Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Moonbats Should NEVER Be Allowed To Run A City #2!

They Can't Seem To Get Their Priorities Right.

Moonbat Alert

Why is Berkeley, California populated by idiots imbeciles?  I know that you get the government you deserve, not the one you want, but in Berkeley,CA  (Population: 102,822), they have actually gotten the government they want.  It is too bad it is filled with imbeciles like themselves.

Whether t is trying to proclaim a traitor a hero, taking pride in the attacks on 9/11, hatred of US troops and their families, and banning the study of science from their schools, the elected officials have given their constituents exactly the government they want:  Extremely liberal, pure nanny state, over the top Moonbatty.  So it does not surprise me to read this bit of news out of that wacky city.
While the country’s cities and states are cutting employment benefits, Berkeley City Council members will decide Tuesday whether to set aside taxpayer dollars for city workers to get sex-change operations.

The vote, expected this evening, would permit the city to dole out $20,000 in cash stipends from its general budget to pay for the surgeries – even as a city auditor warns of ballooning employee benefits costs.

A new City Manager's report states that the city has unfunded liabilities — including pension funds, workers' compensation and vacation payouts — totaling as much as $252 million. City auditor Anne Marie Hogan, who authored the report, cautioned that employee benefits for the city’s 1,500 workers represent a rapidly increasing cost to Berkeley and that measures must immediately be taken to lower these expenditures.

And some are questioning why Berkeley would set aside taxpayer dollars for sex-change operations — a procedure not covered by the city’s two insurers — when the cash is needed for much more critical city functions -- like road improvements.

"My neighborhood has severe infrastructure issues, so to pay for someone else’s sex change surgery is a bit off the charts," attorney Ann Slaby, a former Berkeley zoning commissioner, told

"Berkeley cannot do what every individual wants; it must act as the major government of a city. Its major obligation should not be to people who work for the city, but to the people who pay taxes."

Berkeley city spokeswoman Mary Kay Clunies-Ross told that Tuesday’s resolution — if approved — brings those workers wanting a sex change procedure closer to making it a reality. The city's two insurance providers — Kaiser and Health Net — do not cover sex-change operations.

It would establish the Sex Reassignment Fund, a discretionary fund, in which individuals could get as much as $15,000 before their sex-change surgery and $5,000 post-surgery. The money will be available for city employees on a first-come, first-served basis to pay for one-time expenses
Berkeley has out of control costs for pensions, workers' vacations and workers' compensation, a decaying infrastructure, and yet they have the funds to pay for Sex Change Operations.  I suppose that in a few months (When the money runs out.) they will run to Sacramento for a bailout.  It is too bad that the State of California is bankrupt.
Somebody should have taught these imbeciles this little truth:
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually,
run out of other people’s money.”

--- Baroness Thatcher

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Debbie said...

Sounds insane doesn't it? No explaining the moonbats. I think there is a way to neutralize them, it's called Conservatism.

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