Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Ugliest Newspaper In Britain....And Maybe The World

A great rant from Pat Condell on the Guardian

More scurrilous lies from the shameless Guardian

The Guardian's Jewish problem

Guardian writer plumbs the moral depths

The Guardian's anti-Semitic explanation for the Shalit deal

Guardian readers' editor on... averting accusations of anti-Semitism

The Guardian acknowledges anti-Semitism... or does it?

How could the Guardian give a platform to a genocidal fascist?

Hamas leader's op-ed enforces Guardian's anti-Israel message

The Guardian turns the world upside down again

Left-wing bias written in the BBC's DNA, says newsreader.

According to the BBC, Israel has no capital city

Guardian editorial defends anti-Semitic preacher

The Guardian and David Miller

Islamophobia silencing Musilms?


Faultline USA said...

The Guardian is an extreme leftist rag that has no shame!

Bigfoot said...

I'll give you an example of their bias I ran across a few weeks ago. In this report, the Guardian shows a teenager trying to take the Olympic torch from the runner who was carrying it. But it seems that they left something out, as revealed by this amateur video.