Monday, August 27, 2012

Disappearing Females

Stolen From Hat Tip to Elder of Ziyon

This stunning piece of photo-art was created by a female photographer from Yemen, Boushra al-Moutawakel, specifically to comment on the changes in how Yemeni women have been covering themselves in recent years.

I wonder how fast European women will be forced into the veil?


jColes said...

Islam brings only grief and pain everywhere it exists. Fortunately, ineptitude and incompetence are its major features...they may be able to advance in the Third & Fourth Worlds but they'll eventually run into a hard wall of resistance in America...The Muslim expansionists and their Progressive allies are about to encounter the first barrier before they can get to the wall -- the 6th November election in which their chief ally is turned out of power.
Should expansionist Muslims persist without the legal, financial and cultural support provided by the criminal in the White House they'll run headlong into that wall...and a body in motion always loses when it encounters an immovable object...
America is greater than Allah -- the false god of a pedestrian people.

cfncbeta said...

This set of photographs pales by comparison to the brutal treatment women receive under islam. While the photographs makes the point. They do not convey the horror of death these people face for some of the smallest of offences. Any act perceived by their religious leaders as offensive can result in death. Truly acts of barbarianism perpetuated by a barbaric people.