Friday, July 27, 2012

Remembering Munich

Once again the OIC will not give a single minute to honor the memory of the 11 Israeli Athletes who were murdered by the PLO at the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany in September 1972.  This same group of bastards honored Bosnian Muslims killed and the 9/11 attacks.  But to honor those athletes killed at the games is out of the question.  After all it would anger the Muslim nations.  Not my words but the words of Jacque Rogge, President of the IOC.

And once again these 11 men are being murdered by Muslims.

Jacque Rogge should have done the right thing.  Instead he showed his anti-Semitic side.  And still there is no memorial, no moment of silence.

Bob Costa of NBC Sports is planning on a special moment criticizing the IOC and trying to honor those murdered.  It is a crying shame that such an memorial has to be done by a Sportscaster and not the IOC, the British Olympic Planning Committee, or not ordered by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Remembering that horrible day:

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