Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 13!

I am amazed with myself at times.

Yesterday was a bad day. The craving for a cigarette was so bad that I almost ran out and bought a pack. What stopped me was the pouring rain. I didn't want to get wet, so I suffered and DID NOT SMOKE.

Nicotine is like a Demon. A Demon will do anything in its power to entrap you. Yet it will try to destroy you if you attempt to leave or destroy it. The same is true of Smoking. It will love and cherish you, until you try to break the habit. Then it turns on you, torturing you physically and mentally until you give in to its demands or are free of it (just like a terrorist).

So to help me fight this Demon, I turn to G-d for guidance and help, to friends and family for support and prayers, and to on-line sites that encourage me to keep fighting. Sites like TheQuitNet.

If you are trying to quit smoking or just thinking of it, give them a look-see.

And to help me and anyone else fighting the Demon called Nicotine, this song is for you!

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger


Valdes Miller Family said...

I just want to say...HANGETH THOU IN THERE! My husband quit 46 days ago after 20 years of smoking. I'm soooo proud of him and so thankful for God's ´help...which has been the key. Anyway...I love your blog. I appreciate your explanation of the many jewish traditions. As I read the Old Testament...I always am curious about what those feasts must really be like. So....thanks for the insight...and God bless you on your new smoke free journey.

Faultline USA said...

Keep up the good fight. Love your diary on this.

Sabra said...

Last year when we returned to SA from the States I sent 35 cartons back to myself, Findalis. This year? NOT A SINGLE ONE. Brought four boxes of nicotine patches back with me instead. I have a few cartons left in the freezer and after they are gone - well, they're gone. Just don't want to be a slave to the nasty habit any longer. And refuse to be any part of the "no taxes for the middle class" that the jeja added to cigarettes for expanding the schip. Last year a carton of Kool Super Longs in N.C. was $25. This year? $35. No way. That's it.

Will be thinking of you and hoping you find the strength to do this. I know you can!!!