Monday, July 23, 2012

February Town Hall on Sharia at Islamic Center of Orange County

Gary Fouse

On February 19, 2012, I attended a public town hall meeting at the Islamic Center of Orange County to discuss the compatibility of sharia law to US law and our Constitution. The theme of the event was that sharia is in conformance with our Constitution. Below is the posting I did at that time.

During the event, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez objected to the fact that certain members of the audience were videotaping. People were asked to turn off their cameras unless they were official videographers for the event.

Yet a certain amount was videotaped. Here are three segments. They show the initial remarks by three members of the panel, Michael Downing, Chief of LAPD's counter-terror group, Lee Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County, and Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that, as  I reported in the above link, I engaged Chief Downing in conversation immediately after the event. At that time, I told him that in 1992, head Imam Muzammil Siddiqi had hosted the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman (now imprisoned on terror charges), at the mosque, had allowed him to give a sermon on violent jihad, and had translated his words from Arabic to English. Downing's response?

"Well, you know, Gary, over time some people change."

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Don E. Chute said...

I really don't know where to begin?? Chief Downing...those against Muslims, and Sharia are "A small Group, spreading untruths." What a tool!

Lee Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County...can anyone say 'Head in the sand'?

Maxine Waters...who cares what she has to say...she wants to throw out the Constitution and adopt the 'Little Red Book'

I sure as heck know I'm keeping way out of the way of Orange County...They're getting run over by Termites just like Dearborn MI and they don't even know it.

PLU from SSF