Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shameful Commutation by Schwarzenegger

Gary Fouse

Esteban Nunez-killer and son of ex-California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is closing out his disastrous governorship of California with a shameful commutation of a sentence for a convicted killer. What makes it particularly shameful is that the convict in question is none other than the son of ex-California State Assembly Speaker, the corrupt Fabian Nunez.

(Hot Air)

I featured articles on this case when it occurred. Even then, there were indications that the elder Nunez would try and use his influence to get his son off-the-hook.


Even Los Angeles playboy mayor Tony Villaraigosa wrote a letter to the judge asking him to lower Nunez's bail.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, in addition to being an incompetent governor, has now, on his last day in office, made himself a corrupt governor as well.

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