Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bloggers Beware: Freedom of Speech is NOT for you!

Freedom of Speech, along with Freedom of Religion, the Press and the Right to Peaceful Assembly are the first four rights guarenteed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

The right of Free Speech is now under threat from the Obama Administration.

Freedom of Speech for them, but not for you!!!

It seems the White House desperadoes are now coming right out and asking Americans to snitch on each other. Some months back I found a site that appalled me. It is called the Obama Nation, and on that forum it had threads encouraging readers to name names; this included listing licence plate numbers of cars sporting Republican stickers, and also encouraged children to report and list not just their neighbours who supported anyone other than BO, but also to turn in their parents. The first time I found that site, (and yes, I did register to get the goods) I was appalled at the rampent racism as regular posters called any dissenters "crackas", and delighted in sharing what they should do with - and to - "honkey women":. No, I am not going to give the link to that site. It IS disgusting. I did email the White House and ask if this is what they want their dear leader's name associated with; no reply, of course! And the hatred continues unfettered.

During the election campaign (no, not the never-ending campaign; the official campaign that was supposed to end on voting day, ) BO minions volunteered on a team with the title "Fight the Smears." Their 'job' was to troll the internet, and swoop onto the offending sites and attack any who dared voice disagreement with the proposed Utopia that many swallowed hook, line and sinker on voting day. Hey, even dead people voted for the "vision."

Today it has become official: the White House boldly goes where no-one (except themselves) has gone before, at least in America. It seems that questions from patriots (or right wing terrorists like grannies scared of the proposed health care "reform",) can now be reported directly to the White House. I kid you not. They have established an official email address just for this purpose.

Finish reading this important piece a Assoluta Tranquillita.
There were people in the past who did such a thing. The old Soviet Union. The East Germans. And of course the Nazis. This type of behavior is NOT condoned in free nation, no matter what the cause. It was NOT condoned after 9/11, and it must not be condoned now.

You can write to the President at This is the address that Obama's Cronies Gestapo has set up to report your friends, co-workers and neighbors. Write to them and let the Gestapo know what you really think of this AND their Health Care Bill!


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