Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama: Israel is a 'constant sore'

Hat tip to Obama Nation

From WorldNetDaily

Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama says Israel is a "constant wound" and a "constant sore" that infects "all of our foreign policy".

Funny. I thought our foreign policy dealt with issues other than the Middle East. China has nothing to do with Israel other than the fact both countries occupy a place in Asia.

But this is another example of Barack Hussein Obama's knowledge of geography and foreign affairs. A nation that has been a loyal friend for the 60 years of its existence is to be considered a constant wound. Not a very nice thing for a friend to say of another friend. We expect nations like Iran to say such things, not candidates for the highest office in the United States say it.

"I want to solve the problem, and so my job in being a friend to Israel is partly to hold up a mirror and tell the truth and say if Israel is building settlements without any regard to the effects that this has on the peace process, then we’re going to be stuck in the same status quo that we’ve been stuck in for decades now," he said.

With a friend like him, we don't need an enema. We know that under an Obama administration Israel will be shafted. Forced to relinquishWe their right to their holy site: The Western Wall, forced to endure more missile attacks, and eventually to the cheers of his anti-Semitic preacher and church, the State of Israel will be no more. And I'm sure he would love to be part of the rape and murder that will happen to the Jews of Israel if his Hamas friends would ever get their way. I can see him licking his lips wanting to join right in.

Last week, Obama severed ties with a Middle East policy adviser who acknowledged holding private meetings with Hamas. Robert Malley, who had advocated negotiations with Hamas, was sacked after disclosing to the Times of London he had been in regular contact with the group in conjunction with his work for a conflict resolution think tank.

He wouldn't have severed ties with Robert Malley if it wasn't politically expedient to do so. I wonder what deal did Hussein Obama make with Hamas to not only get their endorsement. Did he offer Hamas the whole nation of Israel and military support from the US military to get it? It would make sense. Nobody in this world could be that naive about Hamas or their motives. Their charter was published in his own church bulletin. His own Pastor, Jeremiah Wright has praised Hamas and their actions. And still Hussein Obama still claims he knew nothing.

I'm sorry Senator, but your name isn't Sgt. Schultz and the United States is not Stalag 13 (at least not yet). Your words and ideas stem from the hatred your pastor and church has for Israel and the Jewish people. There is a name for that Senator. It is called anti-Semitism, and you suffer from it. By your words and actions, the men and women you have surrounded yourself with, the church you have attended for 20 years, and the man who mentored you the label fits.

Obama screams for Change. And in your idea of foreign policy we can see what change you want. And it stinks to Heaven.


TexasFred said...

I can't for the life of me understand WHY anyone would support this poser SOB...

Findalis said...

I wonder that too. But then again Hitler had his followers who didn't think too.

admin36 said...

What this man is selling is flat hateful blasphemy! The biblical of definition "church" is
"body of Christ."

B. Hussein & Rev Wright's stances on Israel and all their other Godless morals show that they in no way fit the definition of a church. This appears to be nothing more than a group of nuts that get together to indulge their own evil desires and political agendas.

Also, last time I checked, Jesus (MY Savior) was a Jew. Let me check again...YEP! Still a Jew! He is and always will be the same!

Why more people can't see the writing on the wall about Osama Hussein is beyond my understanding.

It's time for Christians, Jews and and anyone else with a brain to wake up!

MathewK said...

Did you read about Pelosi and her saber rattling on Iran while she was in Israel, tough talk about using military force, Eurabia must pull its weight to confine Iran, she was behind Israel and all that.

Geez pass the salt shaker will ya. Wouldn't trust her as far as i could throw her.

Findalis said...

Pelosi is a politician pure and simple. She has a large Jewish population in her district (unfortunately they are liberal elitists). One day her actions will catch up with her.

Jayson Elliot said...

