Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Letter To America

A letter from an Englishman to the people of America
Dear Mr and Mrs America,

I am writing this letter to you in the hope that I can draw to your attention the dangerous route your country is taking,

I am naught but an ordinary Englishman who is seeing the danger signs springing up in the country where my children live, below is what I see happening in America, and I would not like to see the USA going down the same disastrous route that the UK has been taken by its government.

Many years ago, just after the small argument that America and Britain had over taxes,people from all over Europe migrated to the New World, they came for a new life and a new start, they did not come as French Americans, Dutch or German Americans or even English Americans, they arrived and became "Americans" , they signed up to the American way.

These people remembered their old country but were committed to their new one, its values principles and practices were the bedrock of their being in America.

These people set about building the most powerful country on the planet, they had a common aim, a common belief and a common will, that will was to build America for their children.

These people endured much hardship and privation but they did not give up, they were determined to build America.

The foundations of your country was built by these people, the ideals of your country are steeped in the sweat and blood of these early Americans.

Alas the sacrifices of these people appear to be slipping into history, they are being relegated to folklore.

The foundations that were laid are being eroded and there is a great danger that America will no longer be American unless a change of course is made.

The Balkanization of America could happen, Multiculturalism has reared its destructive head in the USA.

Multiculturalism is an invention of socialist dogma, its main premise is that all cultures can live in complete harmony in the same space without surrendering any of their cultural beliefs and practices.

On the face of it that is true, indeed Europe has many cultures on its land mass but they are all in their own space these spaces are called countries, each country , as you know has its own unique culture.

It is precisely that concept that multiculturalism dislikes intently, multiculturalism states that you can have significant populations of other cultures, practicing their culture, living in Germany for example and there will not be any conflict of cultural ideals, provided that the host country - in this case Germany makes concessions to the other culture.

Multiculturalism does not tolerate the concept of a united nation state, united in the sense of its own culture being predominant within that country, this is a big no - no.

The multiculturalist concept fractures countries and leads to the partition of those countries, Kosovo is a prime example of this happening.

When the "guest" cultures grow bigger the demands upon the" host" country grow stronger, inevitably the host country has to surrender more of its own values, principles and practices in order to accommodate the wishes of their guests - not to do so would be seen as racist or Xenophobic.

Islam has now taken root in the USA, Islam will not surrender any of its beliefs and practices, Islam will demand that the USA accommodate all of its wishes, Islam will demand that the USA introduces legislation that makes it unlawful to criticize Islam, Islam will demand its own Sharia legal system, Islam will demand its own food (Halal), Islam will demand its own schools (Madrases) Islam will demand its own governing body

Islam will grow in the USA, the birth rate of Muslims is very high, when sufficient numbers are reached they will eventually demand their own state - Balkanization will have started.

Should any American want to see what Multiculturalism and the influx of Islam into a country results in, all I can say is take a look at the UK, a good hard look.

If Mr and Mrs America want to keep America American, remember your roots, do not allow your government to sign away your history, The labour government have done just that in the UK - without our permission

America has a "Democrat" President, the policies of the democrats in America are almost exactly the same as the Labour government in the UK, they are all based upon socialist concepts, The EU is based on Socialist concepts and is run by ex communist party members, as is the UK.

If America wants to be overrun by hordes of people who do not support the American way of life, who expect to be given precedence upon arrival in the US, who will have no allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, who will jeer and insult American military personnel, who will overtly declare their hatred of America and will plan to destroy the USA and all it stands for - then carry on with the socialist multicultural model.

I know many in America are aware of what is happening and I hope that many many more will realize the situation as well, there is however one thing all Americans must remember - AMERICA IS NOT TOO BIG TO FALL, you now have the enemy within, you like the UK have a fifth column in your country.
Great Britain is fighting for its very soul. The indigenous people of the British Isles are under threat from Islam daily. Already Shar'ia Law governs many areas. Areas in which a non-Muslim is forbidden to go.

There are calls here in the US to incorporate Shar'ia Law into our court system. There are efforts by CAIR to force the US into giving special privileges and rights to Muslims in the workplace, schools, and recreation centers. No other minority group ever asked for special privileges, yet we are suppose to grant it to Muslims.

The warnings are being sounded. Will we in the US ever listen?


Roger W. Gardner said...

Excellent article. The scariest thing about the crisis America faces is that very few Americans are scared. Certainly not enough. I can only hope that this article is read far and wide.

madmath1 said...

What's worse is not only are we NOT scared or scared enough, we have a muslim at worse, muslim sympathizer at best in the white house that will gleefully compitulation to every one of their demands. This truly scares me because I'm married to a woman that knows up close and personal what these animals are capable of. If the US becomes Islamilized, there will be a holocaust worldwide that will make the Nazi's look like petty childish amateurs. If you want proof of what's ahead go look at the job that is being recruited by the Army and National Guard for intern specialist. This should put the fear of God into anyone that still has a functioning brain.

PatriotUSA said...

I read this last week and cross posted it to my blog. The letter spells it out quite clearly and no, we are not scared enough. With a president(not mine)in the White House who was born of a muslim father, our problems became acute as soon as the mullah obamaham stepped into office. Islam is a sick and perverse ideology, not a religion. The leftards and demosocialistacrats will never see the dangers of spreading Islam across this country. The general public believes sanatized version of Islam and the gorp that the MSM spews out about Islam. How wonderful it is and that it has so much to offer us. All it has to offer is violence, death, persecution of women, religions it finds offensive(just about all of them), dhimmi servitude, and all the horrors of Sharia based law. I sent this letter to over 20 people I know. The responses I got to it were amazing(my private email)and everyone of those folks passed it along.

Islam=death to freedom, life and liberty.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I feel a bit more encouraged that we might listen with the backlash about health care. Of course, they will pass it anyway, but at least Americans are getting vocal.

I certainly do not believe we are too big fall. I just pray we will not.

Holger Awakens said...


This is EXCELLENT! Man, talk about someone across the pond seeing things in America better than most here.

p.s. if you get a chance, can you put this up at Holger? Thanks!

auntybrat said...

It sometimes takes an outsider to wake us all up.

Will be posting and linking to you. Thanks.