Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Muslim Calls Out the American Islamists

Gary Fouse

Hat tip The Qudosi Chronicles

I am cross-posting an article written in July by Shireen Qudosi, an Iranian-American Sufi Muslim who is among those who call themselves reformers. In this article, Qudosi calls out the American Islamists, many of whom have been written about previously on this site (Siraj Wahhaj, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, and Zaid Shakir). She also calls out the left who have embraced and enabled these figures. I encourage you to read her article and consider her ideas. Her blog, The Qudosi Chronicles, is linked under "Blogs I read".

We need to get behind Qudosi and others like Zuhdi Jasser. These are people who are willing to face the attacks of CAIR and other phony moderate organizations in order to try and bring Islam into the 21st century in a form where it can co-exist with other religions in a free and open society. Their task is daunting and perhaps impossible, but they deserve our support and, if necessary, protection.

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