Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 19: It's Getting Better!

For the first time I don't have a physical craving for an idiotstick. That is amazing!! What that means is that my body is no long physically addicted to Nicotine. It only took 18 days to clean out my system (I had smoked for over 30 years).

I really believe that I CAN beat this addiction. And I am doing it without pills, without patches, without gum. With nothing but my own Will Power.

I admit that there were times I thought that I would go out of my mind, that I would be climbing the walls, that I couldn't hold out without a puff. But those times are over.

I AM FREE ONCE MORE!!! And it feels good!!!!!

To celebrate here's:

The Beatles- Getting Better

1 comment:

Sabra said...

You go Findalis!!!

I hope I am able to do the same, soon.