Sunday, March 25, 2012

DOJ Must Investigate New Black Panther Party Now

Gary Fouse

The news that the racist New Black Panther Party has put out a $10,000 reward for the "apprehension" of George Zimmerman is beyond troubling. It is something the Department of Justice must investigate and do so now.

First of all, there is no arrest warrant for Zimmerman and no charges as things now stand (which may change). Zimmerman is in hiding-not from police- but from vigilantes who want him dead. Even Spike Lee has been tweeting Zimmerman's home address. What the Panthers are explicitly calling for is a kidnapping if not a murder. (They have parsed their words carefully calling for Zimmerman to be delivered alive-not dead.)

Whatever one may think of this killing, this is a case of vigilante justice here. It is a case not only for Florida authorities but for the Justice Department to step in. The NBPP is a national organization that is calling nationally for a kidnapping-a federal offense. If DOJ thinks it can step in when state authorities try to enforce immigration violations, they can certainly step in here. The problem is-will they? Eric Holder's corrupt Justice Department has already substantiated accusations that it will not prosecute civil rights violations by minorities. They previously dismissed charges against NBPP members in Philadelphia who were threatening white voters with billy clubs in 2008, when all they had to do was file a final paper with the court to obtain a finding against them.

Once again, our Justice Department is on the hot seat. Let's see what Holder et al will do or not do.


Dick Stanley said...

Don't hold your breath. Unless they start wearing swastika armbands, Holder won't do anything.

Anonymous said...

America needs the New Black Panther Party to keep the scale of justice balanced.

Anonymous said...

But of course you would hide my comment coward.

Findalis said...

As you can see Anonymous, your comments have been published.

Findalis said...

How does violence keep the scales of justice balanced? It is the courts and laws that keep the scales of justice balanced in the United States.

What the New Black Panther Party wants is the dictatorship of its leader, King Samir Shabazz. King? We in the United States have no kings.

No it is just another street gang like the Crips or Bloods. No intelligence there.

Anonymous said...

What would MLK do? I would love to see that T shirt begin to circulate amongst the black leadership, rather than their current fanning of the flames. The head of the NBP is muslim. How long before he and farakhan push for a muslim spring here in America? And no, that is no typo, there was never an arab spring, that would have resulted in equal arab status and protection, it was a muslim spring, and dam the media for failing to ID it!!!!

Gary Fouse said...

As to that first Anonymous, if I were him, I would be anonynous too. Smart move.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? Holder and Hussein the muslim are the leaders of the panthers, they directed them to put the bounty out, just like they had them intimidate white voters at the polling place!