Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hispanics The New Black Part II: Nowhere To Run

By Sharon Sebastian — Website:
Running to something or from something compels migration to America. For many Hispanic immigrants, the great fear is that what they are running from – joblessness, poverty, oppression, Socialism, Communism – is now following them like an ominous dark cloud across the border. Barack Obama’s sinking of the American economy threatens the livelihood of those who have come to work – both legally and illegally. Obama is “progressively” leading a once prospering America into third world status. To hasten the fall, Obama is now creating a “no work required” welfare system destined to collapse under the sheer weight of its numbers. Dire poverty is the inevitable outcome. That Hispanics will carry much of the brunt early on, along with Blacks, matters less to Obama. Equal poverty for all is part of Obama’s systematic “transformation” of America from capitalism to socialism.

Most frightening to Hispanic immigrants are Obama’s aggressive Socialist policies similarly patterned after Chavez, Castro and Ortega. Having experienced Socialism first-hand, they are horrified by Obama’s increasingly autocratic authority over a once Constitutionally-protected America. Many warn all who will listen that Obama is turning America into the same regime-style governments that they desperately fled. Having escaped those oppressive regimes to America, they now find there is nowhere to run.

Venezuela stands as proxy for most South American socialist régimes. writes that according to Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-R), Socialism in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez has refugees fleeing to the United States in numbers that gridlock the immigration department’s ability to process them. Diaz-Balart wrote to the Obama administration that recent delays in processing applications “…favors placating tyrants over assisting oppressed peoples…”

President Obama recently declared that Venezuelan leader Chavez poses no “serious national security threat” to America. Stunned, Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) retorted, “Obama must be living under a rock. Hugo Chavez is not only a threat to the Venezuelan people’s freedom and democratic aspirations, he has also supported Iran’s regime in its attempts to expand its [Iranian] intelligence network throughout the [American] hemisphere.” Chavez recognizes that Obama is not Socialism-lite. After Obama’s 2009 trip to Venezuela, Socialist Chavez alerted Cuban dictator Fidel Castro that Obama may be farther left than they are. Implying that “it takes one to know one,” Socialist Chavez joked on TV to the Communist Castro: “Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”

Comparisons between Obama’s socialist policies and those of Chavez can be found in Human Rights Watch 2012: Hugo Chavez is eroding the system of checks and balances in his government. The Chavez-dominated government has passed laws expanding its powers to limit free speech and punish its critics, has enacted rules that dramatically reduce the public’s right to obtain information held by the government and portrays rights defenders as enemies of the people. Chavez first criticized then closed conservative media outlets critical of him and now has free rein to intimidate, censor, and prosecute Venezuelans who oppose his political agenda — including judges, journalists, and rights defenders. To counter resistance, new gun laws now ban the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition to citizens — with future confiscation of privately owned guns as the ultimate goal.

Starting in 2006, Chavez increased state control over the economy by nationalizing companies in oil, mining, petrochemicals, metals, cement, food, telecommunications, and further threatens to nationalize banks that do not follow his directives. Venezuela’s once top quality healthcare system is in shambles under Chavez’ socialized health care mandate. Talented doctors, unable to make a living, left the country. Even Chavez sought treatments outside his country rather than take his chances with his government-provided health care. Rationing is the norm. Venezuelans wait longer for fewer services at poorer quality with fewer doctors without recourse.

Startling is how closely Barack Obama’s policies relate to those of Chavez and South American despots. Key to socialism is “redistribution of wealth,” which Obama demands with the bulk of the wealth in the hands of the government. The poor stay poor while the middle class joins them. Like Chavez, Obama is dismantling the world’s greatest health care system with his universal “socialized” medicine. Through Obamacare, Obama re-introduces a form of population control called eugenics via his demands for abortions, sterilizations, and a health care death panel designed to withhold medical care from people who do not meet government criteria.

Obama has circumvented the Constitution and Congress with seemingly endless and power-transferring executive orders. To control the nation’s economy, Obama has nationalized industries such as auto, insurance, and health care. In regard to banks, Obama reportedly told ABC’s Terry Moran: “I’ve joked that we should call the taking over of banks ‘preprivatization’ to avoid the stigma of ‘nationalization.’” Obama has never refuted his former manufacturing czar’s statement — “We know the free market is nonsense.”

Obama repeatedly ignores and bypasses the checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches of government and has attempted to intimidate members of the Supreme Court. Freedom of speech is threatened with Obama’s agenda to control use of the Internet via an empowered Federal Communications Commission. Obama’s FCC Diversity Czar and key adviser, Mark Lloyd, openly comments how much he admires Chavez’ revolution praising it as “incredible.” Through Obama-style intimidation, Lloyd threatens opposition Radio-TV-Cable stations with massive taxation that could force closure. Obama chides people of faith while setting-up two websites for people to spy on their neighbors and report “fishy speech” of anyone in opposition to him. On video, President Obama states that he wants a civilian militia as well-armed, as well-funded and as powerful as our U.S. military that will report only to him. Obama does not refute his former Manufacturing Czar’s statement: “We kind of agree with Mao that power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.”

As a means to void the 2nd Amendment, Obama openly seeks international control over American gun ownership through a U.N. resolution that he instructed his Secretary of State to sign. The U.N. has appointed Iran to be a key negotiator of the treaty where American gun owners could be found guilty and imprisoned for violating international law. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was signed by Obama with a clause that allows the government to abduct American citizens suspected of links to terrorism to be held indefinitely without charge or a right to trial. According to, the Obama administration specifically requested the abduction clause be worded to apply to U.S. citizens. Open for interpretation, the law does not clarify acts of resistance against a tyrannical government vs. acts of terrorism. The Obama administration is already on record labeling peaceful opposition and returning military veterans as “terrorists.” The clause was recently ruled “unconstitutional” by a Federal judge, but Obama seeks a reversal.

By executive order, Obama has expanded the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act simply by the swipe of his pen. Under NDRP, Obama can draft civilians during peacetime with no pay, based on his definition of “times of emergency.” It allows for rationing of food, water, energy to homes, drugs, OTC medicines and vitamins. Travel will be restricted by government; farms will be effectively nationalized, telecommunication usage will be limited. Individual liberties and personal protections will be jeopardized under martial law.
Immigrants, who have lived it first hand, warn that Obama’s Socialist policies are in process of overtaking and devouring America. From Russia to Africa, Cuba to South America, immigrants are confounded at a media that refuses to call an American President whose policies are steeped in Socialism — a “Socialist.” Even Obama appears foolish when denying it as his actions listed above merely skim the surface. If unleashed to fulfill his goals of socialistic dominion and retribution, a once free American people will find themselves, along with freedom-seeking immigrants – with nowhere to run.


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