Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hospital Presents Doomsday Scenario

Here in the US we are debating over Healthcare Reform and HR 3200. But in Israel, reform takes a different angle:

Israel's Barzilai Hospital has produced a short film depicting a missile attack on the site, as part of campaign aimed at prompting the construction of a fortified facility.

Hospital officials have been engaged in an ongoing struggle for fortification that would enable the medical center, located in the southern town of Ashkelon, to operate safely under the threat of Qassam and Grad rockets.

The latest tactic in the campaign is a three-minute clip that was uploaded to YouTube and sent to potential donors. The film shows an actress playing the part of an American news reporter standing outside the hospital.

Barzilai Medical Center under attack

View at YouTube.

The film, produced by the son of a doctor at the hospital, is followed by a message:

"All of this didn't really happen. But in today's reality, we have to be prepared for tomorrow. You have the ability to make sure that this particular 'tomorrow' will never happen."

The government has decided to fortify and expand the hospital several years ago, but the plan has been in limbo after the remnants of ancient graves were discovered at the site.

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The Barzilai Hospital serves the Southern Region of Israel. Patients from all over the area, including Gaza are treated there. Yet it still isn't able to withstand an direct attack from the rockets fired from Gaza. This is a disgrace! It must be retrofitted and made secure.

Ashkelon: within striking distance

View at YouTube

While hospitals in Israel get some government funds, many also rely on charitable donations. If you are so inclined, click here.

This does give new meaning to the term: Healthcare Debate. I thank G-d that our hospitals don't have this type of problem.

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