Sunday, July 22, 2012

American Dhimmi

A great rant from Pat Condell.

One has to remember that Mr. Condell is an Atheist who refuses to accept any religion as legitimate, he is also a man who is a great voice for FREEDOM.  Mr. Condell doesn't try to impose his beliefs (or lack of them), his atheism on the world.  For that I salute him and respect him.  He does have a right to speak his mind, and believe or not to believe in G-d.

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Don E. Chute said...

I believe he has the right to freedom of speech...Thank G*d I can turn this youtube video off.

BTW...How would you like to have Mr. Condell at your Thanksgiving Dinner Table?...humm

PLU from SSF

Findalis said...

I would be honored to have Mr. Condell at my Thanksgiving dinner. Even though he is a Vegetarian, I would try to accommodate him.