Go read the entire article, where Obama spends the whole interview expressing his admiration for Zionism, condemns Hamas as terrorists that shouldn't be dealt with until they recognize Israel and renounce violence, and relates how he told a group of Palestinian students in Ramallah that they were "delusional" if they thought America was going to abandon Israel.

Read the actual interview, and it's clear that the "open sore" is the conflict itself, not Israel at all.

Or, just stick to your pre-determined beliefs and throw around some more name calling. Whatever.

You can disagree with someone's policies, but at least get them right.

Findalis said...

I have read the whole article and others. I have also read the words his mentor wrote about Israel (he calls it a cancer on the world). A man who is mentored by such a racist and never confronted him on such racism is a racist!

Barack Hussein Obama will say anything to get elected.

Jayson Elliot said...
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Jayson Elliot said...

Findalis, if you really did read the entire article, then why would you choose to deliberately distort what it says?

Obama spends the majority of the time talking about the "powerful and compelling" appeal of Zionism, how he feels there's a parallel between the African-American experience and the plight of the Jews.

Also from the article: "I think that the idea of a secure Jewish state is a fundamentally just idea, and a necessary idea, given not only world history but the active existence of anti-Semitism, the potential vulnerability that the Jewish people could still experience."

He goes on at length about his affection for the ideals of Israel and what he has learned from the Jews, and condemns Hamas as a terrorist organization, and says "we should not be dealing with them until they recognize Israel, renounce terrorism, and abide by previous agreements."

In Ramallah, speaking to Palestinian students, he said "if you’re waiting for America to distance itself from Israel, you are delusional. Because my commitment, our commitment, to Israel’s security is non-negotiable."

By the time you get to the "open sore" quote, it's obvious that he's referring to the entire region, and the troubles that are happening, not using that term to refer to Israel at all.

Findalis said...

Obama learned his anti-Semitism from the feet of his mentor Wright. A man who would publish the Hamas Charter as a good thing. Have you ever read said charter? You can find it at

But to his mentor Hamas is a peaceful organization. Ask that to the people of Sderot who are under daily attack.

You said that Obama is a Zionist. Pro-Israel, yet he has surrounded himself with known Hamas supporters and anti-Semites. These are his advisors on Israel. Yet you still claim him to be a proud supporter of Israel.

You know people by the company they keep, and Obama's company are known racists, anti-Semites, and terrorist.

You can support him. But I find him very dangerous. For he will lie and lie to win an election, and I will counter those lies with the truth.

Jayson Elliot said...

It seems like your reason for not liking Obama is that you don't like Rev. Wright. That's understandable, I don't like Wright either.

I have trouble with your argument that you know Obama to be a "liar," with nothing to support that except your own distaste for him. It leads me to wonder whether you would have found something else to dislike if the convenient caricature of Wright wasn't around.

If we were to judge politicians by the company they have kept, I doubt there's one left who would escape guilt by association. The difference is that a ratings-hungry media has played the looniest clips of Wright they could find on a loop - red meat for the masses.

I'm not trying to convince you of anything, certainly not to back a candidate you don't like. From what I can tell, anything less than a polarizing, vengeful stance for your "side" is unacceptable.

Me, I prefer that we find solutions. I'm a liberal, a gun owner, a Jew, anti-Islamofascist, and pro-peace. I'm not wearing rose-colored glasses, but I'm not going to be fooled by media that is just trying to keep us sniping at each other because it's good for their ratings.

Like I said, attack Obama for his foreign policy, or his economic plans, or anything else you don't like. I'd disagree, but I defend your right to your views. If you honestly think there's some anti-American Manchurian Candidate that has managed to slip through the most difficult vetting process in the world and is running for President at the head of the Democratic Party, though - well, that's just tinfoil hat territory, and I guess there's nothing a rational person can say in that case.

Findalis said...

Obama is closely associated with Tony Rezko who not only brought down Illinois' Governor, but is on trial for corruption.

His little land deal with Rezko smells like a bribe. And that is the tip of the iceberg.