or if it’s become a welfare agency for low-income.

By asking Congress to support the Kirk amendment, you are ensuring that there is accountability with regards to the number of actual refuges (and not their descendents) and that funding to those no longer considered refugees would not necessarily end but they would be defined as poverty cases.

Let Congress hear from you NOW.
You can add your voice to the growing chorus here.  Why is it that every other people driven to become refugees CANNOT transfer their refugee status to their children, grandchildren, etc...?  Why are Palestinian Arabs given such a special status.  A status that is guaranteed to perpetuate their poverty.  Don't you believe that it is time to stop this farce and force the Palestinian Arabs, and their sponsors of the Muslim world to end this charade and force the UN to accept only those who fled as the true and only Palestinian Arab refugees.  A mere 30,000 people not the 5 million + that is being forced on the world to support.  It is time that those born in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc... Be given citizenship of the nation they are born in, and not forced into 2nd class citizenship or worse no citizenship, being forced into Refugee Camps, being taught hatred and martyrdom and not citizenship and trades.  And cutting the amount of relief given to these "refugees".

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