Saturday, March 3, 2012

Free Contraception For Women But Veterans Health Care Costs Raise Over 350%

How nice that Sandra Fuck Fluke will impose her immorality on the nation and get the US Taxpayer to pay for her Contraceptives, but Sgt. Jones a veteran of the military will be paying the government a raise to their Tri-Care of over 350%.

Miss Fuck Fluke complained to Congress that it costs her $3000 for her contraceptives while at Georgetown Law School.  Georgetown which costs her a year:  $23,432.50.  Which is $70,296 without the cost of books, housing, food or even her contraceptives.  Does Miss Fuck Fluke want the US taxpayers to pay for her books, housing and food too?  I guess not since she isn't demanding that one (yet).

Just who is Sandra Fuck Fluke?   The Democrat’s token abused college coed is actually a 30 year-old hardcore women’s rights activist.  A "Professional Activist".  Always challenging institution who will not kowtow to her ideas.  Fluke is not 23-she is 30, and she is a professional women's rights activist who chose Georgetown specifically because their insurance policy did not cover contraceptives, which she wanted to challenge. Neat.

Now the average veteran makes a limited benefit.  A raise of over 350% for his or her Tri-Care will prevent these families from affording health insurance and they will be forced onto a "government" program.  Exactly what the left wants all Americans to do.  (For some obscene reason they want the United States to become just like Europe.)

I have a better idea, let Miss Fuck Fluke get the Government healthcare and give our Veterans and their families totally free Medical care.  They have earned it, she hasn't and never will.

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