Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evictions in Jerusalem were NOT political!

Hat tip to Israel Matzav

If a person is in a dispute with a landlord, or claims title to a property that another also claims title to, that person would go to court and argue their case.

That is just what happened with a property in Jerusalem's Old City.

An Arab family claimed title to it, as did a Jewish family. The case was thrown into the Israeli Court System, and every court from the lowest to the Supreme Court of Israel ruled for the Jewish family.

Before you go crying that of course they would, it is a well documented fact that Israeli Courts rule for the Arabs more than for the Jews.

For weeks the court sent eviction notices to the Arab family, they ignored them, choosing to make this a "Palestinian Rights" issue.

Needless to say, the Arabs were evicted and the world went crazy over it.

But here we see Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev tear a CNN reporter to shreds explaining to her (and the world) the truth.

The truth is the family lost its court case and cried "RACISM!" instead of complying with the court order. And of course, being the good anti-Semite she is, the CNN reporter agreed with the Arab family without learning the truth. To do that would put the Arabs in a bad light, and at CNN, one must NEVER put an Arab or Muslim in a bad light. Only Israelis.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. The actions of the Israeli police in carrying out the orders they were given, were not political.

Unfortunately, our own State Dept's actions in response clearly was political. As well as the European govt.'s reaction.