Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adult Husbands, Child Brides

Hat tip to Holger Awakens

"Hamas sponsored a mass wedding on Wednesday night for '450 couples.' Hamas dignitaries including Mahmud Zahar, one of the militant group's top leaders, were on hand to congratulate 450 grooms who took part in the carefully stage-managed event. "We are saying to the world and to America that you cannot deny us joy and happiness," Zahar told the men, all of whom were dressed in identical blac More..k suits and hailed from the nearby Jabalia refugee camp. Each groom received a present of 500 dollars from Hamas, which said its workers had also contributed five percent of their monthly salaries to add to the wedding gift...

Now I have raw video of the event, and I want you to pay close attention to the 'brides' - especially as they walk in with the 'grooms' around the 4:00 mark. There is no way that any of these little girls - half the heights of their husbands - is more than 10 years old."
Watching the above video at the mark around 4:00, you will see a "parade" of older men holding the hand of a child (there is no way any of those girls is older than 10). At first you would think that these men are these girls fathers or brothers, but the fact is that these children are the brides.

This isn't the first mass wedding Hamas has staged. The first one featured older women (16 and up). Nor are any of these "brides" the First Wife for these men perverts. They are second, third or fourth wives.

Islamic Law, Shar'ia, has become the rule of law for Gaza. And under Shar'ia Law, marriage between a grown man and a child below the age of 12 is legal. As is sex between the two.

In watching the video something occurred to me.

There were only 1,000 guests spectators at this "Grand Event". Normally Hamas mass rallies spectacles attract thousands of supporters. Yet this one was very small and low key. Yet there are plenty of young, single women in Gaza. In a population of 1,500,202 all the women cannot be married. And Hamas' first mass wedding were of widows. There must be a reason why Hamas is turning to child brides.
  • Is it because the decent, honest, hard-working regular people of Gaza is fed up with Hamas?
  • Could it be that normal adult women don't wish to live under Shar'ia Law?
  • Could it be that given Free and Honest elections, elections in which the loser would relinquish power, Hamas would lose in a landslide?
What ever the answer, the fact is that Hamas cannot convince young, single, adult women and their famlies to marry one of their losers supporters. And that is speaking volumes to those who can read the signs.

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