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French Court Confirms: France-2's Al-Dura Report Was Faked

The truth has finally come out, but the world's media is not noticing the truth, only the Palestinian lie.

( A French appeals court has overturned the libel conviction of Philippe Karsenty, who claimed that the France-2 TV report of the death of Muhammad Al-Dura in 2000 was staged. The case for revoking France-2's press credentials remains open before the Israeli Supreme Court. Following the French court's decision, handed down Wednesday, Karsenty said France-2 should acknowledge that it "created and is continuing to perpetuate the worst anti-Semitic libel of our era."

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We all remember this bit of libel that France 2 did:

The case began in 2004, when Karsenty, publisher of a media critique website, claimed that a report aired in September 2000 by France-2 from Netzarim Junction in Gaza purporting to show the killing of a young Arab boy by Israeli soldiers was a staged piece of political theater. The images quickly became a symbol used by Arabs to fan the flames of anti-Israel hatred. The Arab League, meeting in Cairo, went as far as to dedicate October 1 as the Day of Arab Children in honor of Al-Dura. Iran named more than 150 schools after the boy.

150 schools after a child not killed by Israelis. And the boy becoming the poster child for the poor oppressed Palestinian children. How nice!

In the footage used by the French station in their report, an Arab father and son are shown allegedly hiding from IDF gunfire until there is a cut to the boy lying in the father's lap. At that stage, a voice-over by correspondent Charles Enderlin, who was not on the scene at the time of the filmed incidents, informs viewers that the boy was shot dead by the Israelis.

Oh those horrible Israelis killing an innocent child. What monsters they are!

An official Israeli investigation, as well as subsequent reports in foreign media outlets, showed that it was not physically possible for the Israeli soldiers to have shot the boy. The France-2 news director, in a November 16, 2004 interview with French Radio J, admitted that it is impossible to know with 100% certainty whether the Israelis or the Arabs killed Al-Dura.

Considering that no autopsy of the child was done. The question needs to be asked:

Who caused the televised death of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura?

Maybe this helps us find out.
Whistleblower cites stunning reports of Palestinians playing to the camera, including Israeli commentator Amnon Lord's account of the larger scene at Netzarim Junction when al-Dura was supposedly shot to death. He describes "incongruous battle scenes complete with wounded combatants and screeching ambulances played out in front of an audience of laughing onlookers, while makeshift movie directors do retakes of botched scenes."

Palestinian journalist Sami El Soudi echoes Lord's observation, who discloses that "Almost all Palestinian directors take part more or less voluntarily in these war commissions, under the official pretext that we should use all possible means, including trickery and fabulation, to fight against the tanks and airplanes the enemy has and we don’t. … Our official press reported 300 wounded and dead at Netzarim junction the day when Mohammed was supposedly killed. Most of the cameramen there were Palestinians. … They willingly took part in the masquerade, filming fictional scenes, believing they were doing it out of patriotism. When a scene was well done the onlookers laughed and applauded."

A staged death? Is the child really dead? The Palestinians killing one of their own children to further their cause? Of course this is the Israeli lie.

"It is incredible," says Huber, "how many people were calmly filming the battle of Netzarim on September 30th, 2000. Not only professionals – some of them standing no more than ten meters away from the al-Dura incident – but amateurs as well.

"The rushes [video clips] are full of surprising incongruities: Children smile as ambulances go by. A 'wounded' Palestinian collapses and two seconds later an ambulance pulls up to take him to the hospital. It looks as if the driver had been cued in, knew in advance where the Palestinian was going to fall, or was waiting in the upper right hand corner just out of the photographic field ready to zoom in on signal (there is a scene like this in the France 2 report.)

"In another rush we are startled to hear a Palestinian shouting: 'It's a flop! We have to do the whole thing over again!'"

Not an Israeli lie. Just Palestinians playing Hollywood. Only this time they succeeded in their trickery. But given the anti-Semitism in Europe and the US media, they only needed a bit of Palestinian trickery to fool themselves into believing that Israel and Judaism is the root of all evil.

The wounds purportedly sustained on September 30 2000 by Jamal al Dura "target of gunfire from the Israeli positions"—in the words of France 2 bureau chief Charles Enderlin—were in fact incurred in 1992. Jamal, identified as the father of the shahid [martyr] Mohamed al Dura, is one of the two living witnesses to the incident that triggered the "Al Aqsa Intifada." The al Dura news report has been the subject of controversy for seven years.

According to the Metula release, Jamal al Dura declared on medical records in 1992 that Palestinian militia had attacked him with axes. Doctors at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital were able to save his life but he lost the use of his right hand because they could not repair a ruptured tendon in the forearm. Palestinian doctors referred Jamal to Tal Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv in March 1994. Dr. Yehuda performed reconstructive surgery, grafting a tendon taken from the foot, and restoring almost normal use of the hand. The medical record of that operation also refers to the removal of "foreign bodies," suggesting that other instruments besides axes were used in the 1992 attack.

Wounds given to the father 8 years before the incident. I'm sorry but time traveling isn't possible at this time. And I'm sure a certain
Gallifreyian called The Doctor wouldn't lend his reputation to this bit of trickery.

In 2004, Karsenty, director of the French website Media Ratings, published an article calling for the resignation of Charles Enderlin and another France-2 employee for staging the Al-Dura boy's death.

"The Al-Dura lie is an assault on our ability to think, to criticize, to evaluate, and finally to reject information," Karsenty said Wednesday, "especially the right to reject information on which we base our most cherished assumptions. One of Europe's most cherished assumptions is that Israel is a vicious Nazi-like entity that deliberately murders Palestinian Arab children. Moreover, polls conducted in Europe have identified Israel as the greatest threat to world peace, greater than Iran and North Korea, Pakistan and Syria. The Al-Dura hoax is one of the pillars on which these assumptions rely."

Hoax is right. But with the anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli views of the world's media, the hoax was done at the right time and at the right moment.

I wonder how many times the BBC and CNN will show that picture and tell that story without revealing to their viewers that it all has been a big lie? A fraud. I'm waiting for the apology from the French, the British and CNN for perpetuating this lie. But I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

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