Monday, March 12, 2012

160 Missiles And Counting

Every day 5 to 10 Missiles are fired from Gaza into Israel.  This daily attack has been on going for over 10 years.  But this last weekend over 160 Missiles have been fired into Israel with 8 wounded.

Now the MSM and the Moonbat left will exclaim:  "But they only hurt 8 and most don't do any damage."  But I ask them:  What would you do if Southern Israel was Southern Texas?  Would you not demand the US government to stop the attacks?  Would you side with those who fire the rockets into civilian areas and only civilian areas?  The MSM and the Moonbat left side with those who fire the rockets and call for the death of the civilians under attack.

The condemning of Israel and Israelis by these groups is nothing less than modern day anti-Semitism.  It is permissible to call for the death of all Jews and not be shunned.  In fact the left will put you on a pedestal instead.'

And yet, the people of Southern Israel have suffered for years under daily attacks from Gaza.

When Israel gave up Gaza in 2005 they were PROMISED that there would be peace.  From that day till now the rockets and missiles have fallen.  Yet Obama is demanding that Israel give up Jerusalem.  How long do you think that rockets and missiles will fall from there?

Pray for the Nation and people of Israel.  Please help the people of Israel.  If you can a few dollars to The American Friends of the Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Star of David) will help all the people in the Southern Israel.  Just click here

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