Friday, May 23, 2008

Muslim Held In Exeter Nail Bomb Blast

Hat tip to Lionheart and Radarsite

A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness was being held under armed guard tonight after he apparently detonated a nail bomb in a family restaurant.

Nicky Reilly, 22, who suffered serious facial injuries in the blast, is thought to have carried out the alleged attack after being 'preyed upon and radicalised' by Islamic extremists.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after diners at the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre heard three blasts go off in a toilet as they were having lunch.

Full Story:

The patrons of the restaurant are lucky that this was a deranged person and not a member of an organized cell. Usually 15 people work in the restaurant and it might have been packed with diners.

Deputy chief constable Tony Melville, speaking just yards from the restaurant, said: "Witnesses described how a male entered a toilet in the restaurant shortly before an explosion was heard."

He said police and other emergency services went to the scene and the man was arrested in connection with the explosion.

Mr Melville said: "This male, who we now know is called Nicky Reilly, suffered serious facial injuries but these are not life threatening.

"He is currently in police custody undergoing treatment at a hospital."

Bomb disposal experts made safe two explosive devices which are now being forensically examined, said Mr Melville.

I guess that he will have to wait for his 72 virgins. It might be a long wait, considering that with a history of mental illness an insanity defense could be used. But I always thought that converting to Islam was a sign of insanity.

But there is joking when it comes to Nail Bombs. They are a very deadly terror weapon.

The Nail Bomb, see picture left is of one of the nail bombs discovered in the trunk of the 7/7 bombers abandoned car at Luton railway station, is an anti-personal explosive device packed with nails to increase its wounding ability. The nails act as shrapnel leading almost certainly to greater loss of life and injury in inhabited areas than the explosives alone would.

Terrorists and especially Suicide Bombers love this weapon as it is easy to make and since they cause large numbers of casualties when detonated in crowded places.

The good thing is that nail bombs can be detected via electromagnetic sensors and standard metal detectors. The bad thing is that anyone can make one.

Police investigated reports of three other devices in a McDonald's, Primark and another shop in the city centre following calls from members of the public but no further devices have been found.

Thousands of office and shop workers left for home when they realised they would not be able to return to workplaces as police sealed off the city centre.

Many shoppers were forced to abandon their cars in the main car park inside the cordon and only yards from the blast site.

Today Great Britain was lucky. No one was killed or maimed but the would-be suicide bomber. Tomorrow she might not be as lucky. It is time that Great Britain finally wake up and see the problem for what it is. Jihadists are not IRA terrorists. They have no compulsion against suicide, especially in the name of Jihad. They will keep trying and killing until they win their objective. And their objective is very simple: The total domination of Great Britain under Islam!

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Roger W. Gardner said...

Good follow up to what could have been a terrible massacre.
All religions are the same though, right?