Friday, May 16, 2008

Poor Michelle Obama

The poor woman can't seem to get an even break. She's upset that the Tennessee Republican Party unveiled a Web video Thursday highlighting her comment that she was proud of America "for the first time in my adult life."

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Michelle is crying foul! They are attacking me for a statement I made!

You're damn right we are. You said:

The words hurt many. I've always been proud of my country. I haven't always been proud of some of the things it did. I'm not proud of our history of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, the interment of Japanese-Americans, our treatment of Native Americans.

But this is the best nation on Earth. We have the highest standard of living on the planet. We have freedoms that the majority of people on this planet can only dream of having.

But that isn't good enough for Michelle, wife of Barack Hussein Obama. No! She isn't proud. She had to struggle to get ahead. What a load of horse hockey. Our dear Michelle comes from a middle-class family, from a middle-class neighborhood. No welfare in that family. No food stamps. No struggle to make ends meet.
"While Mrs. Obama has trouble being proud of the country where she earned degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School and then became a multimillionaire, her husband makes statements that belittle average Americans' response to the difficulties of life."

I think she and her hubby suffer from Foot in Mouth Disease. You know. Open mouth and insert foot.

She suffers so much in her multi-million dollar mansion that their dear friend Antoin "Tony" Rezko helped them purchase. You know personal financial arrangements that the two men, who just happen to be neighbors, made. It is suppose to be above board and perfectly legal. But it reeks to high heaven and screams BRIBE!

Not proud of a nation where her hubby was elected to the Senate in a landslide. And no it wasn't because he was African-American. His opponent, Alan Keyes is African-American too. Race didn't matter in that election.

Nor is she proud of a nation where he Senator hubby can give an earmark for the hospital she on the board of, and then they give her a raise. Not proud.

"The Tennessee Republican Party has always been proud of America. To further honor the occasion of Mrs. Obama's visit, the Tennessee Republican Party has requested the playing of patriotic music by radio stations across the state," said a statement on the party's Web site that accompanied the video.

How nice. Patriotic music in her honor. Is she or her hubby's campaign proud?

The Obama campaign called the attack "shameful."

"This is a shameful attempt to attack a woman who has repeatedly said she wouldn't be here without the opportunities and blessings of this nation," Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said. "The Republican Party's pathetic attempts to use the same smear tactics to win elections have failed in Mississippi, failed in Louisiana and will fail in November because the American people are looking for a positive vision of real change." "And if the Tennessee Republican Party has a problem with Senator Obama, maybe next time they'll have the courage to address him directly instead of attacking his family."

Maybe it is time that the Obama's start learning from history. The Democratic Party has given this nation many great leaders. Men and women of wisdom, grace and honor. John and Jackie Kennedy, Lydon and Ladybird Johnson, Franklyn and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Harry and Bess Truman. Presidents and First Ladies that the nation and the world remember with fond memories. It was one of those Presidents that I remember now. Harry S. Truman who said:

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

It is time for Michelle Obama to either take the heat that is coming her way. The days of staying out of the kitchen are long gone. She is now a political figure and subject to attacks.

But she and her husband will cry boo hoo. Don't attack me!

The kid gloves are off now, poor Michelle and we will attack you.

You attacked the honor and dignity of the United States and its people!


Roger W. Gardner said...

The nightmare of Michelle Obama as First Lady should bring everyone to the polls. She represents everything that we must fight against to bring this country back from the brink.

Findalis said...

Compared to Jackie she will be sorely lacking in the grace department. But many women are in that condition. A pity. Jackie and Eleanor were role models for the perfect First Lady. Each was first and foremost a Lady in every sense of the word.

MK said...

The Obamas are typical mad leftists, they have everything that is the worst about leftism. You see the same bitterness and sense of entitlement when leftists leave comments at a blog.

They won't say it publicly but what the Obama camp truly believe is that they are entitled to the top job in America. That you nasty bastards have to vote for them to clear your conscience or some screwed up leftist crap like that.

Why else would he retort angrily to a reporter, why can't i just eat my waffles, he is finding it very difficult to accept that Americans won't vote for him because he is black.