Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hispanics The New Black Part I: The Democrat Trap

By Sharon Sebastian Website:
Barack Obama put a short leash on almost a million undocumented people living in the United States and he wants them to thank him for it. Mere months before the presidential election, Obama tossed a bone to the offspring of undocumented parents and labeled it the Dream Act. Obama’s Dream Act is temporary and lasts two years. Just long enough to get him re-elected and to influence outcomes in future local and state races. For those affected, this “two-years-is-better-than-none” band-aide provides only temporary euphoria. Unlike Obama’s short-term gimmick for votes, Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s version of the Dream Act calls for a permanent, lasting solution so that all who are affected can live their lives with certainty. Rubio seeks to free people’s futures with a permanent solution while Obama’s goal is to own the Hispanic-American vote. The question is: Are Hispanic-American voters that easily fooled?

Using another short-term ploy, Obama insults American businesses, including Hispanic-American business owners, as he calls for a two year extension of the Bush tax cuts. If he were serious, Obama would make the tax cuts permanent. In classic bait-and-switch mode, Obama coaxes businesses to deplete their financial base by hiring and expanding for two years — only to pull the proverbial rug out from under them if re-elected. Obama plans, on record, a barrage of fees and taxes at insufferable levels that will bring financial pain to Americans of all backgrounds. Many businesses will be forced to close – permanently. As Hispanics lose jobs, Democrats enslave what they view as another “minority” group with food stamps, welfare and poverty. Joblessness decimates the “Dream” for all who live or seek harbor in America.

Like many Blacks, Hispanic-Americans are economically and socially part of the middle and upper class. Hard work and perseverance has led most to success. Many shake their heads at the desperate plight of Black communities under decades of Democrat rule. They have witnessed that for Blacks, particularly in inner cities, the Democrat Party represents one dead-end street after another in endless poverty-infested neighborhoods nationwide. They witness how poor Black districts fall for the Democrat’s age-old bait-and-switch scam based on recycled hope with no meaningful change. Time and again Democrats promise jobs, rebuilt communities and better education for children. One word represents poor Black communities under Democrat leadership: “betrayal.” In increasing numbers, Hispanic-American voters are becoming savvy to the liberal’s lure of the “promise-but-don’t-deliver” Democrat trap. Blind loyalty or voting based on race has been devastating for American Blacks. Hispanics claim no racial “obligation” to vote for Obama. Hispanics’ obligation is to their families and their futures in a strong America.

Americans of Hispanic descent should ask why successful Black Americans such as Republican Congressman Allen West (FL-R) and former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain urge fellow Blacks to escape the “21st century Democrat plantation.” Or, why former Democrat Congressman Artur Davis is switching parties. Once called the “Obama of Alabama” and a rising star in the Democrat Party, Davis’ insider view of Democrats’ self-serving policies left him disillusioned. Davis is calling for the defeat of Barack Obama. The former Democrat related his distrust of Obama to Alicia Cohn of The Hill: “Like so many other people, I didn’t get what I voted for …literally close to ten million people have left his camp. I am one of many, many people.”

Democrats themselves do have fleeting moments of honesty. New York Congressman Charlie Rangel (NY-D) represents predominantly Black Harlem. With Harlem’s child poverty rate nearing 40% and its unemployment rate now over 16% at twice the national average, Democrat Rangel admitted on camera that: “Nothing has been achieved by Liberals [Democrats] to improve the lives of the Black Community.” Under the failed leadership of Barack Obama more Blacks are out of work, thrown onto the poverty roles and are collecting food stamps at historically high rates. Unemployment for young Blacks is reaching 40% while the Black illegitimacy rate is 70%. Socialists like Black Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-D) bemoans the broken promises. Citing the wasteland of joblessness and poverty in her home district, Waters sent a message to Barack Obama as he golfed and vacationed in the elite enclave of Martha’s Vineyard saying: “We’re tired, ya’ll, we’re tired.” Do Hispanic-American voters believe they will fare any better than Blacks under Obama?

What should inflame every American is the Obama administration’s callous disregard for the lives of Hispanics. In an act of unspeakable racism, in its ploy to obstruct the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows Americans to own guns, the Obama administration was willing to allow hundreds of Mexican citizens and their families to be slaughtered. Under the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme, the Obama administration arranged for close to two thousand guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers resulting in murderous attacks on Mexican citizens and American Border Agents. By dipping their hands in Mexican blood, Obama’s Justice Department gun-smuggling collaborators hoped to shift the blame for the killings on American gun laws and force an outcry for gun control in America. In the scheme to curtail Americans’ Constitutional right to bear arms, defenseless Mexican men, women and children were devalued as human beings. To the Obama Justice Department, they were collateral damage – faceless casualties amid the carnage. That same violence is migrating into Hispanic neighborhoods in American cities where Mexican gang cartel members blend in and ply their trade. Turning a blind eye while Hispanic-American families are left in harm’s way is racist. Is this a president or Democrat Party that Hispanics, north or south of the border, can trust?

Democrats try to hide that racism is at the core of the Democrat Party. The relationship between Democrats and Blacks has an ugly, dysfunctional history. Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan which was known as “the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party” with the goal to terrify both blacks and conservative whites. Democrats railed in opposition when the Republican Party called for “equality for all races” and forced the shut-down of the KKK. Hispanic-Americans should today listen to the warnings from Black-Americans who have first-hand experience with empty Democrat promises. With elitism and arrogance, Democrats claim ownership of the Black vote. Using class-warfare and race-baiting rhetoric to deflect from the failings of Obama, Democrats have now set their target on corralling the blind allegiance of Hispanic voters.

Most voters now know that a sound American economy is the key to their future, that Obama’s tightening regulations strangle the growth of their companies and kill off their jobs, and that the Democrat’s Progressive-Socialist agenda threatens their freedoms and the foundations of their faith. Obama reignited racial conflict for political purposes. Black voters may choose to blindly ignore such manipulation. Democrats hope that they can snare Hispanics into the same trap. But, American-Hispanics have a historical advantage. They can witness their and their children’s futures through the Black experience — before they take the Democrat bait. Blind loyalty to the Democrat Party has resulted in joblessness, poverty and homelessness as Black families live amid the shards of broken promises. As Democrat Willie Brown, the first Black Mayor of San Francisco, writes bluntly for The San Francisco Chronicle, when it comes to Barack Obama’s re-election for president, “The thrill is gone.”

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Let's cut the crap...either we [US] are Americans are we are not...I'll take your poor, underprivileged, and bring you into the USA...but for crissakes do it legally!

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