Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Might Be A Ron Paul Supporter If...

If you painted the name of a presidential candidate on your barn.

If your idea of fun is freezing your ass off waving signs with your friends.

If you think your grandpa would be rolling in his grave if he knew what was going on in America.

If tomorrow feels like Christmas because your package full of Ron Paul stickers and t-shirts is on it's way.

If you really honest to God feel good about what we are doing, win or lose.

If you have real difficulty deciding whether to pay the electric bill or donating to the next money bomb.

If you plastered your car with campaign bumper stickers rather than fixing the rust.

If you spit your coffee out of your nose when Ron Paul holds up a silver dollar to Ben Bernake.

If it looks like a truck full of campaign signs exploded on your lawn.

If your idea of new school clothes for your kids is a Ron Paul hoodie.

If you think there is no difference between Obama, Newt, Mitt, and Rick.

If you find your friends coming to you to ask for signs and bumper stickers.

If you know the difference between a million, a billion or a trillion.

If you and your friends are wondering how many more flyers your printer can possibly take before it explodes.

If you dream about new and exciting places to plaster that new roll of campaign stickers.

If you think Jesus might be really pissed at lots of so called Christians right about now.

If you know the difference between blowback and bull crap.

If you think bombs are better used for campaign donations than for blowing up bridges in other countries while ours fall apart at home.

If the FEC shows you as one of the biggest campaign contributors in your ZIP code, but with lots of small ones over time.

If you think the FED is making sure our dollars will be printed as toilet paper in the near future.

If you give campaign flyers along with the candy on Halloween.

If you know the difference between military spending and defense spending.

If your reading list has lately become filled with names like Rothbard, Rand, Hayek, Mises and Paul.

If you support our troops and want them to come home where we need them on our own borders.

If you aren't afraid to use your real name anymore when you comment on every article you can find on Google every day.

If you have found courage within yourself since you have awakened from your slumber and ignorance.

If you have decided to be a leader rather than a follower from now on.

If you know that no vote is thrown away, and that your vote is your voice, your choice, your line in the sand.

If you know that this is not just an election, that this is a movement for the long term, our evolution, our revolution.

If you have decided to write in your candidate of choice rather than give it to someone else or sit things out as your message to the machine.

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