Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poor Kitty.

Hat Tip to Elder of Zion

This poor kitty was just wanting to watch the Basketball game between Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Bnei Hasharon.
A basketball team's canine mascot needed no help getting into character when a cat strayed onto the court during a televised match.

In a curious take on the age-old pursuit, Maccabi Tel Aviv mascot Donny the Dog sprang into action after the feline appeared during a match against Bnei Hasharon in Israel.

As Maccabi's players attacked their oppponents' end at the Zisman Arena in the city Ramat Gan, eastern Israel, the furry intruder was spotted in the middle of the court.

The skittish cat, no doubt startled by the size 11s of the ball players thundering around him, tried to sprint towards cheerleaders gathered at the Bnei Hasharon end.

But Donny, feeling the spirit of his canine alter-ego, decided to give chase.

Sensing the chase was on, the cat skidded across the court, changing direction to avoid Donny's lunging attempt at a tackle.

Despite desperately giving chase the mascot can't catch the nimble creature, who sprints easily beneath the stands.

Undeterred, and to the amusement of spectators, Donny tried to follow him under, but the mascot was foiled by his over-sized head.

There was no indication where the cat could have come from, but strays have become a problem in Israel in recent years.

I wonder what set the Kitty off.  A laser pointer (Mr. Red Dot)?  The Shoe Laces?  The need to be seen on Television.  What we do know is that he/she got away.

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