Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 17! The Celery is Under the Left Rear Tire

Send the HTBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I haven't killed anyone yet! My patience has been worn thin these last 17 days. I have blown up at everyone and everything, wanting to kill and maim. How lucky that certain idiot celebrities have not come close to me. Or a certain liberal newscaster propaganda reader, Ed Schultz, is not within my grasp.

How fortunate for one Whoopie Goldberg that I wasn't inside that studio when when she uttered that idiotic statement:

I was amused when after giving one of the most self-centered, anti-American speeches ever given by a sitting US President, the IOC decided to bestow the 2016 Olympics on the city of Rio de Janeiro and not on the city of Chicago (which lost on the first round). It was a shame that neither Jesse Jackson nor Sen. Roland Burris were near me for both blamed Chicago's loss on George W. Bush and not the plague of violence that is gripping the Southside (the exact area in which they wanted to place the Olympics.

Yes I would have killed all those people in an instant.

But I am getting better. I have discovered I don't need the idiotsticks to calm me down. Just let me rant for a while, and I will be fine.

So here is to Day 17, a bit of ranting and raving, and hopefully a much more calmer me!


Jungle Mom said...

You have accomplished something many are never able to do! I have never smoked, in part because I remember when my parents both quit!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Hey findalis - 17 days. CONGRATS girlfriend. This is a very, very big accomplishment. I won't say too much because I have never smoked. I think my finicky sinus' kept me from ever considering it.

Hang in there!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, I don't know what to say, frankly. If I wish you luck in this endeavor, some people could say that I am being a hypocrite, smoking as I do. If I don't... so OK, good luck.

As for Whoopie - ehehe... I guess if she and I were much younger, I could have been interested in checking with her on the meaning of "rape rape" vs "rape". As it stands, no interest whatsoever. Hot air is all.