Monday, October 26, 2009

Pookie, White Fang, and Pies

There was once a children's show that aired during lunch, it had no script, just a series of skits, crazy characters, and lots of pies. It was a children's show that never talked down to the children. An we loved it!

Created by Soupy Sales, it wasn't just a children's show.
Sales was known for his long-running children's show "Lunch With Soupy Sales," which started in 1953 and began his trademark slapstick pie-throwing antics. The comedy show featured skits that culminated in Sales getting walloped with pies in the face. What are your memories of Sales?

"Soupy was the last of the great TV comics when you talk about Ernie Kovacs, Red Skelton, right down to Howdy Doody," Dver said. "But it was bigger than that, because he used a children's format aimed at the kids and then he would forget he was doing a kids' show and do a wild, unrehearsed, wacky improv for a half-hour every day for 15 years."

He could also inflame the authorities. One New Year's Day, upset at being asked to work, he asked his youthful audience to send him those "green pieces of paper" from their parents' wallets. Though he didn't receive much -- he told The New York Times he received only a few dollars -- he was suspended for a week for the prank.

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I loved that show!!!!! It was better than anything else on the TV at the time, even Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Enjoy this clip from Soupy's show. It is ok to get up and dance to it. Laughter is permitted.

Soupy Sales - "The Mouse"

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Could you imagine the out roar that would happen today if Soupy's show was on the air now? What a kinder, gentler, time that was.

Soupy Sales 1926-2009
Thanks for the laughs!

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bernie said...

I loved the show - it taught children that it was OK to be silly. There is much too much seriousness in society today.