Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Solution For Senior Citizens

It has come to the attention of some in the MSM of how President Obama's Health Care Plan will provide for the nation's Senior Citizens.

Senior Citizen "Bus Tours"

How cleaver of the Obama Aministration. They will solve 2 major problems: Hunger and Seniors with one step.

Hope and Change we can believe in.

Well processed and nutritional Senior Citizens


Faultline USA said...

This is just too good! Good work getting snagged by FSM too.

Ray said...

This was good I agree Faultline....and I love your note above this Findalis...I just may have to appropriate it like the obama gubmint is doing everywhere else...

I also added your link to my blog ; )& sorry for the dumb oversight

Findalis said...

Borrow any time Ray just link back to me.